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Chapter 971 The Start of the Battle

The next morning.

Theo was preparing himself for the fight between him and Winston. Suddenly, someone knocked on the door.

“Joker. It’s me, Maya.”

Theo frowned, wondering what Maya was up to. Even he didn’t expect Maya to come to visit him.

Since he had finished changing, he opened the door and came out. “Do you need something from me?”

“Nah. This is your big day, so I don’t want you to be late. Provoking is fine, but you shouldn’t be late in a fight like this.”

“Yeah. I was about to leave.” Theo nodded.

“Great. Let’s go. I need to tell you something too.”


“Winston’s space power is different from Lorenzo’s. If Lorenzo is Teleportation, Winston is Space Control.”

“I have seen the video. Though, I don’t think the video captured everything.”

“Yes. Winston has three famous abilities. The first will be his Space Bending Fist. As the name implies, the space around his fist will bend. You should be careful.”

“I saw that in the video. It should be able to neutralize my attack.” Theo nodded in agreement.

“Secondly, he has a kind of storage with his element. There are so many items he’s hiding there. If you see a portal, you need to be careful.”

“Got it. I’ll prepare to deal with the most random stuff. At the very least, he’s not going to teleport a sex toy, no?”

“That’s… an insane idea but very effective. You can anger your opponent easily. Just imagine if someone teleports shit to your face.”

“Right?!” Theo chuckled.

“Last but not least, it’s his Space Distortion. He is invincible because no one can touch him due to the space surrounding him. Just like his Space Bending Fist, this space distortion is a kind of barrier that protects his body. You should find some gaps in his movement and hit him before he can form this invisible barrier.”

“Well, I have prepared some stuff, but I don’t know which one will be effective. I’ll try everything in the battle.”

“Yeah. Winston also won’t underestimate you anymore, so I don’t think you can catch him off guard like that time in the special region.”

“Don’t worry. Anyway, how is…” Theo paused, wondering if it was the right time to ask this.

As if knowing what he wanted to say, Maya answered him. “You gave me a discount for the information and the opportunity to strike deals with others… Of course, I have advertised your information.

“Although it’s impossible to get so many people, I managed to convince eleven people. With each of them giving you five to ten billion depending on the amount of information, you should be able to get around 80 billion from them. I have directed them to Isaac.”

“Nice.” Theo smiled. This was Theo’s condition when giving her a discount. She would persuade others to sell his information to give people a sense of relief. And with this trust, these eleven people would give a free . By the time he gained further information about Atlantis, he could easily gain one hundred billion.

Theo smiled and continued to talk about some stuff with Maya.

It took them fifteen minutes to reach the arena. Because it was going to be used, the dome was opened so everyone could see the fights.

When they reached the arena, they found a girl posing cutely while saying, “Wassup guys! We’re back in my vlog. Today, we’re going to witness the battle between Joker and Winston. I’m sure you guys know Winston, the current number one on the Asda Younger Generation List, right?

“That’s right. He’s the most talented space ability user in our generation. His opponent is the rising star, Joker. He’s so mysterious and scary at the same time that Myan-Myan can’t even see through him.

“Before we continue, please don’t forget to subscribe! Myan-Myan is about to reach ten million subscribers, so please give your support, okay?! This fight will be exclusive on the Myan-Myan Skytube Channel!”

“…” Theo raised his eyebrows since this was the first time he encountered a streamer.

“Ranked 24th on the list, Myra An. If she focuses on her development instead of her Skytube, she should be able to get a higher rank…” Maya introduced her. “The banquet is off limits, but I guess she can stream the fight.”

Whether it was her instinct or her hearing, Myra immediately picked up Maya’s small voice.

“Ah! It’s Joker and Maya Hamilton!” Without hesitation, she approached Joker while asking with a bright smile. “Excuse me, Joker. May I ask you some questions? Do you think you can win against Winston today?”

Theo sighed and walked away. Of course, to increase his reputation a bit more, he didn’t forget to say, “Just watch the battle, and you will understand why I accepted his challenge.”

He just left Maya to take care of Myra. Maya made a wry smile and explained, “My grandfather has retired and doesn’t appear in public anymore. Yet, he comes out again just to bring Joker. I believe this action reflects Joker’s confidence.”

Ultimately, Myra interviewed Maya since Joker had disappeared.

In fact, he had already reached the stage. Since his match was the first one, Theo found Winston standing on the stage.

The arena itself had an uneven terrain with some rocks standing on their way to simulate the real landscape. The size was a quarter-mile radius so that the fighters wouldn’t feel restricted.

Theo raised his head, finding all the spectators a hundred feet above the ground so that they could follow their movement. Even the Mythical Rank Experts from each influence watched this battle.

He soon saw Stella and Patrick watching him with Mark and the others.

‘Well, they are exaggerating this battle.’ Theo shook his head helplessly because there were three Mythical Rank Experts in the arena. It was clear they were the referee who would stop the match if it got dangerous.

Winston pointed at Theo and shouted, “I’m going to make you pay back all the humiliation I have received.”

“Don’t worry. You’re going to get more. Mr. 150 Levels above me.” Theo smirked.

“Enough. There’s no need for chit-chat. If you want to fight, then fight.” One of the referees stopped them while taking out the bets. There were seven items and seven A Rank Skill Cards floating around him. He stated, “This is the bet. If Winston wins, he will get these seven items. If Joker wins, he will get these Skill Cards plus two billion Zils participation fee.”

After announcing their bet, he took out a coin. “The moment the coin touches the ground, the match starts!”

Theo and Winston nodded as the referee tossed the coin into the air.

Theo took a deep breath and closed his eyes for a moment, calming his heart down. Winston started revolving the Magic Power in his body while glaring at Theo, waiting for the coin to reach the ground.


Suddenly, a clicking sound echoed in the arena, signifying the start of the battle. And in that instant, the two figures disappeared.



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