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Chapter 989 Oath

After seven hours of work, Theo opened the door with a smile on his face. “Congratulations.”

That one word was enough for Felix as he immediately stood up, looking at Theo in disbelief.

Theo patted his shoulder, saying, “As long as you don’t put too much force, you can hug her or anything. Just be careful because she’s still too weak, okay? I’m going to recover some of my Magic Power in the previous room…”

After saying those words, Theo walked away, leaving the father and child some time alone.

He had gained so much knowledge and experience when he was treating her.

“Hmm, poison has a physical body, so I don’t think I can cut it with my Order. However, the Death Avatar should be enough to handle that… But unlike a curse, I don’t know what poison is…

“If it’s just a harmful substance, my body has many of them. Yet, it’s not expelled… So, there must be a clear distinction between a harmful substance and a poison. I need to be careful about this, and I might need to learn more about poison to determine them.

“On the other hand, a curse is different. It’s only a lump of Magic Power that is attached to one’s body… It doesn’t mix with other cells like poison. I can cut them easily and expel the Magic Power with my Death Avatar.” Theo looked down, contemplating his finding.

He even took some notes in his Skylink about the entire process. However, there was one thing that piqued his interest.

Even the Order couldn’t defeat the curse in an instant. So, it was quite surprising that a mere A Rank Skill could expel the curse easily.

“It seems I am still underestimating the Death Avatar… Though, I also need to mention that my Order is still in the baby period. Its power is still weak.” Theo smiled, satisfied with the data.

He continued to recount all his experiences while trying to get some answers from the Goddess of Death. She was better at using the skill after all.

Unfortunately for him, the latter didn’t speak a single time.

In the end, someone knocked on the door first before he finished writing the summary of this treatment.



Without even giving him his name, Felix opened the door and entered the room with a serene expression. He felt as if he had gathered his resolve and planned to confront Theo this time.

“…” Theo maintained his silence and looked at him, allowing him to start.

“Thank you very much for saving my daughter. I can’t thank you enough.”

“It’s fine. It’s already my job to save your daughter, but… I am, by no means, a saint.” Theo’s tone became grim, pointing to the main problem of their conversation.

“Yes. I’m prepared.” Felix nodded his head once. “I’ll follow you.”


“I don’t want to see my daughter suffer anymore. I need to leave her so that no one will target her anymore. Besides, my disciples will protect her.”

Theo shook his head, denying his claim. “It’s true that I want you. However, your plan is too dumb. First of all, have you said this to your daughter? Does she want you to leave? After sacrificing so much for her, can you bear to not see her anymore? Do you think your daughter will be safe even if you follow me alone? Don’t be an idiot.”

Felix closed his eyes, having no words to rebuke Theo.

“Instead, let me give you another proposal.” Theo pointed at him. “You and your daughter will follow me. Come to the US and live with me.”

“Eh?” Felix widened his eyes in shock.

“I don’t know if you have known this, but… as an S Rank Talent, the Star Group gave me a mansion. That mansion is protected and all the mansions nearby are granted to other S Rank Talents or Mythical Rank Experts. In other words, no one will be foolish enough to trespass that area.

“Even if you follow me, your daughter should be safe. Compared to your disciples, it can give your daughter better protection.

“At the same time, if your old enemies want to kill you again, they need to think about the Star Group and me first since you’re related to me now. They also need to visit America.

“That’s why I will give you a few months. Let your daughter recover first and prepare a green card. You and your daughter will live with me from now on… You have seen my face anyway, so I don’t really care about you living with me… Just don’t say anything about my identity.

“Unfortunately, I can’t bring your disciples with me. I can trust you to keep my information, and your daughter won’t be leaving the mansion anytime soon… but your disciples are different…” Theo sighed. “Anyway, that’s my proposal. What do you think?”

Felix’s mouth was wide open, showing his shock blatantly. As Theo said, his daughter would be safe, and he could see his daughter anytime. As for his disciples, even without his protection, their skills were enough to make a living in this country.

That was why Theo’s proposal was the best to the point he couldn’t resist the temptation. Still, the proposal was too good to be true.

He couldn’t help but doubt if Theo was such a person. Hence, he asked another question to confirm his suspicion. “Why do you want me? Why do you treat me this good?”

Theo looked at the ceiling and let out a long sigh. “I want someone I can trust… someone who can keep up with me… I have many Supreme Rank friends… but none of them can keep up with my progress. So, I want a Mythical Rank Expert that I can trust. Seeing your love for your daughter is enough for me.

“If you accept me as your Master, I promise you that I will protect you when the time comes. In exchange, please trust me and help me with all your power. This is my promise…” Theo smiled, looking at him with a serene expression.

Felix wanted to say something, but no words came out. It was such an awkward and arrogant reason, but he could sense the genuine feeling from Theo. He wanted someone he could trust, and the proposal just proved his words.

“I’m an assassin…” Felix lowered his head.

“I know.”

“I only know how to kill.” Felix took out his sword and put it down on the floor. “If you don’t mind a person who only knows one thing, then… I, Felix Holt, solemnly swear in my late wife’s name. I will follow you for the rest of my life.”

“My enemies are strong.”

Felix closed his eyes for a moment as an image of his daughter flashed in his mind. It was the first smile she showed after she recovered. “I have promised my late wife that I’ll protect my daughter even if I need to die. She is more important than my life… And you saved her when I couldn’t see any more hope.

“That’s why I, Felix Holt, don’t have any more fear. If the enemy is stronger than me, I will become even stronger and kill them. If you end up dying in the process, I will gladly kill myself to go to Hell and kill the King of the Underworld so that I can bring you back to life.”

He lowered his head and stated, “I am extremely grateful that you saved my daughter.”


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