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Guild Wars – Chapter 783: Defense of the Ancients – Retard Interlude Bahasa Indonesia

“HOLY SHIEEET!!” Qiong Qi and Clarent screamed as they dodged miserably, gazing at the maddened Shangtian who was glowing with brownish energy from his bloodline.

At this time, Zhulong the Primordial came along and wore an expression of wonder. “I just respawned and heard a quake, what’s going on?”

Suddenly, the young Dragon saw the brown colored Shangtian whose hair was rising as if he was entering Super Saiyan mode. He pointed at Shangtian with shock and exclaimed.

“On my god, that guy looks like my shit when I have diarrhea!”

Suddenly, the entire place froze. The air itself seemed to pause in shock as the only audible sound became a single fart from Qiong Qi who had let it out due to extreme stress.




“BWAHAHAHAHAHA!” Qiong Qi and Clarent burst in raucous laughter as they clutched their stomachs and pounded the ground.

Shangtian simply stood there with a calm expression, not even blinking as the two stooges laughed their hearts out. Eventually, Qiong Qi and Clarent wiped their eyes and pointed at Shangtian.

“You’re right, looks like we need to rename our Magnus Opus into ‘My romance with poopy colored Shangy boy!’ ” Qiong Qi laughed.

“The first scene will have Draco running to school with bread in his mouth, only to crash into Shangtian in a girl’s uniform, covered in shit! What a beautiful start to a romance.” Clarent nodded by the side like an expert.

At this time, Shangtian finally spoke in a hoarse voice.

“I have made my decision. I shall forgive Draco for all his past sins and even befriend him after this. Instead, I will use all the cruelest methods I can possibly conceive on the three of you.”

The merry mood of the three disappeared that instant as they felt the raw hatred from Shangtian begin to build. It was clear that the fellow was about to burn his bloodline, life and everything just so he could make sure that they suffered totally.

“Quick! GET BACK TO THE FOUNTAIN!” Zhulong roared with terror.

The three of them knew that this measly third tower would not be enough to hold back the kind of power they were sensing. Heck, not even their fountain could completely guarantee their safety. However, they turned and rushed back using all the speed they could muster, their legs warping so fast they looked like a cartoonish blur.

Shangtian simply watched them go as he literally teleported beside the third tower on the top lane. Before the tower could toss any rocks at him, he simply knocked it with his backhand lightly. The next moment, it exploded like a bomb had gone off, turning into fragments that blew into the unknown regions of the map.

Despite displaying such power, Shangtian was not arrogant. Rather, he calmly cricked his neck and spoke to himself.

“That’s right, run. I want you to exhaust all means of preserving your pitiful lves and fall into the pit of despair before brutalizing you.” He then walked into the throne area of the Sentinel calmly, destroying all the buildings he met on his way.

At this time, the three fools had made it to the fountain and were basking in its healing light, but they were not sure if it would be enough to help them.

As such, Qiong Qi opened the team chat and began typing.


Draco: “Wassup?”

Clarent: “Your husba-, your archenemy is in our base, trying to kill us, saying that it will harm you!”

Draco: “That bastard! How dare he! OMW!”

Draco, who had just beaten Roshan to death, frowned with anger. How dare Shangtian try to kill his best buddies to hurt him? He would have to teach that Shangtian fellow a lesson for sure!

「Battle Arena Announcement

Draco has defeat Roshan! The Sentinel has acquired the rights to the Aegis of the Immortal!」

「Battle Arena Announcement

Draco has picked up the Aegis of the Immortal!」

After that, he entered a slight running stance with his knees bent forward and his chest inclined to the ground. With a grunt, he blasted forth with incomparable speed, making full use of his almost 250% movement speed.

In battle arena games, apart from movement related skill or items that actually allowed one to teleport, moving across the map was usually slow and time-consuming for even the fastest heroes. This was to balance the aspect of roaming and ganking especially, as the heroes who fit in that category would make the game practically unplayable if they could appear anywhere they wanted in no time.

As such, in most battle arenas the highest movement speed boost you would find from skill and items in total would not surpass 120%, not even on the supposed speedsters. For Draco to have double that showed that he broke the common sense of the battle arena genre.

While Draco was rushing over, Shangtian coldly stepped into the depths of the Sentinels’ throne area and stopped right before the respawn area of the Sentinels’ heroes. Here, Zhulong, Qiong Qi and Clarent cowered like chickens while holding on to each other.

Shangtian allowed some time to pass as he regenerated his Bloodline Energy. Just like Draco and Eva, given his high purity, he could recover his entire stock in less than two minutes. He then casually stepped into the throne area and walked towards the three cowards.

The quartermaster and the other fellows meant to assist the heroes in the throne area simply stared at Shangtian coldly, but did not make a move. After all, they were not allowed to directly interact with enemy heroes no matter what, nor could enemy heroes interact with them.

Besides, they had something here that would surely deal with the fellow!

As soon as Shangtian took two steps into the respawn area, the fountain that had glowed with a beautiful blue color lit up and began firing balls of flame at Shangtian so fast that one could barely follow them.

As soon as they struck Shangtian, they exploded on him and lit him up, but Shangtian himself only frowned. He was shocked that this fountain dealt such insane damage. If not for his bloodline, just two seconds here would be enough to send him to respawn.

