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Harry Potter: Dimensional Wizard – Chapter 169: Step By Step Preparations Bahasa Indonesia

After Edward’s clone returned to his home in Amestris, he immediately began to take action. Using the core engraving method, he created a small dimension with an enchantment inside, then linked it to the house.

As soon as he finished, a transparent shield surrounded the entire manor. Luckily for him, the shield was invisible to ordinary people, but not to Truth.

Inside a white space with just one gate inside, Truth looked in one direction. His eyes seemed to ignore the concept of distance as he watched the shield that surrounded the manor.

“Void Energy?” he said in his weird twisted voice before suddenly standing up.

“Why is this wizard playing with something so dangerous?”

As a person that has access to the Akashic Record, he knew how dangerous void energy was. Even the lowest of grades was not something that even he wanted to deal with.

Unless an individual is truly powerful beyond measures or evolves into a Void Lifeform, void energy was always a threat to any gods or unknown entities.

So, his first instinct was to warn Edward. However, he stopped his actions. He did not want to risk being infected by it. He wanted to peep inside the manor and even pull Edward’s soul into his dimension so he could warn him, but he could not do so.

The void energy was blocking his vision and his ability to interfere in the material world. So, he began to observe.

Meanwhile, Edward waited inside his manor for three days, wanting to see if Truth would intervene or summon him. However, nothing happened.

“The first step is complete,” he muttered. “Now, let’s begin the second.”

He used his mana to open the interdimensional ring on his finger and took out a cloak: it was one of the three Deathly Hallows, the Invisible Cloak.

As he observed the cloak, he could feel that the power inside was inactive or ineffective. He guessed that since this was an entirely different world, the power of [Authorithy] inside no longer applied here.

‘Time to change this,” he thought to himself. Then, countless runes and magic circles started to appear around him. Each magic circle had different colors and appearances.

Once they finished manifesting, they began to combine together into a complex geometrical shape before entering the cloak in Edward’s hand. Immediately afterward, a dark light came out from the cloak before spreading out in all directions.

Fortunately, after hitting the shield that surrounded the house, it stopped. Edward quickly scanned the cloak and he realized that the [Death Authority] that Herpo placed on the cloak became active.

It slowly started to change to adapt to this world. To Edward, it seemed to be secretly stealing some of the powers that belong to this universe. And since Truth claimed that he is the universe, the cloak was stealing from him as well.

As Edward watched the final transformation of the cloak, he muttered: “Let’s see if I can use your power to deal with you.”

After the transformation was done, he immediately began to test it out. After placing it on and becoming invisible, he left the manor. He apparated to the nearest prison.

He quickly flipped through the files of the prison to acquire the list of the most heinous prisoners. After entering one of their cells, he placed his hand on the guy’s chest sending a small shock. A few seconds later, the prisoner had a heart attack and died.

Edward did not do anything else but wait. Truth had warned him not to kill anyone in this world, and he has abided by this rule ever since he came to this world. Now, he was breaking it.

Edward waited for an entire day. He watched how the death of the prisoner was discovered and the process of his burial was arranged. However, nothing happened to him.

Despite this, he did not immediately come to any conclusion. He apparated to different prisons all over the world and killed a few heinous prisoners. Yet, nothing happened afterward.

“So, the second step is complete. The Invisible Cloak can hide me from the prying eyes of Truth,” muttered Edward. “Next, let’s begin with the third step.”

He immediately returned home before taking out a vial full of black liquid. He looked at it for a moment as he thought to himself:

‘Just in case, I should probably bless myself with some luck.’

From his interdimensional ring, he took out another potion: Felix Felicis or Luck Potion.

However, this was not an ordinary luck potion. Edward has always been intrigued by the concept of a protagonist’s luck or plot armor. In most stories, due to luck or plot armor, most protagonists never actually die.

General, things go their favor–especially towards the end of their journey. So, he wondered whether he could create a luck potion that allowed him to steal or borrow the luck of the protagonist.

In order words, a potion that gave him some plot armor. After many years of studying Harry Potter’s Fate with the help of Luna and Severus, he succeeded.

Unfortunately, overuse of this potion has some serious side effects.

After taking out the potion, Edward did not immediately drink it. Instead, he apparated away to a little town called Resembool. While being invisible, he walked inside a little house where a family was living.

It was Edward Elric’s house where he lived with his wife, Winry, along with their children. By now, Ed was in his 30’s and had already started a family; he was living a peaceful and fulfilling despite losing his Alchemy.

Without alerting them, Edward took a small sample of his blood. As the protagonist of this word, both Al and Ed have some sort of luck or plot armor. He was going to use it to increase the strength of his potion.

After that, he quickly left and apparated to Xing where he learned that Al was with his wife, May Chang.

After visiting them, Edward learned that after the death of the Emperor and ruling the Xing Empire into a prosperous one, the little girl gave up the immortality that Edward granted to her; she wanted to grow old and die with Al.

Without alerting them, Edward took a sample of their blood. As a side character that survived until the end, May Chang also has a large amount of luck.

To be on the safe side, Edward took the luck from people like Colonel Mustang who was now the Fuhrer, along with his assistance Riza Hawkeye. Even Izumi Curtis was also included.

After all, nothing will happen to these people besides being unlucky for a few days. The worse that will happen to them is that they constantly have some small accidents. With the skills of these people, they will be fine.

The only people Edward did not touch were Olivier and Hughes.

Once the blood samples were gathered, he added them to the potion and drank it.

Finally, he took the black potion and dump it on the ground. The black liquid seemed to come alive after that as it quickly burrow through the ground and mixed in with the Dragon Pulse that connects all living things on this planet.

Then, from the pulse, it started to spread widely like an unstoppable virus.

Title: Plot Armor


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