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God of Tricksters – Chapter 970: A Manipulator and a Businesswoman Bahasa Indonesia

Chapter 970 A Manipulator and a Businesswoman


Theo’s words struck deep in everyone’s heart. After all, they couldn’t find any words to refute him.

‘Poor? You’re seriously saying that?’

‘It’s clear that you’re hiding the real number.’

‘Another humiliation.’

Winston’s face was distorted as he had a hard time holding back his anger. He still had one line to turn the situation around. And Lexie was the first to point it out since she needed to support Winston.

“That’s not the real footage. How can I believe it’s yours? You can simply take people’s items and claim it’s yours for now. After all, no one can check such a matter in a short amount of time.”

“Short amount of time? You have a whole month to check it. The special region ended a month ago, you know.” Theo shrugged. “To think you’re too foolish to not even think of the possibility of me coming back with more artifacts. If I’m an enemy that aims for your life, you would have died under my plan.”

Suddenly, Theo turned to Isaac while asking, “Right?”

Isaac made a wry smile and opened his Skylink, showing a picture to everyone in this room. “I have taken the picture according to your instruction. These are the eighteen items with me. They are in my room right now, so I can take them out if you want.”

Isaac even came closer to Theo to compare with the video Theo showed. As expected, the items were the same.

On the one hand, they wanted to think Theo and Isaac gathered all these artifacts. On the other hand, they couldn’t believe the proof either.

After all, it was easy to fabricate some proof within one month.

“Even so, you’re simply trapping us. If you want to escape from this challenge, just say so!” Lexie gritted her teeth, trying to fight back. “People will know that you’re shameless enough to do something like this just because you know you can’t win.”

“Really? I guess people will also know that you’re poor enough to not be able to fulfill your side of the agreement.” Theo rolled his eyes, disappointed by their reaction. He even looked down on them while saying with a sarcastic tone. “I guess I need to lower myself to your level. Fine. I’ll just bet four items for those five A Rank Skill Cards.

“I’m truly generous… Unlike a certain someone who acts like a rich man but can’t even afford two more A Rank Skill Cards.”

Winston gnashed his teeth as he prepared to confront Theo head-on.

Meanwhile, the onlookers were curious about this conflict since they could see both of their personalities.

Jefferson was clenching his hands tight as he had the same expression as Winston. There was no way he could forgive Theo for the humiliation he received earlier.

On the other hand, Tyler couldn’t help but shake his head. He finally realized the reason behind Maya’s warning. Theo was simply too much.

Other experts were also observing Theo from afar, making sure they knew this man called Joker.

Theo turned around and started walking away in disappointment. “I guess I should go around to see whether this banquet is worth my time or not. This is why I don’t like entering the Asda Younger Generation List… They’re just too proud even though they can’t do anything.”

Maya chuckled and accompanied him. “I’ll tell Grandfather about it.”

“Whatever.” Theo shrugged and looked away when Maya mentioned Hendry. It was clear that there was a special relationship between Theo and Hendry. In fact, Theo might continue being unknown if Hendry didn’t find him.

“As you said, there are people hiding their own ranks because it’s not worth their time. We should focus on improving our strength and build up some wealth.” Maya nodded in understanding.

“Right? Isn’t it better to stay hidden?” Theo smirked as he continued walking away.

However, they stopped in their tracks when a shout resounded across the room.

“FINE! Seven A Rank Skill Cards! I will prepare it tomorrow morning before our fight!”

Theo and others turned their heads around, looking at the humiliated Winston.

“Heh?” Theo smiled while narrowing his eyes.

“You should be prepared to lose all those items tomorrow. I won’t let you lose that easily.” Winston roared and finally walked to the exit as if everything in his mind was only the battle and humiliation.

Lexie opened her mouth in shock. On the one hand, she wanted to persuade Winston to stay since this banquet was the biggest opportunity to interact with other top experts. On the other hand, she couldn’t leave Winston’s side since Winston might be planning something foolish.

Ultimately, Lexie followed Winston with a face full of regret.

When he saw them leaving, Theo smirked and teased Maya. “See? I’m waiting to hear those two words.”

“Haha.” Maya obviously knew what he wanted. With Winston and Lexie leaving the banquet, she was the top expert among all these people. At the same time, this also stopped those two from gaining more connection, which meant she could fully take advantage of this to gain some cooperation.

She couldn’t contain her smile, saying. “Thank you.”

“You’re welcome.” Theo then changed direction while replying, “Now it’s time for me to waste my time around here. You should go.”

“Yep.” Maya waved her hand and started visiting the people, de-escalating the situation and discussing some important matters.

And because they had witnessed what happened earlier, they hesitated in coming to Theo. Instead, they went to Maya to inquire more about the man called Joker.

This might be what Bernard had seen before he came up with the engagement talk. If they could join hands, they would be able to rule the market in the future.

While they were talking, Theo could see Isaac making his move. Because of the scar Theo left in his heart, Isaac took this chance to challenge Jefferson, planning to steal his rank by defeating him.

At the same time, Mark also challenged Paula because of Theo’s information. It gave him some courage to step up and try to get the position.


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