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Harry Potter: Dimensional Wizard – Chapter 119: Ten Rings Council (I) Bahasa Indonesia

After entering the Director’s Room, Harry saw an old man with white hair waiting for him. He closed the door behind him before saying: “Sir, you called me?”

“Yes. How was the fight?”

“Johnson still lost, but he put up a better fight than usual.”

Kingsley nodded his head before changing the topic: “I’ve called you for two things. The first thing is about the selection for the next Director-General. I’ve chosen you as my replacement.”

“But, Sir, your term is still a long way from being over.”

Kingsley sighed, “I’m approaching my 90’s now, so my energy is not the same anymore.”

“Sir, with genetic engineering, every ordinary citizen of the Empire can live up to 200 years old now. Plus, there is still the Elixir of Immortality. There is no need to hurry to retire.”

“Aging and death is a natural process of life, Harry,” said Kingsley. “I have accepted that fact, so I have no desire for long life.”

Harry sighed but did not continue to persuade. “In that case, why don’t you choose Moody as your replacement? He is more deserving of it than me. In fact, all the other 5 Vice-Directors deserve it more than me.”

“I’ve talked to Alastor, and he has no interest in becoming Director and being stuck behind a desk. You know him as much as I do. All he cares about is catching dark wizards and criminals.

“As for the other Vice-Directors, the reason that I did not choose them is that they do not have your talents or your connection. My job requires someone who is not afraid of pointing his wand at the powerful and wealthy figures of the Empire.

“A person who can execute the law–no matter who breaks it.”

Harry was silent for a moment as he realized that his mother was one of the reasons that he was chosen for this position. After all, no one would dare to use their power and influence to threaten a family member of a Tower Master.

As such, Harry can do his job without worrying about politics and corruption amongst the Auror. At least, not in his department.

“I accept the position, Sir. What’s the second thing you wanted to see me about?”

Kingsley nodded in satisfaction after hearing this, then he took a case file to hand over to Harry, who secretly shook his head at his Director’s old fashion methods. He quickly read through it.

“A case of people suspected of doing illegal experiments in Italy? Can’t the local official do anything about it?”

“If they could, they would not send the case to us.”

“That’s true.” He then sighed out loud. “I never understood why these people will commit such atrocities.”

Harry looked at the pictures of mutilated bodies that were dissected. There was all kind of different races like human, vampires, etc.

“It’s quite easy to understand their motives. We live in a time where knowledge equates to power, fame, money, immortality, and eternal youth. Of course, some people will go to extreme length to acquire these things,” replied Kingsley calmly.

“All they had to do was ask the Empire permission to set up their labs, and many of these innocent lives could be saved.”

“The Empire does countless experiments every day, are we any different than those criminals?”

“The difference is that only clones are used,” rebutted Harry.

“Officially, but is it really? Plus, aren’t clones also people? Don’t they have their own souls and will?”

Harry was silent as he knew his boss was correct, but he also knew that he was also part of a group of people that believe that the Empire’s rapid rise of technology through inhumane experimentation should be stopped.

These people are dedicated to stopping this.

However, Harry also learned from his mother that the Arcane Emperor is aware of these people’s existence, and allowed them to exist to give people the illusion that things like freedom of speech still exist.

The sad truth is that the Arcane Emperor has total and absolute control of the Empire, and no one can shake that control. Taking a moment to regain his thoughts, Harry said:

“What about the Diviners? If we had some of them helping, unless these criminals have Anti-Divination Magic, this case will be solved quickly.”

“You know how stuck up these Diviners are. While waiting for the proper paper to be filed and receiving help from them, more people might disappear, or the clues in the case might be cleaned up,” replied Kingsley with an unpleasant tone.

“Plus, the majority of Diviners are busy recently helping the council with something.”

Harry nodded his head before saying, “In that case, I will take a few people with me to the site and investigate.”

–Scene Break–

North Atlantic Ocean, a man-made island was floating in the air. On it was a vast building designed with different architecture designs from different cultures. Despite being mashed up with so many different architectural designs, it looked extremely beautiful.

Inside the building, a large number of people were sitting and talking to one another. In this room, there was human, wizards, werewolves, vampires, centaurs, and even a mermaid encased in a water bubble. All intelligent races were represented in this meeting, and people of different races and ethnicities.

After everybody arrived, a bell ringed inside the meeting room, making everybody quiet. Soon, 10 people dressed in elegant robes with ouroboros making a ring on them appeared and sat on the elevated seats.

Among these people was Amelia Bones, who sat in the seat in the middle. Her robe was blue instead of red like the others, and her Ouroboros symbol had a crown on top.

She was the last of the ten people to arrive, and as soon as she entered the room, everyone stood up and saluted her: “Welcome, the Honorable Great Elder.”

Amelia nodded her head then motioned for everyone to sit down.

“Let’s begin today’s meeting.”



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