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Harry Potter: Dimensional Wizard – Chapter 134: Philosopher’s Stone Bahasa Indonesia

After dealing with the issue of the Gate of Truth, Edward began to study this world’s Philosopher’s Stone. He had read the mind of its creator, Dr. Macoh, and also sneaked inside the Fifth Laboratory in central and secretly stole all the research inside. In fact, he stole all the research in all the different laboratories.

So, Edward drew the transmutation circle needed to create the stone in his laboratory.

“Since I cannot kill anyone in this world, I’ll have to improvise. Morganna, get me a thousand clones.”

“Yes, master.”

Soon the space fluctuated, then a thousand people dressed in white clothes appeared in the room, lying down on the floor as if passed out. Edward had used an Extension Charm on the room, so it could hold all these people.

After placing the clones in the center of the circle, he activated the circle. Soon after that, the clones disintegrated into small particles, leaving a dark-red stone in the middle of the transmutation circle.

Edward took the stone and began to analyze it. A few minutes later, he sighed: “This thing is quite disappointing.”

“Indeed,” replied Morgana. “This is just a combination of life energy and countless souls together. Additionally, the souls still have some level of consciousness, making it very easy to influence the user.”

Edward nodded his head; “The Philosopher’s Stone is considered one of the real immortal substances. Meaning that without outside influence, it would never be destroyed. As for this one, after a certain amount of use, it will destroy itself.

“Meanwhile, the one in our world can self-generate mana on its own after the energy inside has been used. Well, at least, the Greater Stone does.”

After analyzing further for a while, Edward said: “Let’s do a few more experiments.”

He then proceeded to create two more stones using Gate Alchemy: one from muggle prisoners, and one from wizard prisoners. Finally, he compared the final products.

“As expected, the one made from wizards is more powerful since their souls and life energy are naturally more powerful. Followed by the muggle made one, then the clones. However, the resentment from these wizards’ souls is at least 5 times more prominent from the muggle one, and 10 times more from the clones,” commented Morgana.

“Yes, but I did not expect to have an unexpected discovery,” said Edward as he focused on the stone made from wizards. This one was not just dark-red but had a hue of blue deep in the middle.

“This stone contained mana inside,” pointed out Edward. “How fascinating. This is like a perfect combination of soul energy, mana, and lifeforce.”

“Yes, according to my calculation, by studying this stone, we should be able to create a stone made of these three energies and increase the power of the Greater Stone by approximately 254%. And that’s just the lowest estimate.”

“In that case, begin the calculation to find the perfect ratio of these three energies to making a real Philosopher’s Stone.”

“As you wish.”

“How long will the calculation take?”

“Three days.”

“That Long?” said Edward. “Well, given that you’re not at full capability, it’s understandable. Alright, I guess it’s time to move a little bit.”

—Scene Break—

Edward was in the Southern Region, in a small town named Dublith. In front of him was a small shop with the words “meat” printed in large words. Without hesitation, he entered the shop. Immediately, he was greeted by a slightly muscular man with black hair.

“Hello, sir, how can I help you?” asked Mason, the shop assistant.

“Am I in the wrong place?” said Edward with a confused look on his face. “I was told that a couple was the owner of this shop.”

“You are correct as I’m just here as an assistant. Since you want to see the owner, I’ll get them.”

“I appreciate it,” said Edward with a smile.

A few seconds later, Izumi and her husband Sig walked out from the back of the shop. She looked up and down at Edward before saying: “I don’t think I’ve ever met you in my life, so who are you? And why are you looking for us?”

“My name is Edward Bones, and I’m looking for the Alchemist known as Izumi Curtis. I’m guessing that’s you.”

“I’m just a simple, kind housewife,” replied Izumi. “Plus, you have not answered my question: Why are you looking for me?”

“I am also an alchemist, and I’ve traveled the world on a journey to exchange knowledge with different alchemists. However, so far, I’ve been very disappointed by the Alchemists of Amestris as they are a bunch of military madmen that only use alchemy, but do not study or truly understand it.

“So far, there are only four Alchemists that I think could truly have an exchange with me, and you’re one of them.”

