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Harry Potter: Dimensional Wizard – Chapter 168: Aging Bahasa Indonesia

Edward was reading research on the difference of strength between an orthodox Tier 5 Mage and the Empire’s Tier 5 Mage. For the orthodox mage, he had a muggle with magic talent create a magic core based on Hermione’s research.

Then, the person engraved the Extension Magic Circle in their core. Once their mana reach a certain level, they also received the message that they reached Tier 4 and 5.

Then, Edward had them fight another mage of the same tier that used Solid Mana. The result was quite pleasing to him: it was a devastating defeat.

Using the same spell, the strength of the mage who had solid mana was between 2 to 5 times stronger. And that was only a mage that did not use any Philosopher’s Stone.

As such, Edward could foresee that once the wizards and mages of the Empire encounter other magic civilizations, they will easily overpower most people, except for probably a few gifted individuals.

Of course, that is only theoretical. After all, there is no absolute in this world. He has done his best to create a magic system that gives the people of the Empire an advantage. As for what happens later, he can’t control it.

“Morgana, prepare to go into full research mode. From now on, I will be transferring all the spells that the Empire has in its arsenal into the new Arcane Rune System,” ordered Edward.

Previously, he had only transferred a few dozens of them. But now, he was prepared to do everything.

“Master, if you do this, it will take a lot of time. So, why don’t you let me do it instead?”

Edward shook his head, “The reason I’m doing this is so that I can be more familiar with this new system.”

Since he created this magic system, he wanted to be familiar with it and be the best at it. Additionally, once he’s done, the wizards back in the Empire do not have to do this kind of translating job.

They can get access to a complete system. Then, they can build from there and contribute to it by creating new spells that do not already exist.

Once Edward is done and returns to the Empire, with this new and complete system, the magic and technology of the Empire will have a dramatic growth.

“Furthermore, I have another project for you to work on,” said Edward. “Two to be precise.”

A holographic image appeared in front of Morgana with two documents. One was labeled [Project Void Shield Interference], while the other was called [Project Authority Transference].

“I need you to use all your calculating abilities to ensure the success of these two projects. If you need to, you shut down all other projects to focus on these ones,” ordered Edward.

“No problem” nodding Morgana with a wide smile on her face.

Just like that, 20 years passed by.

Edward–who was sitting in a meditative pose–suddenly opened his eyes. The light of wisdom and arcane flashed across them. Despite how long passed, he did not change a single bit.

A mirror appeared in front of him, then he muttered:

“An urgent message from Olivier?”

Over the past two decades, although he did not leave his gate, he still used magic items to communicate with Olivier. They talked every day in an attempt to get to know one another.

Additionally, Edward will sometimes send a clone to invite her here so that that they can have different kinds of dates.

After receiving an urgent message from her, Edward decided to send a clone to see her.

Full-Metal Alchemist World, Central Area, Armstrong Family:

Edward’s clone suddenly appeared. He looked around for a moment to marvel at how many things have changed. He did notice the woman standing in front of the door waiting.

She had long golden hair and a beautiful face. However, upon closer examination, he could see wrinkles on her face. Her youthful eyes were gone, replaced by calmness and wisdom brought through experience and age.

He walked to her and said, “Mira, you’re old.”

Olivier sighed as she looked at the young man in front of her. “What do you expect? I’m already 57 years old.”

“That’s your choice.”

“Alright, don’t be rude. You should know not to talk about a woman’s age.”

Edward shrunk his shoulder, “So, what’s the emergency you called me for?”

Olivier paused for a moment, then said: “My father is dying. And by the looks of it, soon, my mother as well.”

Edward did not say anything but continued to listen.

“When you or General Raven offered me immortality, I thought I was strong enough to reject it. However, as time passes, as I watch my body becomes frail, as I watch my family slowly aging and dying, and knowing I could do something about it, my determination wavered.”

Edward sighed, walked over to hug her. “I understand how you feel.”

As a person that has died once, he is afraid of death; this is one of the reasons that he has so many methods of resurrection. His first life was cut very short, so he did not want this to happen again.

After all, he did not believe that he would be lucky enough to have a third chance.

“So, what do you want me to do?” asked Edward.

“I want you to take my family away with you.”

“No problem. However, your brother might not be willing.”

“Don’t worry, I will knock him out,” replied Olivier calmly.

“What about you? Are coming with me now?”


“Why? You have already become Fuhrer and achieved your goals of making Amestris one of the most powerful nations in the world.”

Olivier pondered her words for a moment, then said: “I can feel that once I leave with you, my life will no longer be ordinary. So, I want to enjoy a normal for as long as possible.

“Once I’m at my death bed, you can take me away.”

Edward nodded his head, “In that case, I will keep a clone of mine with you; I will allow him to age with you.”

“That’s fine.”

After chatting with her for a while, Edward took Olivier’s family back to the gate and place them in cryosleep. Of course, he also used genetic engineering to increase her father and mother’s life span.

“Morgana, how are the projects I entrusted to you?”

“Master, they are all done.”

“Good,” replied Edward with a smirk. “We can now officially begin our plans.”

He then immediately sent another clone to the manor he had in Amestris.

Title: Step by Step Preparations


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