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Harry Potter: Dimensional Wizard – Chapter 10: Mind Soothing Bahasa Indonesia

Soon, seven days passed by. Edward looked at the dead wizards in front of him with a frown on his face. In the past week, he had killed all 10 werewolves he just bought, plus another 5 dark wizards he had in store. However, he made little progress.

A thing like the Life Code is very complex, so modifying even a tiny part of it will lead to another chain of events that affects the other parts. As such, it is not an easy thing to modify at will.

Nevertheless, Edward did learn a few new things–especially about magic cores. Long ago, he had discovered that every wizard had a magic core that held its magic powers.

According to his previous research, wizards had a few different shapes of cores; some were round, triangular, and cubic. And wards had a cubic-shaped one. As a matter of fact, even squibs have a magic core inside; however, theirs is inactive.

IN his previous study, he tried to transplant the magic core of one wizard into the body of another in an attempt to increase his magic powers. But, he failed after solving many difficult problems.

The first of which was taking out the magic core. Just like the Life Code, the magic core was a metaphysical thing that could not be seen or accessed under normal circumstances. However, after discovering a way to actually taking out of the body and planted in someone’s else, two things would happen:

Either it was of no use and no effect would take place, or a powerful rejection would occur, leading to the death of the person who received the transfer.

Previously, Edward did not know the real reason behind this rejection, but after studying the Life Code, he knew that bloodline did decide whether someone had a magic core, however, the core was also linked to the soul.

As such, each core had the imprint of its owner. So, when it was transplanted into another person’s body, this led to severe rejection.

After finishing his last experiment, Edward took a break as he did not have any more experimental bodies. And also because he ran out of ideas.

If he continued like this, a lot of people would have to die before he actually discovered the intricacies of the Life Code, so he needed a better and more efficient way to continue his research.

“Maybe I should observe a pregnant witch, that way I can slowly observe how the Life Code of a baby is developed from its inception all the way to its birth,” thought Edward to himself.

However, he soon stopped his thought with a serious look on his face. He realized a problem with his mind or thinking. Although he is a person who is willing to go to extreme lengths for his research, he did not reach the level of experimenting on children. He still had a bottom line.

So, the only reason he thought like this was that something was wrong with his mindset. Knowing this, Edward left his laboratory.

After exiting the suitcase, he left his manor at Hogsmeade and apparated at an alley in the muggle world. After spending a few minutes searching for the information he needed, Edward then apparated again, this time he arrived at a concert in London.

Many muggles were happily dancing and singing; overall, they were happy while enjoying themselves. After moving to a corner, Edward took out his wand.

“Expecto Petronum,” he said while waving his hand. A giant eagle burst out from his wand and flew into the sky. The wingspan of this eagle was actually a dozen feet long. However, the odd thing was this Patronus was in fact invisible to all the people dancing.

After the Patronus appeared, it soared in the sky, opened its mouth, and did a swallowing motion. Then, countless silver lights flew from the muggles and were swallowed by the Patronus.

This was in fact a technique developed by Edward after studying Dementors. What the Patronus was swallowing was all the happy memories of these people. However, unlike the Dementors, it did not harm the muggles.

The Patronus just made sure that the happiest memories of these muggles appear in their minds, then it absorbed the positive energy.

After finishing the absorption process, the Patronus became a few times larger than its normal size. Then, it returned to Edward and plunged straight into his body.

Following this, Edward felt a profound sense of euphoria, then all the negative thoughts in his mind seemed to wash away; his head became exceedingly clear.

Edward knew that Dark Arts has the ability to negatively affect the mind of the user–especially for wizards like him that pursue very deep knowledge of it. To ensure his safety, he modified the Patronus Charm–which is known as the Guardian Spirit–to protect him from the side effect of practicing dark magic.

Although Edward can be cruel in his pursuit of magic, he was never a dark wizard, nor did he ever considered himself to be one. This was perfectly proven by the fact that he has the ability to perform the Patronus Charm.

To perform this spell, a wizard needs to remember happy memories in his mind, and Edward has plenty of these–especially with his parents. Back during the First Wizarding War, his parents always made sure that he had a happy childhood even though they would leave every night to fight Voldemort and his Death Eaters.

And after their deaths, his aunt Amelia made sure that he had everything he needed. Although she might seem very strict, that was only when it came to strangers and also a necessity to do her job.

Furthermore, Edward made sure to enjoy his life, After all, he died once and he did not believe that he would have a third chance.

Additionally, he pursues magic, not due to power, but because it makes him excited. Every time he made a discovery, Edward always felt a sense of satisfaction.

It was as if the Goddess of Magic was in front of him, then he started to slowly unveil her skirts. Even if he manages to lift the skirt a few millimeters, it would bring him a sense of anticipation and euphoria as he believed that one day, he would see what is underneath.

In conclusion, Edward is not someone that focuses only on studying magic; he often enjoys himself when given the opportunity. A perfect example of this was his five years traveling the world.

He did not just steal a bunch of books and do magic research all day. No, he experienced different cultures, different foods, and different types of women. Overall, he enjoyed himself during travel as much as possible.

After leaving the concert, Edward took a mirror and placed his wand on it; then he sent a message:

“Are you available now?”

“No, you can come by if you want.” replied the mirror a few minutes afterward.


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