Izumi squinted her eyes at Edward, then said: “Very confident, I see. Alright, let’s see if you’re as skilled as you are handsome.”

She invited him to her house, then for the next two hours, the two of them had an intense conversation about alchemy. They talk about history, theories, runes and symbols, and the practical aspect of alchemy.

Izumi was quite surprised by how deep Edward’s knowledge was considering that he looked like a young man in his 20’s.

Meanwhile, after gaining a certain level of trust with Izumi, Edward proceeded to his next step.

He took a piece of chalk to draw a very complicated transmutation circle in the table that they were discussing on. As for Izumi, she was on alert as the transmutation circle had some resemblance to human transmutation.

However, it was also completely different.

“What is this?” she asked with a frown on her face.

“You can consider it the Law of Equivalent Exchange for Knowledge. Please,” said Edward as he motioned her to place her hand on one of the spots of the circle.

Izumi hesitated for a moment, then curiosity got the best of her. Plus, she was quite confident in her skill. To her, Edward looked like a weak son of a wealthy family obsessed with Alchemy.

As soon as she placed her hand on the circle, a light flashed in the center, then, to her horror, an eye appeared: Izumi had seen that eye when she performed Human Transmutation. Since then, it has been her nightmare.

Before she could react, she found herself in a white space with the Gate of Truth in front of her. Turning her head, she saw Edward was also there with another Gate behind him.

“You don’t need to panic. As I said, this is just an exchange of knowledge.”

Soon after he said this, both the Gates opened and some black tentacles that looked like arms appeared from them. Unlike when these two performed Human Transmutation, these tentacles did not swallow them inside the Gate but connected.

Immediately afterward, Izumi felt countless knowledge regarding Alchemy being implanted in her head. No, to be exact, her knowledge was being exchanged for one of equal value.

The process only lasted a few minutes, then she found herself back in her house, sitting at the same table.

“So, Human Transmutation was impossible in the first place. And my formula was not even close to being enough,” muttered Izumi. She then looked at Edward and said: “Thank you. You have greatly helped me.”

Edward nodded his head to receive her thanks. He knew that the reason she thanked him was that she learned that when she tried to transmute her child, what she summoned was not even him.

As such, her child did not have to suffer twice.

“This exchange was quite beneficial to me as well,” said Edward with a smile. However, Izumi just sighed as she knew that he was just being polite. During the exchange, she could feel that her knowledge was a drop in a vast ocean compared to his.

As such, she was wondering how a person could have such large alchemical knowledge.

“By the way, are you interested in being my wife?” suddenly asked Edward. A question that truly shocked Izumi–especially on how random it was.

Then she laughed out loud. “Although you’re a handsome guy, I’m already married. Plus, you’re not my type at all: you have no muscles whatsoever.”

Ignoring the killing glare that Sig was giving him, Edward smiled before saying: “That’s a shame. However, I’ll have you know, I could easily defeat your husband in a contest of pure strength.”

Sig–who felt that he was both insulted and challenged–flexed his muscles, then placed his hand on the table, challenging Edward to an arm wrestle competition; he was prepared to show this skinny young man who dared to try to take his wife from him.

Still, with a smile on his face, Edward also placed his hand on the table, competing with him.

Sig immediately used all his strength to defeat his opponent and show up to his wife. Unfortunately, it was useless. Edward’s hand did not budge a tiny bit. Then, a tremendous strength came from Edward’s hand and Sig’s hand was slammed on the table.

A look of confusion appeared on his face as he wondered what happened. Even his wife was surprised as she knew how strong her husband was.

As Izumi noticed Edward looking at her with a smirk on his face, she said: “Still not interested.”

“It’s a shame,” replied Edward, although his face did not show it.

“Well, it’s time for me to leave. Before I go, I will leave you with one last gift.”

Edward then took out a tube from his coat that had a blue liquid inside.

“This is a potion that can cure your organs problem. Although it cannot allow you to have children again, it can solve your health problems. If you trust me, you can drink it.”

After leaving it on the table, he left.

Title: Tragedy? Not on My Watch


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