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Guild Wars – Chapter 784: Defense of the Ancients 5 Bahasa Indonesia

Draco rushed through the middle lane like a hurricane and checked the system messages he had missed while dealing with Shangtian’s matter near the throne.

「Battle Arena Announcement

King has destroyed a tower. +300 gold!」

「Battle Arena Announcement

Sigurd has destroyed a tower. +300 gold!」

「Battle Arena Announcement

Ratchet has destroyed a tower. +450 gold!」

「Battle Arena Announcement

The Dark Knight has destroyed a tower. +450 gold!」

Draco frowned deeply. In this relatively short interlude, the top and bottom lane had both lost their first and second tower respectively.

In fact, since King and Ratchet had been left unchecked the two of them were currently sieging the third tower brutally, while Medusa was barely holding off the Dark Knight and Sigurd on the bottom lane by relying on the tower.

Draco had originally planned to destroy the third tower on the mid-lane and crush the Frozen Throne in one go, but decided to provide support and cover his bases. As such, he directly used the teleport scroll he bought when he erroneously saved those three idiots.

After 3 seconds, the channeling was complete, and he appeared beside the half-destroyed third tower which was besieged by over a dozen creeps and two Heroes working on it diligently. The moment he appeared, both Heroes paused as their face changed greatly, and they turned to run.

However, once Daddy Draco has his eyes on you, only Mommy Eva could save you. Alas, Mommy Eva was out doing women’s stuff that you probably wouldn’t understand, so there was no salvation for these freaks.

Draco simply took a step forward and cut through the bodies of both King and Ratchet with one slice each, sending them both to respawn.

「Battle Arena Announcement

Draco has pwned King’s head for 250 gold!」

「Battle Arena Announcement

Draco has pwned Ratchet’s head for 250 gold!」


「Battle Arena Announcement

The Sentinel are OWNING!」

He snorted coldly and rushed over to the top of the lane. He had already helped destroy the first tower, so he cruelly destroyed the second single-handedly while clearing every wave of creeps that stood in his way. Since his own creeps were far behind, they had accumulated into three separate batches that were rushing over.

Draco tsked when he noticed that the Dark Knight and Sigurd were about to destroy the bottom lane’s third tower, so he used the Glyph of Fortification to stall for time, which drastically increase the armor of all buildings by 300 for a short while.

The Sentinel and Scourge both had this, though it could only be activated by the respective team leaders. As it was, Shangtian was too busy educating a trio of fools to pay attention to anything related to the match.

Draco hurried up and rushed to the third and final tower of the top lane and destroyed it as well. To make sure that he wouldn’t have to come back, he also destroyed the three creep production facilities of this lane.

Doing this unlocked mega creeps, but only on the top lane. He would have to destroy the production facilities on every lane to provide the others with the same benefit.

With this type of new reinforcement, King and Ratchet would not be able to make a push to the Sentinel’s Throne for a long time.

Without even noticing it, the Abyssal Prime had jumped all the way to level 10. Taking a short moment, he decided to spend his accumulated points.

「Name: Draco

Class: Level 5 –>10 Abyssal Prime

Exp: 667/1000

Health: 6,230/6,230 –> 10,980/10,980

Mana: 3,185/3,185 –> 5,460/5,460

Damage: 640 – 650 –> 1,710 – 1,720 (+513) (Destruction Sword)

Armor: 74 –> 186 (Medium)

Strength: 310 –> 560 (Primary)

Agility: 260 –> 435

Intelligence: 260 –> 435

Skills: Draconic Regeneration (IV), Demonic Might (II), Devil’s Guile (II), Demon Form (I).

Inventory: Angel’s Kiss Vial (3), Seal of Camelot, Dragorugio Sword.」

「Name: Draconic Regeneration – Level 2 –> 4

Type: Passive

Description: You have a base health and mana regeneration of 400 per 0.5 seconds –> 800 per 0.25 seconds, activated at all times. Every level increases the base amount and reduces the regeneration time.

