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God of Tricksters – Chapter 988: Glad Bahasa Indonesia

Chapter 988 Glad


The swing of the knife was so loud in Felix’s ears that he couldn’t help but close his eyes, praying that everything would be alright.

Suddenly, Theo widened his eyes in shock, finding something incredible. As he expected, the Magic Power actually fluctuated for a second.

“It moved but…” He muttered while recalling the scene from earlier. “I’m not strong enough… No, should I say, my power can affect it, but it needs several times to solve this curse? After I cut them down, I will expel the Magic Power from her body…”

When Felix heard Theo’s words, he opened his eyes and turned to him. “Did you say you can expel the curse?”

“Yes. I tried to shake the curse’s foundation earlier… And as you said previously, the curse didn’t have any physical body. In other words, I could remove it, but…” Theo looked at her with a pained expression. “It’s not going to be easy.”

Felix lowered his head again. “Please. Please save my daughter! I don’t mind how long… I don’t mind becoming your slave… As long as you can save her, I’m willing to do anything.”

“You’re exaggerating.” Theo waved his hand. “A Supreme Rank Expert can’t withstand the power of a Mythical Rank Expert. However, if it’s only a single skill, a Supreme Rank Expert should be able to neutralize their attack after using several skills.

“In her case, I think I need a few hours to a whole day to completely cut the curse. After all, the curse seems to be attached to her organ… I’m not sure where it’s attached though…”

“Is that so?” Felix raised his head, realizing Theo wasn’t someone that took advantage of him. If he wanted to take advantage of this situation, Theo would have told him it was impossible for the current him to expel the curse instead of giving him this kind of answer.

With his daughter as the hostage, Theo could become his master. That was why Felix saw this young man in a new light.

“By the way, how did the curse enter her body?” Theo asked.

“Back then, a black light appeared in the sky and fell to my daughter. I tried to block it, but that black light passed through my arm and entered my daughter’s stomach.”

“I see. In that case, removing the Magic Power should have the same process. We won’t need to cut her stomach open.” Theo nodded with a serious expression. “In that case, you can put on her clothes, and if possible, let me handle this by myself… I’m not really comfortable using this power while getting your glare…”

“!!!” Felix thought Theo didn’t really want to show his trump card. He would be lying if he said he wanted to go out, but for the treatment, there were no other ways.

“…” Felix pondered for a moment before feeling his daughter’s touch. She was tapping his hand as if begging him to do whatever Theo wanted.

After a long sigh, he put on her clothes and left the room. “Please take care of my daughter.”

“Leave it to me.” Theo nodded with a smile, assuring him that she would be alright.

Felix then exited the room and closed the door tightly. As soon as he left the room, his heart felt empty.

He still worried about his daughter, but there was a sense of relief in his heart.

“I see. Millie is going to be alright…” Felix muttered. The pressure he shouldered this whole time felt as if they disappeared into thin air.

His feet also became weak to the point he fell to his knees. There was no need to act strong anymore because everything was going to be alright.

When he closed his eyes, he couldn’t help but recall the memory he had with his wife.

At that time, his wife had just given birth to Millie. With her tired face, she smiled at him and said, “Look at her, dear. She’s going to be a strong child.”

The scene was soon replaced by another memory. Millie was five years old, and their family led a happy life.

However, his wife asked him, “When are you going to stop working as an assassin, dear? Maybe you should just get another job? There should be many companies that want to recruit you as their agent, right?”

“Hahaha. It’s fine. I’m going to do this for another one or two decades. The pay is good, so working this way will give me a huge amount of money. After retiring, I promise I’ll always be by your side. Can you trust me?”

“Of course, I can trust you.”

It was such a loving memory that could melt anyone’s heart. Yet, this memory soon shattered three years ago.

It was raining that night. When he came back home, he shouted like usual, “I’m home!”

Normally, his wife and his daughter would greet him with a smile on their faces. But that night, it was complete silence.

In that instant, a bad premonition appeared in his heart as he immediately checked the entire house, finding his daughter and his wife lying on the floor.

His wife covered their daughter with her body as though protecting her from all the attacks. Her blood-red back was still fresh in his mind.

“Honey.” Felix immediately dropped to the ground and called them. “Honey, honey! What happened? We need to treat you immediately. I’ll bring you to the hospital.”

She was still breathing and their daughter was just unconscious, but this just broke his heart even more.

The smile was still on her face when she raised her head, looking at him. She said with a gentle tone, “Dear. I managed to protect our kid. I will support all your decisions like I always do, but please… no matter what, protect our child.”

Those words turned out to be the last. She never blamed him for this attack when it was clear his enemies did it. Instead, she kept smiling and supporting him to her very last breath.

Recalling this memory put tears in his eyes.

Felix clutched his head while remembering his wife. “I’m glad… I’m glad… Our child can still recover…”


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