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God of Tricksters – Chapter 974: Theo vs Winston (3) Bahasa Indonesia

Chapter 974 Theo vs Winston (3)

One swing was all Theo needed to take down Winston. But as expected from the current number one expert among the younger generation, he managed to react to this sudden change.


The blade shattered into pieces and turned back into Magic Power after Winston created the Distortion Barrier.

Still, the winner in this clash was none other than Theo.


“Yeah. That’s…”

“The one who bleeds first is—”


“But Joker is supposed to be 150 levels lower than Winston, right?”

“Is he that monstrous?”

The spectators were dumbstruck. Although Theo’s ability was quite high, they never expected to see Winston’s cheek bleed. And that injury came from a monkey.

After delivering that strike, the monkey leaped back to regain his distance before laughing at Winston.

The fight had been equal this whole time. Both of them had used five of their skills. But as one would expect from Winston, Theo had a hard time keeping up with his status.

If not because of Winston’s overwhelming status point, that blade might have slashed his hand. That was why Theo could only shake his head in disappointment.

‘Still, I have used five skills. And it’s not like I can use my Blink since it is rare to see someone using a skill like this.’ Theo muttered inwardly, trying to figure out his next attack pattern.

Winston opened another portal above him, preparing to throw more and more stuff.

However, the portal also gave Theo some inspiration. He suddenly raised his left hand while utilizing his Telekinesis, lifting a hundred items from the ground.

“!!!” Winston hurriedly closed the earlier portal and opened another one before him, catching all these items.

“It’s not going to work.” Winston squinted his eyes, wondering what Theo wanted.

Suddenly, their trajectories curved. The items looped around the portal and tried to strike him from all directions.

Even Winston would have a hard time capturing all of them. As he had confirmed earlier, Winston wouldn’t be able to destroy something with great durability.

So, Theo planned to use this chance to test which items would break and which items could withstand the spatial distortion. This way, he would figure out Winston’s power and get an easier time fighting him.

Winston clicked his tongue because there was no way he could destroy all those items. As soon as they came closer, he teleported a few feet away before controlling the gate to capture all those items.

Unfortunately for him, Theo never had the intention to let him go. Winston had thrown numerous items to him, so it would only be right if he returned them to him.

Even Theo couldn’t help but say, “Come on. These are your items. You should clean it up! There’s no maid that will take care of these items, you know.”

Winston gritted his teeth and started going around to take these items since Theo planned to use them. His Distortion Barrier might get destroyed if all these items hit it. Hence, it was better to take them back first.

On the wall, Lexie frowned while assessing the current situation. “Even Winston’s power is not effective against him? Space Bending Fist, Distortion Barrier, Spatial Merge, Space Storage, and Connection Portal… How can Joker know their weaknesses? No, what kind of power Joker has to be able to counter all these attacks?

“From what I can see, he has used several skills as well. The first will be that explosive Magic Power. Then, the summoning technique. Without that monkey, Winston wouldn’t be injured. At the same time, the monkey seems to be able to work together with Joker perfectly, forcing Winston to take all these attacks.

“Last but not least, that Control… I don’t think he can control Magic Power to that degree… There must be a skill that controls those items.

“Is Joker faking his level? There’s no way this is the case. After all, the Star Group won’t hide this information. In other words, Joker’s ability has far surpassed everyone on the list. No wonder he’s not interested in the list.

“If there is a new number one after this fight… What will my family do? Will they break the engagement and force me to get this guy?” Lexie frowned before letting out a long sigh. Due to her family circumstances, she couldn’t even get a girlfriend like she wished.

Meanwhile, Winston still had a hard time capturing all these items because they felt like living items. Theo managed to control them perfectly to the point they could be used to hide the monkey so that the latter could launch a sneak attack.

Right now, Winston was the one getting chased around.

‘To think my Space Storage will become my own enemy.’ Winston was searching for a plan to stop all these items. Luckily, his teleportation could be used again, and most of the items had gathered in one place.

Without hesitation, he teleported to a particular spot and created the biggest portal he could.

“Hah!” Winston roared to pump up more spirit as he captured all the items in front of him.

However, the remaining items suddenly turned around and hit the portal’s edge.



The portal’s edge snapped and the portal itself crumbled into the ground.

Theo stopped using his Telekinesis at that time and said, “I see. Your portal can’t take any pressure on the edge. And it seems the previous size is your limit.”

“So what? Do you think you can defeat me? I have captured back most of my items. Those that still remain won’t be able to do anything to me now.”

“No, no. You misunderstood me. I simply thought defeating you seems to be easier than I expected.” Theo smiled and waved his hand, calling the monkey back. “I just need something bigger than your portal!”

Before Winston could use a skill to intervene, Theo launched the monkey to the sky while raising his left hand. “Monkey. It’s time!”

“Kikii!” The monkey smirked and raised both hands, following Theo’s movement.

“What are they doing?”

“Who knows.”

“Winston is going to attack them, I guess.”

The people were confused by Theo’s action. It was easy for Winston to take this opportunity to hit Theo and the monkey.

However, their thoughts suddenly vanished as the next scene stunned all of them. The cloud suddenly split, forming a huge hole.

From that hole fell down a huge boulder covered with fire. It fell down at constant speed as if roaring toward the people on the ground.

Mark clutched both hands, hugging him as his body started shaking. Maya had a huge grin on her face from her excitement. She never thought Theo could do something like this.

Winston’s expression turned grim as he gritted his teeth. “Meteorite?”


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