Duration: None

Cooldown: None.」

「Name: Demonic Might – Level 1 –> 2

Type: Passive

Description: With the strength of Demons, your current damage and armor are doubled –> tripled.

Strength and Agility are boosted by 100 –> 200 points.

Duration: None

Cooldown: None.」

「Name: Devil’s Guile – Level 1 –> 2

Type: Passive

Description: With the Guile of Devils, your skill duration(s) are doubled –> tripled and their cooldowns are lowered by 50% –> 75%.

Intelligence is boosted by 100 –> 200 points.

Duration: None

Cooldown: None.」

「Name: Demon Form – Level 1

Type: Active

Cost: 1000 mana

Description: Assume your True Demon form. All stats are quintupled and you gain 99% physical as well as magical resistance.

Duration: 20 seconds.

Cooldown: 10 minutes.」

Draco then noticed that the cooldown for his teleportation scroll was down, so he began channeling, heading towards the last tower of the bottom lane.

He only hoped Medusa could last long enough for him to get there.


Meanwhile, the only other active Hero on Draco’s team was completely aggrieved. The promised support from Zhulong had never arrived, so she alone had been stuck dealing with the incessant harassment from the revived Dark Knight and Sigurd.

If it wasn’t for the fact that the duo remained wary of another ambush from Draco, they would likely have ignored her creeps and struck her directly already.

As it was, she was barely making do. She had to cling to the third tower for dear life, but even the building wanted to beat her up because it wasn’t doing so well.

Woman, can’t you see these two handsome blokes are tearing my ass up? Either contribute your booty for them to destroy, or scram to the side and watch!

When Medusa saw that Draco had used the Glyph of Fortification when the tower was left with 10% HP, she was thrilled. Her boldness came and she finally used one of her skills.

「Name: Medusa

Class: Level 6 True Demon

Exp: 380/600

Health: 1,157/1,157

Mana: 728/728

Damage: 86 – 88 (+25) (Magic)

Armor: 7 (+3) (Medium)

Strength: 53

Agility: 52

Intelligence: 56 (Primary)

Skills: Petrifying Gaze (II), Serpentine Physique (II), Demon’s Fire (I), Gorgon Sisters (I).

Inventory: Stheno’s Brace, Euryale’s Robe, Perseus’ Shield.」

「Name: Petrifying Gaze – Level 2

Type: Active

Cost: 70 mana

Description: Glare at any foe and imbue them with the demonic virus of petrifying, turning them to stone. If eye contact is made, the skill is unblockable.

Duration: 15 seconds (45 if eye contact is made)

Cooldown: 1.5 minutes.」

「Name: Serpentine Physique – Level 2

Type: Passive

Description: You have a serpentine bloodline, allowing you to enjoy the bonus regeneration towards health. You regain 40% more HP per second and HP regen is always active.

Duration: None

Cooldown: None.」

「Name: Demon’s Fire – Level 1

Type: Active

Cost: 30 mana

Description: Spit out a flare of Hellfire nurtured in your body towards any target within 20 meters. This deals a flat damage of 200 points and burns for 10 damage over time.

Duration: 6 seconds

Cooldown: 20 seconds.」

「Name: Gorgon Sisters – Level 1

Type: Active

Cost: 300 mana

Effect: Summon Stheno and Euryale from Hades to combine and form the legendary Gorgon. In this form, your stats are doubled and your skills’ effects are tripled.

Duration: 40 seconds.

Cooldown: 5 minutes.」

Medusa cast Demon’s Fire on the Dark Knight while using her Petrifying Gaze on Sigurd. She just wanted to buy time for the tower to clear out their army of creeps and allow her to push back.

However, she was left speechless when the Dark Knight simply waved his hand and caught her Demon’s Fire like it was a fun toy, playing with it with interest. After all, how could she know the crazy skills the Dark Knight had?

