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Harry Potter: Dimensional Wizard – Chapter 14: Year One: First Day Bahasa Indonesia

September 1, 1991

Today was Edward’s first day as a professor. After leaving his base on the moon, he changed into a new suit designed personally by Madam Malkin, took his suitcase, and Apparated in the Dark Forest.

At first, Edward wanted to take the train to relive his time in school and also see Harry Potter, but he gave up the idea as he lost interest and considered doing so a waste of time.

After appearing in the Dark Forest, Edward floated in the air and flew in the direction of the castle. Edward can be a very arrogant person sometimes. Since he knew that Voldemort discovered a way to use magic to fly unsupported, he wanted to do it as well. And he succeeded.

By combining the Levitation Charm with his Gravity Charm, he can use unsupported flight easily.

After flying a few meters, he saw someone waiting for him on the ground, so he landed. Then, he saw a person the same size as a toddler standing there; it was Professor Filius Flitwick.

“Professor Flitwick, it is good to see you.”

“Edward my boy, it’s been more than five years since I last laid eyes on you. Where have you been?”

After the greeting, Edward lowered himself to hug his favorite professor. “Well, professor, I’ve been everywhere around the world.”

“Now that we are colleagues, you can just call me Filius. Now, tell me all about your adventures. I am sure that you have learned a lot of things.”

Edward nodded while discussing his travel with Filius. At the same time, the two of them headed to the castle while talking.

The relationship between Edward and Filius is very close. For one, he was a Ravenclaw, so the professor was his Head House during his time in school.

Another reason was due to their study of the Dark Arts.

Edward was a very talented wizard, so he was loved by all his teachers–especially by his dean.

One day, Edward went to Filius and told him about the fact that he was going to study dark magic and needed his guidance. Filius refused at first, but once Edward explained his views on how dark magic should not be fear, but studied with great precautions to understand it, Filius hesitated.

Of course, what changed his mind was the fact he knew that he could not change Edward’s mind even if he refused to teach him, So, Filius figured out it would be better for Edward to learn under his supervision.

So, the two of them began to study the Dark Arts together. However, Filius had many rules as conditions. For example, Edward has to use the Patronus Charm before every session to show that he was not corrupted by the Dark Arts.

Additionally, they have to take 2 weeks to break every once in a while. And during that time, both of them were forbidden to use any form of dark magic.

As a result of this partnership, the two of them co-wrote and published many papers in the category of Defense Against the Dark Arts. And it was all due to their in-depth understanding of dark magic. As a result of their papers, the two of them are very high-level members of the Dark Force Defense League and hold real power there.

Of course, their partnership hit a little trouble when it was discovered by Dumbledore. However, Filius defended Edward and they continued their study until he graduated.

A few minutes later, Edward was led to the High Table of the teachers in the Great Hall. After spending a few hours talking to the other teachers and reminiscing about his time in school, the other students entered the Great Hall.

Following this, the first year entered. The Sorting Hat did his little song, and Edward was more than happy to sing along with it.

Then, it was the turn of the Sorting Ceremony. First was Hanna Abbot, then it was Susan Bones, Edward’s cousin.

After the Sorting Hat was placed on top of Susan’s head, it started talking to himself:

“Let me see. You are very magically talented, and it seemed that you were properly trained by a very powerful wizard. That person seemed to have instilled in you the love for knowledge and wisdom, so Ravenclaw is an option.

“Your desire to be acknowledged by that person as a great witch can also be considered a lofty ambition, so Slytherin is also possible. However, your magical abilities are acquired through hard work and dedication, so ‘HUFFLEPUFF'”

Meanwhile, at the High Table, Edward waved to his cousin after she was assigned to her house. He secretly sighed as she seemed to follow the same path as the canon timeline.

He thought with all the training he did for Susan when she was young that things might turn differently.

Then, the Sorting Ceremony proceeded just like it did in the canon timeline. After Harry Potter was placed on Gryffindor, many people applauded out loud. Even Dumbledore–who only symbolically applauded the other students–started to applaud Potter out loud.

Professor Babbling noticed that Edward was slowly clapping without a care, so she asked; “Mr. Bones, you don’t seem to be excited about Mr. Potter’s arrival into the Wizarding World. Are you perhaps worried that the Savior will take your place as the most famous person in the Wizarding World?”


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