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Harry Potter: Dimensional Wizard – Chapter 120: Ten Rings Council (II) Bahasa Indonesia

“What’s on the agenda first for today?” asked Amelia.

One person stood up and said: “The first issue is regarding poaching. In the past year, the number of magical animals captured and secretly sold on the black market has dramatically increased.”

“Is it the Animaniacs Group responsible for this?” asked one of the Ten Rings sitting next to Amelia.

“No, we destroyed their main group in Saturn a few years ago; this is a new group,” responded the person who brought the issue.

“How serious is the current problem?” asked another Ten Ring member.

“Very serious,” responded one of the centaurs in the room, who was wearing a tuxedo on his upper body. “Many members of our race have gone missing in the past few months. We would like to catch whoever is responsible for this, and if possible, bring their bodies back for a proper burial.”

The mermaid in the room–who was actually quite beautiful due to bloodline atavism–suddenly started to sing, then her voice was translated for everybody to hear.

“The same can be said for members of our clan.”

Many people secretly looked at her. Some lust after her beauty, while some people did not like her because she could speak in human tongues, but refused to do so.

After those two races talked, many people came forward to talk about the disappearance of these magical races.

“Order!” said Amelia, her voice echoed loudly like a speaker in the room. Everyone then quiets down.

“Did the Diviners not track these people?”

“No, Council Elder. They seemed to be very proficient in Anti-Divination Magic.”

“In that case, I propose we use the Sorcerer’s Eye designed by Your Highness, Seer Luna Lovegood to scan the entire solar system.”

“Wouldn’t that be wasting too many resources?” asked one of the Ten Rings Counselors sitting next to Amelia.

“Do you think that resources are more important than keeping the Inter-Species Relationship of the Empire?” asked another Ten Rings member while glaring at the previous guy.

“You know that’s what I meant.”

“How do I know what you mean?”

“Enough with you two’s bickering,” said Amelia. “Notified the relevant department to use the Sorcerer’s Eye to find these traffickers.”

Everyone nodded as they knew that the situation would be quickly resolved with this method. The Sorcerer Eye is basically a satellite with many other magical enchantments.

For example, it had the ability of the Marauder’s Map, thus the location of everybody in the Empire could be located when needed. Additionally, it was personally Enchanted with a powerful Divination Spell personally placed by Luna herself.

And unless someone was a better Prophet than her, no one can escape her sight. And she is currently the most powerful Prophet of the Empire, with Albion recognizing that she had a noble Seer bloodline hidden inside of her.

After founding this out, for the first time, Edward found a person that Albion did look down upon–including him. According to the Dragon King, Seers are the most respectable bloodlines in the universe, and even Dragons have to respect them.

“What’s next on the agenda?” asked Amelia.

“The movement to oppose clone experiments has drastically increased in the past few months. Large gatherings and protests have occurred not only on Earth but on the other colonies as well.”

“Here we go again. Last year, we listened to these people and banned experiments on death-row prisoners, but now, they even want to place their claws on clones?”

“Don’t they know one of the reasons for the rapid development of genetic technology and many other fields is because we can experiment on clones?”

“Let’s not complain, but deal with the situation.”

“I propose we use force to deal with these protests. It’s about time we showed them that the Empire is a monarchy, not a democracy.”

“This would only be a temporary solution,” replied Amelia. “We need something permanent, or long-term.”

“We can order the large media to stop covering these protests, control the information on Skynet.”

“Additionally, we can ruin the reputation of the leaders of these protests, thus decreasing the number of supporters.”

“That’s indeed a good method.”

Just like that, the decision was made.

“The next step on our list is regarding religion.”

“What’s the issue this time?”

The person who spoke this time hesitated for a moment, then she said: “Well, the rise of the Arcane God Religion has dramatically increased. According to the law, no one can worship the Arcane Emperor as a God, but many people have done so.

“And with how much the religion has gained ground, there is a high chance that they are supported by powerful people–including members of the council.”

The room instantly became quiet as everyone looked at one another. After a few minutes of awkward silence, one of the Ten Rings looked at Amelia and said:

“Council Elder, I don’t think worshipping the Emperor as a God is necessarily a bad thing. It could help weaken the other religions still existing, and increase the cohesive strength of the Empire in general.

“After all, Faith can be a very powerful weapon for control.”

“I understand your point as I already mentioned this to him, but Edward is very adamant regarding this issue,” replied Amelia.

“Could we at least know why?”

Amelia nodded, then with a wave of her hand, a large holographic screen appeared in front of everybody.

“With people worshipping him, the Emperor has already noticed a new energy or power created by Faith. However, according to a preliminary study of it, it is very corrosive to the mind and soul.

“So, until it is further studied and understood, he does not want to use it.”

“In that case, wouldn’t it be better to just let those people so that we can gather more faith to study? There is no need to support them, but we do not need to prevent them as well.”

“That’s indeed a good idea,” replied Amelia. “However, their growth should be controlled as well.”

All these politically savvy people knew that these words were a warning to those people secretly supporting the religion.

“What’s next?”

“This time, it is concerning the Death Cult. A new leader might have been chosen.”

“So soon? We only killed the last one three months ago.”

“Although not entirely sure, the recent activities of the cult would suggest so.”

All the council members begin to whisper to one another, thinking of a possible solution to this problem. One young man stood up and said with passion in his voice:

“Since the Empire allows freedom of religion, why not grant the same privilege to the Death Cult? After all, our previous actions have proven that suppression is not the ideal method.”

As soon as he said these words, many people looked at him in shock, thinking this guy was crazy. Then, they realized that he was a newbie that was recently elected to the Council.

One of the Ten Rings Council members–who was the one who endorsed this kid in his election–quickly took out his smartwatch, download a document, and sent it to him.

The newbie–knowing that he did something wrong, quickly read over the file sent to him. Instantly, cold sweat started to drip from his back.

Not only because he just learned of the afterlife, but because he knew the existence of the Empire’s current greatest enemy: The Death God, Herpo the Foul.

And according to this file, this powerful God is secretly influencing the Death Cult to do his bidding–which is currently unknown. So, the Empire will destroy any person related to the Death Cult in any shape or form.

So, many people have been asking when the new world is coming. The answer is in 10-12 chapters.



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