「Name: Dark Knight

Class: Level 6 Dragon Knight

Exp: 550/600

Health: 1,328/1,328

Mana: 676/676

Damage: 185 – 189 (Sword)

Armor: 16 (Heavy)

Strength: 124 (Primary)

Agility: 114

Intelligence: 114

Skills: Control (II), Dragon’s Breath (I), Draco’s Bloodline (II), Dragon Form (I).

Inventory: Hidden.」

「Name: Control – Level 2

Type: Passive

Description: You possess both the Body of Godliness and Void of Perfection belonging to Draco. It boosts your base damage and armor by 1.2x, Attack and movement speed by 1.5x, Strength, Agility, and Intelligence by 2x.

Duration: None

Cooldown: None.」

「Name: Dragon’s Breath – Level 1

Type: Active

Cost: 30 mana

Description: Spit out a breath of pure Dragon’s fire, containing both the elements of Metal and Destruction. This deals 500 base damage and burns for 80 points per second. It also negates HP regen.

Duration: 10 seconds

Cooldown: 5 minutes.」

「Name: Draco’s Bloodline – Level 2

Type: Passive

Description: As the first clone of Draco, you have full access to all his resources in real time. That includes his illustrious bloodline, but you can only exhibit 20% of its full power.

Duration: None.

Cooldown: None.」

「Name: Dragon Form – Level 1

Type: Active

Cost: 700 mana

Effect: Enter your True Dragon form and raze the lands. All stats are increased by a factor of 5.5x and your breath contains both metal and destructive elements.

Duration: 10 seconds.

Cooldown: 25 minutes.」

The Dark Knight simply tossed the Hellfire away. With 20% of Draco’s full bloodline power at the moment, this was nothing to him.

Heck, if the Dark Knight wasn’t so complete inept with the bloodline and how to use it – even more than Draco – she would be dead by just a look.

Sigurd was far less impressive compared to the Dark Knight though. His stats and abilities weren’t even worth mentioning, especially when the Dark Knight was currently twice as strong as he was.

Medusa’s face changed as she realized things were not good. The tower’s Glyph of Fortification had expired!

Its HP was reducing so fast that Medusa knew she was dead if she didn’t do something. As such, her expression became vicious and she shrieked in a demonic tone.

Gorgon Sisters!

Two demonic magic circles formed beside her, one pink and one purple. From them appeared two beauties with the same looks as each other, like twins. One had pink hair and pink eyes, while the other had purple hair and purple eyes.

The only problem though… was that they were twintail lolis!

Stheno placed her arms akimbo with a dissatisfied expression. “Meddy, why did you summon me? I was about to feast on the delicious soul of one of Perseus’ descendants!”

Medusa coughed lightly. “I need your help, big sis, little sis.”

Euryale seemed chipper and jumped for joy. “Okayyyy!! Let’s merge sisters!”

The three morphed into their Gorgon form before merging through a multicolored green, pink and purple magic circles, a blinding light forming through the area. A shockwave appeared that pushed back the creeps, Sigurd and the Dark Knight.

The two Heroes stuck their weapons into the ground and held on with solemn expressions, feeling an aura of sheer powers ahead of them. Once the dust settled, they were shocked and terrified by the behemoth that appeared before them.

It was similar to a giant octopus, with its top being its head, and the shaft its body. From there sprouted endless tentacles, and it was entirely colored black.

The only thing that hinted at what should be its eyes was a giant 1/3rd green, 1/3rd pink, and 1/3rd purple ring that formed on their ‘face’.

(Author’s Note: basically like the Gorgon from Fate Hollow Ataraxia. https://i.imgur.com/s5diBjx.jpeg)

The Gorgon flexed its tentacles as its eye glowed with a bright and ominous light, roaring as it thrashed towards Sigurd and the Dark knight.

“What the FUCK is this thing?!” Sigurd screamed as he conjured a Divine Lance and thrust it at one of the incoming tentacles.

The Dark Knight easily dodged the tentacle that came at him, but was hit by the second one which sent him flying into a tree, damaging him for 12% of his HP. He pulled himself out and gazed at the Gorgon with a dark light as he spoke.

“The reason why people respect Perseus more than Heracles.”


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