As it was, the fountain could only drain about 1% of his Bloodline Energy every other second, giving Shangtian little time to deal with these three. Not wasting any time, his expression became even more menacing and he raised his fist, directly imbuing it with 50% of his total Bloodline Energy.

With this, it should instakill all three of them and leave him with enough energy to escape the fountain’s attack area. Heh, if it ruined their fountain and killed all the helpers for the Sentinel, that would be a nice bonus.

Qiong Qi, Clarent and Zhulong clearly felt the aura of death upon them. The moment that strike landed, they would be blasted into pieces of meat, suffering a terrible pain like never before. Instantly, their hearts were awash with regret as to why they provoked this freak.

“Not the face! Not the face!” Qiong Qi screamed as he covered his snout.

“Wait, wait, wait, we’re all civilized here. Surely we can talk about this!!” Clarent begged as he felt Shangtian’s resolve.

“Spare me, I’m too young to die! I’m literally only 7 days old!” Zhulong wept bitterly.

Shangtian’s eyes glowed, and he struck down powerfully, aiming to end these cretins once and for all!


Qiong Qi, Clarent and Zhulong had long closed their eyes expecting death. However, when they noticed that they could only hear a loud explosion but not feel any shockwaves, they opened their eyes with shock.

The next moment, they were shocked speechless when they saw that Shangtian’s terrifying punch was stopped by a single sword held out by a very familiar face.

Instead of gazing at the enemy, Draco was gazing at the trio who were clinging to each other for dear life strangely.

“Well… you boys are allowed to express love however you want… but don’t sleep near me anymore, capiche?”

The trio froze, then immediately exasperated while whistling innocently. They refused to make eye contact with Draco who shook his head with extreme judgment in his eyes.

He sighed and gazed at Shangtian who was struggling to push his force past Draco’s blockage.

“…move. I have no business with you.” Shangtian spoke coldly, not even bothering to look at Draco as his bloodshot eyes were still focused on the three behind him his archenemy.

Draco gazed at Shangtian like he was looking at an idiot. “These are my men. You seriously want to brutalize my men and say it has nothing to do with me? I say Shangy boy, aren’t you being more stupid than usual?”

Shangtian was silent as he retracted his fist and retreated from the fountain area. His Bloodline Energy had run low and the attacks from the fountain were beginning to take a toll.

“Your men? If that’s the case then you have no control over them, and they have no respect for you.” Shangtian stated with a sneer.

Draco frowned. “What do you mean?”

Shangtian glared at the three with killing intent. “Why not ask them? If they have nothing to hide, then there should be no problem for them to tell you how they managed to infuriate me to this degree.”

Draco naturally turned to the three and gazed at them questioningly. Unlike before, Qiong Qi and Clarent did not seem the least bit worried. Shangtian could make them feel fear, but this dog called Draco? Hah, he was their bitch!

“Harrumph. We didn’t do much, only tease him a bit. Who could have expected that he would explode like a beast and try to finish us off?” Qiong Qi complained in a bratty manner.

“Hehe, but our idea was genius. Use your dog brain to guess bitch boi Draco, or is that famed 10,000 IQ brain of yours just a fluke?” Clarent prompted with a sneer.

Draco frowned and turned to Shangtian. “Well, that was a complete waste of time. What did they say?”

Shangtian pointed to Qiong Qi and Clarent. “Their ‘genius’ idea was to write a Boys Love book starring the two of us as protagonists.”

Draco froze, his eyes widening to shocking proportions. He then slowly turned to the two stooges, who looked proud of themselves, seemingly expecting praise for their contributions to courage and valor!

He then took a deep breath and turned back to Shangtian.

“I’ve never seen those three in my life. Feel free to beat them to death until you’re satisfied. The fountain is here, so take your time spawncamping them.”

Shangtian grinned widely. “Best thing you’ve said all day.”

Draco disappeared from where he was as he rushed over to the middle lane to continue his conquest. He did not even look back as if looking at the faces of those fellows might incite him to perform friendly fire.

Clarent and Qiong Qi were shocked by Draco’s disappearance. They had sincerely thought the fellow would praise them for their cleverness and proceed to beat Shangtian up for them, allowing them to mock the enemy viciously.

So why had the fellow left them here?

Wasn’t he worried about the guy destroying their base?

And what were those words he said to Shangtian?!?

Shangtian cracked his knuckles and began walking over slowly, his grin wider than anything else. “Now that your only chance of salvation has abandoned you, let’s have a fun experience, shall we?”

Immediately, Qiong Qi and Clarent began spamming the chat, screaming at Draco to come back and save them. They made all sorts of promises that they did not intend to keep in their hearts, hoping to fool dogbitch Draco into saving them.

However, seeing as he was ignoring them and Shangtian was getting closer, they could only huddle together near the fountain and scream like pigs being carried to slaughterhouse.

Zhulong, who had been trying to sneak away all this time while the attention was not on him, was grabbed by Shangtian by the scruff of his neck.

“No one escapes. This feeling is best enjoyed together, as a family and a group. Make sure to scream as loud as you can, because it won’t be as fun if you don’t.” Shangtian instructed coldly as his body began to glow with a brownish color.




The quartermaster and all other Sentinel forces near the throne shivered like little girls as they watched a horror show that would make every PETA member faint and overthink their life.


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