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Harry Potter: Dimensional Wizard – Chapter 11: Inspired Bahasa Indonesia

After Edward received the reply from the mirror, he returned to his own house and used the Floo powder to travel somewhere else. As soon as he arrived, he saw a beautiful woman waiting for him.

She looked to be in her late 30’s, however, she had a more refined and noble temperament surrounding her. Not to mention that her age added a level of maturity that was quite appealing.

As soon Edward arrived, she jumped into his arms and they started to kiss each other passionately for a few deep seconds.

“Edward, I have not seen you for more than 5 years.”

“Well, I have been busy. Let’s not talk about these kinds of things. You looked as ravishing as the day that I met you.”

“Well, your Aging Potion works wonders for me. Couldn’t you make it last longer, or even permanent?”

“If I did that, how would I make money?”

“That’s true. Sometimes I wonder whether you are a Slytherin instead of a Ravenclaw.”

“Well, the Sorting Hat did hesitate before choosing where to place me. Fortunately, my passion for knowledge superseded my ambitions.”

Then, the two of them started to snug each other again. However, midway through, Edward stopped again to ask, “I’m guessing that your husband is not here?”

“No. he left with the kids and won’t be back for a few hours.”

Then, those two people started to remove each other’s clothes–even before they reached the next room.

A few hours later, Edward was lying in a bed, with another naked body in his arm; he was in deep thought.

After a few hours of exercise, his mind became even more clear and another idea just came to him.

The werewolf bit is like a virus that can transform a person’s bloodline; as such, it can also change a person’s Life Code. What he has to do is isolate the specific things–whether it is a virus or a specific protein–and find a way to control them.

Then, he can effectively find a way to change the Life Code. Of course, this method would only allow him to turn people into werewolves without biting them, and even reverse the process.

The next step would be to modify the “virus” to be able to affect all aspects of the Life Code.

Of course, Edward has not given up on his idea of slowly observing babies and how their Life Codes are slowly formed. However, he will only use animals and creatures that are very close to humans.

‘Maybe I should subdue a few Death Eaters like Bellatrix Lestrange and have them do the dirty work that I am not willing to do. However, her craziness is a major problem,’ suddenly thought Edward.

Then, he looked at the woman next to him that was staring at him. “Soleil, if you have something to say, just do it?”

“I am just wondering if you have found a solution to Astoria’s blood curse? After all, I do not want anything to happen to my daughter?”

(AN: For anyone who is wondering, no she will not be the main heroine. Just one of Edward’s many flings.)

“I did find a solution, however, according to my latest research, I can probably forever remove the curse from your Greengrass family lineage. Just give me some time and send me a few vials of her blood, then everything will be fine.”

Soleil nodded, then the two of them remained quiet while snuggling each other for half an hour. Then, Edward got out of bed. With a wave of his hand, all his clothes that were scattered throughout the room magically flew towards him and put themselves on him.

Meanwhile, while Edward was dressing, Soleil suddenly said: “You know it’s real for me.”

“What do you mean?” asked Edward without looking back.

“At first, I was attracted by your talents and wanted to use you to help Astoria with her diseases. But, as time passes, what I feel for you becomes real. If one day you wanted me to leave my husband, I would do so without any hesitation.”

After finishing fixing his tie Edward then replied; “I am aware of this, dear. However, there is no need to ruin something that is already perfect by adding complexity to it.”

After saying that, he walked to the fireplace and used floor powder to return to his manor.

Although he enjoyed Soleil’s beauty and companionship, it did not mean he wanted her as a companion–especially given her ideas of pure blood theory. Although due to his relationship she has toned it down a bit, she did not change her core values.

If Edward himself was not considered a pure-blood wizard, he doubted whether she would go to the length of seducing him to cure her daughter’s blood curse.

After returning to his house, Edward sat in a chair while thinking about the design of his next experiment and his future.

“Momo,” he suddenly called. Then, a house-elf dressed in a small suit appeared in front of him.

This house-elf was as ugly as the other ones, however, it was dressed properly and had learned proper manners. She has been accompanying Edward ever since he was 6 years old. Even when he traveled the world after his graduation, she would be with him.

She is probably the only person who truly knows the shenanigans that Edward went through in the past 5 years of his absence.

“Any important letters in the past week?”

“Two, sir. One from Hogwarts and the other from Madam Amelia Bones.”

Edward took the letter from Hogwarts and read it quietly. There wasn’t much on the letter except the fact that he would be the new Alchemy Teacher at Hogwarts this coming September.

“What does my aunt’s letter say?”

The house-elf Momo opened the second letter before replying a few seconds later.

“The Madam insisted that you come to see her for dinner tonight, otherwise she would send a thousand Roaring Letters every day to you, Master. Furthermore, she emphasizes that if that does not work, she will have Aurors come to arrest you on account of some bogus charge”

Edward smiled as he knew that his aunt was capable of such a thing. “Reply to her that I will be in time for dinner.”


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