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Harry Potter: Dimensional Wizard – Chapter 167: Strength and Ability Bahasa Indonesia

Edward learned that he just received a new power or ability: Cosmic Awareness–which granted him the ability to know anything that affected him on a universal scale. As a person who has read a few comics in his past life, he knows how powerful such an ability is.

He immediately try to use it, however, nothing happened. It was then that he realized that he was still in the Void and not in any cosmic universe; he is essentially standing in an environment that is beyond the reach of space and time.

So, unless his ability evolves to Hyper-Cosmic Awareness, there was nothing he could do now. So, he immediately sent a clone into the Full-Metal Alchemist World with his consciousness in it.

As soon as the clone reached his destination, he activated his newfound power and some information appeared on his head:

“Truth, Tier 11??? A being whose sole goal is to spread and control the concept of Alchemy in every existing universe. Unfortunately, for some reason, he is still tattered to this world and unable to leave for now.”

After staying for a few seconds, he returned to the Gate.

Other information also appeared in his mind, and he began to review them, thought to himself: ‘Well, it seems that this power has some limitation based on the difference of strength of the person that is threatening me, but with it, I can still use to gather information.”

Among the information he received were the weaknesses of Truth. Although it was only a few words, it still inspired Edward.

“Some of the theories I came up with about him were correct,” he muttered before sneering. “With this much information, my plan has a higher chance of succeeding.”

Edward then quickly calmed down his emotions. Although he was happy with this new ability, he knew that Cosmic Awareness was not an omnipotent ability.

If something happened in the universe that did not affect him, his ability will not work. Additionally, from what he knows from the comics, some people are immune to the power of Cosmic Awareness.

Additionally, he wanted to know why he had such ability.

He currently had two theories: one was the fact that he just became a Tier 5 Wizards. The other was the fact that he absorbed the Philosopher’s Stone.

Each of the homunculi had a unique ability granted to them by their stones, so this might explain it. However, Edward was not in a hurry to find the answer as he still had some tests to run to check for his new strength.

He head to the Room of Requirement he had installed inside the Gate.

“Morgana, recreate the planet Earth. Based on the old era instead of the current time.”

“Master, that would require more than 5% of energy from the core.”

“That’s a lot. Still do it.”

After entering the room, Edward found himself in the streets of London with high rising buildings and cars all over the street. The only difference was that there were no living people around.

After taking a few seconds to reminisce, he apparated to the continent of Asia.

A small magic circle appeared under Edward’s feet with him at the center. Then, under his control, the diameter of the circle started increasing in size. In just a few seconds, the magic circle had already covered the entire continent of Asia.

Finally, Edward used his mana to activate the spell.

The ground turned red with cracks appearing in all the cities, all the countries in Asia. Building started to fall one by one, destroying all possible modern infrastructure.

However, this was not the end.

Massive pillars of flames erupted from the ground with temperatures high enough to burn everything in their paths. And there was not only a few dozens pillar of flames but thousands if not more; they covered the entire continent of Asia.

The process lasted for five minutes. Once everything was over, Edward floated in the air as he watched the level of destruction he caused. The ground was fiery red as if hell was brought on Earth.

The majority of buildings and houses were melted, leaving nothing undamaged. He imagined what kind of horror would occur if there were human lives who had to suffer through this experience.

“It seems that in the future, I have to monitor all Tier 5 Wizards in the Empire. If all of them can do this level of damage, no, even if they could only destroy the smallest of continents, they will still be a major threat.”

From the information he received, all Tier 5 Wizards could destroy a continent. As such, in the future, he will have to keep an eye on the people who reach that level.

He will pass a law that all Tier 5 and above wizards have to do a mandatory psychological evaluation after a certain number of years to see if any of them have any tendencies for destruction or let power gets over their head.

Additionally, he has to place measures in each planet that the Empire occupies in case a powerful wizard goes rogue and started to use large sale destruction spells.

Many ideas flashed through Edward’s mind as he pondered on how to proceed. When he goes back, he can foresee that the first people to reach Tier 5 will be the royal family and some members of the Ghost Squad.

And this is not only because he holds the method of advancement, but also because the majority of them are talented enough and have the resources to quickly pass Tier 4 and reach Tier 5.

Once that is done, they can help think of counter-measures.

“Let’s continue the test.” He first checked his mana and realized that a quarter of it was gone in the last attack. After waiting for five minutes for it to return to peak

With a wave of his hand, a beautiful staff decorated with gems appeared. He started to channel his mana on the staff which served as an amplifier.

Countless runes appeared in the air forming many magic circles inside a large one. Edward was using a chain circle/ magic array or a super spell as he liked to call it.

This method can be used by one wizard or by many working together; it allows a wizard to use a powerful spell beyond his normal capability. The only downside is that it cannot be instant and requires time.

After one minute, the super spell was finished, then, a massive fireball appeared; it looked more similar to the sun.

Under Edward’s control, the fireball descended on planet Earth. It burned all the layers of the earth’s crust until it reached the core. Then, the planet exploded.

While floating in space with a shield around him, Edward muttered to himself: “Since I can destroy a planet, shouldn’t I be Tier 6?”

Of course, he was just joking around as he could not actually destroy a planet. The reason that the planet exploded was not because of the fireball.

It was a reaction that occurred after the fireball mixed with the magma core of the planet. Otherwise, along, the fireball can do catastrophic damage to the planet, but not destroy it.

On top of that, this powerful spell required a full minute before activating. No enemy would give him that much time. And if someone managed to make the fireball explode ahead of time before reaching the core, there is no way for it to destroy a planet.

After experimenting to check his power level, Edward left the Room of Requirement to recuperate. The last spell cost almost all his mana.

After reaching Tier 5, Edward did not use any potion or other means to rapidly increase his mana. Over the years, he had started to notice that this approach had some burden on his body and magic core, so he decided to slowly meditate and absorb mana from the air.

Nevertheless, he still has one last thing to check.

A simple magic circle appeared in his Soul Dimension, then he controlled it to attach to his magic core. Immediately afterward, the internal dimension of his core increase in size thus allowing him to contain more mana.

Despite his new increase in strength, the amount of mana that Edward’s magic core could hold has always been 100 times that of an adult wizard. The process of Liquefy and Crystalizing mana that he created has only allowed his mana to change in quality, not quantity.

However now, using the Extension Charm that has been translated to the new magic system, he finally broke his limit.

Title: Aging


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