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Harry Potter: Dimensional Wizard – Chapter 13: The New Base Bahasa Indonesia

The next day after the dinner, Edward had a new idea; and that was to move his gate and laboratory to the moon to prevent possible trouble for himself.

The Gate of World is an Alchemy wonder and a powerful weapon that would draw the envy and desire of anyone who knew of its existence. So, it is best to place it somewhere inaccessible to anyone but Edward.

The gate emitted powerful magical powers, and any truly powerful or experienced wizard can sense it if they are close to it. That is one of the reasons that Edward placed so many enchantments around it.

Not to mention the experiments that he conducts; the amount of muggle prisoners and dark wizards that he used in his experiments is quite large, so Edward is worried that someone might track these disappearances to him.

Edward was never an arrogant person, so he never believed that all his precautions were enough to prevent such a thing. Furthermore, he never underestimated other wizards–especially for Aurors like Mad-eye Moody.

Who knows when a talented and experienced auror will trace all these missing people back to him. Or even worse, if the Ministry of Magic suddenly decided to raid his house just like they did with the Malfoys.

So, after much deliberation, he decided to move his gate and his laboratory to a new base located on the moon.

So, after taking his suitcase with the Extension Charm, he activated the Gate of World and disappeared from the room, along with the gate itself.

If there was a telescope looking at the moon, then astrologists would discover a massive silver gate appearing, then a young man holding a suitcase appearing from the gate.

The first thing Edward did before transporting to the moon was placing a Bubble-Head Charm on his head, which provided him with oxygen to breathe.

Then, he waved his hand to use a Gravity Charm personally created by Edward himself. He managed to do so after studying the gravity-resistant tree noted in the book [Goshawk’s Guide to Herbology]. A wizard in Nepal had an in-depth study of this plant and Edward made a personal visit to him to discuss this plant.

Another thing that inspired this spell was the enchantments that the Weasley Twins used to make the Anti-Gravity Hats jokes items in the canon timeline.

So, after using the Gravity Charm to walk properly in the room, Edward used the Incendio Charm to heat his surroundings, then he headed to the Dark Side of the moon and use Earth magic to dig a deep tunnel.

One of Edward’s major achievements since coming to this world was his understanding of Elemental Magic. To Edward, wizards are people that use Fireball, Ice Spear, and Earth Spike. So, he spent a lot of time modifying spells like Incendio, Aguamneti, Defodio into elemental magic.

Edward went as far as recreating many of the Jutsus from Naruto and a few elemental spells from DND from his previous life.

According to Edward’s current ability, his most powerful type of magic is the first elemental, then spatial magic due to his in-depth study of the Gate of World, and lastly, transfiguration.

However, the last one was not due to his effort, but a result of all his biological experiments. Throughout the years, he has dissected so many magical and non-magical animals that he can easily remember their anatomical structures with his Perfect Memory, then recreates them through Transfiguration.

After digging a cave deep underground somewhere on the moon and recovering it, Edward first placed an Extension Enchantment on the cave; then he transferred all the rooms in his suitcase into the cave.

He placed a Gravity Enchantment in the cave and used any magical plants to create a living environment. Whether it was temperature, gravity, oxygen level, he recreated the living environment of Earth through magic. Then, he chose a room to place the Gate of World.

After spending a few days placing countless Protective Enchantments around this base, Edward then continued his experiment.

A few weeks then passed and he had to stop what he was doing because he received a message from his house-elf Momo.

In the past few weeks, he had managed to set up the experiment to observe the Life Code of magical creature fetuses. However, this process would take some time, so he focused on finding the specific substance of the werewolf bit that was capable of perfectly altering the Life Code of any individual.

The reason he stopped his experiment was that he received news through a Two-Way Mirror. The reason that she did not report directly to Edward was that this new base was hidden even from the house-elf.

The news that he received was that Hagrid took Harry Potter to Gringotts to acquire money.

Edward was very interested in the Philosopher’s Stone as he believed it would play a great role in his future. So, he must get it to study. And the perfect time to do so was when Hagrid first took it out from Gringotts.

After apparating back to Earth and to Diagon Alley, Edward placed a Disillusionment Charm on himself, he waited on a corner for Hagrid to leave the bank.

Fortunately, he did not have to wait long as Hagrid soon came out of Gringotts looking very suspicious. Unfortunately for Edward, he soon discovered a few wizards disguised in normal clothes that were secretly following Hagrid.

It was then he realized that Dumbledore must have backup plans for the stone; after all, even if he trusted Hagrid, the stone was too important to leave it to him alone.

As such, Edward knew that it was impossible to acquire the stone now. However, he did not mind as he still had the opportunity back at Hogwarts.


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