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God of Tricksters – Chapter 975: Theo vs Winston (4) Bahasa Indonesia

Chapter 975 Theo vs Winston (4)


“This guy!” Stella sucked a cold breath as she never expected that her father-in-law would bring someone like this to the company.

“I guess it’s the right way for me to accompany him to this event.” Patrick’s expression turned grim, looking at the meteorite. He felt trouble would soon come because of this one skill.

“Impossible.” Lexie clenched her fists. She didn’t see any picture of Winston losing earlier, but this skill proved that such a case might happen soon.

‘Haha. As expected of Theo… Now that I think about it, Valkyrie’s God Killing Spear… If I’m not wrong, the spear split the sky too. I guess blood is still thicker than water.’ Maya thought, getting excited.

“Come on. How about using that portal again?” Theo laughed out loud as he had already gained some distance from Winston.

Winston clicked his tongue and used his teleportation to get away, but the monkey suddenly leaped in the air and punched the meteorite, knocking it toward Winston.

Little did he know, it was impossible for Theo to create a meteorite… like a real meteorite. That was why the meteorite fell at the same velocity instead of accelerating due to the gravity.

The meteorite was nothing but an illusion. He poured a big amount of Magic Power and used the illusion to shock them.

At the same time, this was the opportunity to use his Order in a fight. By using the Reality Order, he turned a portion of that meteorite into reality.

That was why the flame looked intense and the rock was solid.

Winston raised his left hand and formed a pink light on top of his palm.

“Space Blade,” Winston shouted, letting all his emotions go. He didn’t want to lose against Theo.

The light flew forward and formed a crescent-shaped wave, striking the meteorite. In that instant, the pink light expanded as big as the meteorite and cut it into two.


The meteorite flew to the sides, forcing the referees to appear and form a barrier to knock the meteorite back to the arena.


The fall produced a powerful shock wave, but there was one thing that made everyone shocked.

The referees were the first to notice it as they all looked at their hands, feeling the impact of the meteorite was weak.

And when they lowered their vision, there was only dust scattered in the air along with the shattered meteorites. Meanwhile, the ground was still intact as if there was no powerful force that turned the arena into a crater.

Winston and all the people in the area opened their mouths in shock, realizing what had happened.

Only Theo could laugh in this situation as he said, “Hahahaha! There’s no way my Magic Power and Control can bring the true meteorite. Still, nice reaction.”

He even gave a thumbs up to Winston, clearly mocking him.

Winston realized Theo just trolled him. In fact, Theo was never serious this whole time. He had been assessing him.

“JOKER!” His anger erupted as Winston couldn’t contain himself anymore. Leaping forward, Winston protected his body with the Distortion Barrier as if planning to ram Theo with this barrier.

Even Theo became serious, thinking this was the point he should find something that could defeat him.

The monkey approached him first with his hand covered by Magic Power.

“Kikii!” The monkey smirked and planned to destroy the barrier with his own fist.

However, the moment he punched forward, the monkey didn’t feel any restriction. His body spun in the air before realizing Winston retracted the barrier.

With this kind of movement, the monkey couldn’t avoid any attack from Winston. The latter took this chance to kick the monkey as hard as he could.

“Ki—!” The monkey spat some blood and was blown away.

Theo squinted his eyes as he suddenly thought about something.

“I see. So, that’s how it is…” Theo had a plan in his mind. He charged forward while waving his sword, trying to destroy the barrier with this blue artifact.

Since the same plan wouldn’t work twice, Winston received Theo’s blade with the barrier.


The clicking sound echoed in the arena, but Theo’s sword couldn’t penetrate the barrier. Instead, the sucking force started pulling the sword in.

“I’ll win.” Winston declared once again. Without his sword, Theo shouldn’t be able to do anything. All he needed to do was to pull this sword in.

A smile appeared on Theo’s face as his left hand let the sword go and touched the barrier directly.

Illusion Destruction.

“!!!” Winston suddenly lost his connection with the barrier.

It only indicated one thing. The barrier had disappeared.

‘It works.’ Theo thought as he took a step forward and spun his body, kicking Winston on the stomach.


A thunderclap resounded in the arena as the kick blew Winston a hundred feet away.


Winston landed and rolled a few times on the ground before stopping. Knowing Theo would take this chance to attack him, he immediately rose from the ground while coughing blood. *Cough!*

Unexpectedly, Theo remained in his position as though he had no plan to attack him. Instead of chasing after him, he pulled the sword that fell to the ground.

“I see. Now I understand how your barrier works…” Theo nodded a few times.

Winston wiped the blood on his lips and shouted, “Even though you can neutralize my barrier, you won’t be able to do it continuously. After all, your skill can’t be used all the time. It’s different for my barrier!”

He poured more and more Magic Power into his barrier and reactivated the Distortion Barrier skill, protecting himself from any attacks.

After all, he noticed the monkey had disappeared.

“No, no. I should reword it. I now understand how your space element works.” Theo shook his head while raising his blade on top of his head. He even held it with both hands. “You believe that your barrier is the strongest because it can dispel everything…”

“So what?! It’s true.” Winston snorted.

“Kikii!” Suddenly, the monkey’s voice echoed in his ears as he appeared next to Winston.

“You said it’s true, huh… How can you be so confident when it’s not true in my eyes.” Theo shook his head in disappointment.

“Unlike you, your monkey can’t destroy my barrier,” Winston replied in anger. “I’ll show you how strong my barrier truly is. I believe my barrier can stop all your monkey’s attacks.”

“Yeah. And I believe… my sword can cut your space element,” stated Theo with a cold tone. At the same time, he poured his Order into his blade and finally utilized the second stage of his Order, altering the Magic Power. He believed with all his heart that his sword could cut the barrier. In that instant, Theo swung his sword without using any Magic Power.

Suddenly, a sword mark appeared on the invisible barrier. There was no one who could see it, but Winston could feel the hole in his barrier.

“What? You—!” Winston turned his head around, shocked by what Theo did. He almost forgot the monkey was right in front of him.

The moment the hole appeared, the barrier soon vanished, leaving Winston unprotected.

Before Winston could use another skill or even turn around, the monkey made a big smile and punched him on the cheek with everything he got.


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