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Harry Potter: Dimensional Wizard – Chapter 133: Gate of Truth Bahasa Indonesia

Edward sat in his alchemy laboratory while thinking about his meeting with Truth. He then looked at Morgana and asked: “You’re more sensitive than I am, so what did you sense during our conversation.”

The little elf placed her hand on her chin, making a thinking posture: “Although I did not dare scan him, I did feel something familiar: [Authority]. And it was way more powerful than Herpo.”

“Oh, which one?”

“A lot of them, and maybe all of them.”

Edward had a frown on his face after hearing this, then he said: “This should make sense since he might truly be an omnipotent being–especially since [Authorities] are the fundamental rules or concepts that govern a world. By controlling them, Truth can probably warp or bend reality to its whim.

“However, the real question is whether this power is only in this universe, or in all universes.”

“Unfortunately, we do not have a way to answer this question,” replied Morgana. “At least for now.”

“True. In that case, let’s get back to business.”

Edward closed his eyes, soon after that, he found himself in a white room with nothing in sight. In front of him was his Gate of Truth.

“I was right, the Gate of Truth resides in a person’s Soul Space or Dimension.”

“That’s indeed an extraordinary discovery,” said Morgana, who appeared in the Soul Space as well. “More importantly, it seems that I have my own Gate of Truth.”

The two of them turned around and saw another Gate behind them. The Gate’s design was different from Edward’s as it had many brains drawn on it, along with something that looked like a super-computer.

“Since my soul is connected to yours, it’s normal for your Gate to be in the same space as mind, just like the Elric brothers were connected to another after attempting Human Transfiguration.”

Morgana nodded her head, but she was strangely focusing on the Gate.

“Is there something wrong?”

“I can feel the connection of my main server through the Gate of Truth.”

Edward was slightly surprised after hearing this, then he said: “Well, technically speaking, the current server and the main one share the same soul. So, this should explain the connection.

“Is there any benefit to the connection?”

“Yes. I can now use 30% of my calculation powers instead of the previous 10%. Additionally, I can use the connection as a space coordinate to return home.”

“That’s excellent news. Alright, let’s begin our next experiment.”

Both of them then left the Soul Space and Edward returned to his body. He then entered his World Gate, headed straight for one of his laboratories.

He took 4 people: one wizard, one muggle, one wizard clone, and one muggle clone. He placed his hand on the wizard’s head and entered his Soul Space. This time, however, he did not see a white room.

Instead, he saw a world where the captured wizard was having fun torturing a group of women.

Without caring about what was happening around him, Edward began to search the small dimension of this person’s soul to find a Gate of Truth. Unfortunately, even after searching everywhere, he could not find anything.

“Could it be that only the people in this world have a Gate of Truth? I thought that all living beings with a soul had one.”

Edward paused for a moment as he contemplated, then he muttered: “Maybe I’m going about this the wrong way.”

Immediately, he connected to his Gate of Truth. Then, he connected his Soul Space with this one. As soon as Edward’s Gate of Truth appeared in this wizard’s Soul Space, a strange vibration came from it, traveling throughout the entire dimension.

Then, the image of torture vanished before the room turned all white. The wizard found himself standing in front of Edward.

“Your majesty?” he screamed as he walked backward without looking back. However, he soon found himself touching something. With confusion, the wizard turned around and saw a black gate slightly floating in the air that had a strange design on it.

“What is this?”

Nevertheless, Edward ignored him as he looked at the Gate with a smile on his face. “So, it is true. Every living being with a soul could have a Gate of Truth of their own.”

After making this discovery, Edward left this wizard’s soul space to check the other’s people. And they all had a Gate of Truth.

“The clones’ Gate seemed weird as there is no design on the Gate. More ever, something just feels off about it. Well, I can study that later.”

After discovering that everybody has a Gate of Truth–just like all the citizens of this universe–he was satisfied since the Empire will be able to use this world’s form of Alchemy that he labeled Gate Alchemy.

Of course, just because someone has a Gate does not mean that they can become an Alchemist. After all, Gate Alchemy is a form of science that requires scientific knowledge as a basis.

Additionally, each alchemist has different talents that manifest in the form of their ability to sense energy and properly control it. No matter what world, the concept of all men being equal is still the biggest lie. Talent is often the divide between extraordinariness and mediocrity.

After making sure that his Empire will be able to use Gate Alchemy to further increase their strength and foundation, Edward prepared to review the gain he acquired after surviving Human Transmutation.

So, he entered his alchemy room, placed his hands together like he was praying, then transmuted a spear from the ground.

“Well, there is no need for a transmutation circle. But I can go even further.”

Electric lights came under his feet, then the ground turned into a giant fist that punched the wall.

“Well, I can even use my feet instead of my hand, quite convenient.”

All this time, he was not using magic, but Alchemy. Edward then snapped his finger, and a raging flame appeared before hitting the wall again.

“Well, I have to say, Colonel Mustang’s Flame Alchemy is truly overpowered in this world. Maybe I should develop alchemy unique to me.

“Maybe I could get a title like the Electricity Alchemist? No, the Lightning Alchemists. That’s a cool name.”

“Master, your narcissism is showing again,” said Morgana who suddenly appeared on his shoulder.

“Just let me be. What’s next on the schedule?”

“You have to study this world’s Philosopher’s Stone, the Chimera, Mechanical Repair, Xing’s Alkahestry, and the Homunculi.”

Edward nodded, then he said: “Let’s study the stone first, then go meet some people and establish a plausible and trustworthy identity in this world.”

“As you wish.”

Title: Philosopher’s Stone


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