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Chapter 944 – Great Minds Think Alike

Theo believed the only reason for a person who was asking for help using this kind of skill was because he had planned all of it.

In other words, he already marked Theo from the beginning. Although he didn’t know how he could find him inside the mist, he felt it was related to another skill of his.

Hence, Theo had all the right to suspect him. He believed Isaac had seen something like this.

Level: 552

Attributes: Strength 700, Endurance 501, Agility 503, Vitality 501, Magic Power 925

Along with the Magic Power flow in his body. After all, he suspected this Analyze Skill to be able to look through his constitution, which was related to his attributes, level, and Magic Power, matching with the skill’s description.

Theo squinted his eyes and said, “I don’t like people who lie to me.”

This warning was important because Theo was a man who never lied. That was why he wanted to make everything clear with him first.

After getting the answer, he contemplated for a moment.

Isaac scratched the back of his head, realizing Theo might have understood his intention here from the start.

‘He’s very dangerous. Truly dangerous.’ Isaac thought before making a wry smile. He asked, “So, do you have any intention of working together with me?”

Although Isaac had hidden his intention first, Theo didn’t have any reason to reject him. After all, the reward was too tempting.

“I can agree to cooperate with you, but I have one condition. We need a contract to bind this agreement. I’m sure you don’t have a problem with this, right?” Theo asked with a stern tone, reminding him about his hidden intention earlier.

On the other hand, Isaac didn’t see anything wrong with the cooperation and contract. He even took out his Skylink and showed it to him. “I have already made the contract, to be honest. I just need to change it to your name.”

“Give it to me.” Theo nodded and checked the contract, realizing it was just a simple one that mainly focused on their split. However, he found something was lacking. “How about the conclusion we got? Who has the right to the information?”

“Right. How about both of us have the right to it? I’ll sell the information, and we’ll split the money evenly too?”

“Good enough.” Theo agreed without hesitation.

Isaac then added the clause for the information.

After confirming there was no loophole to exploit, Theo finally agreed and signed the contract.

Isaac did the same and made a copy of the contract so that they couldn’t escape their responsibility.

Though, Theo didn’t mind showing him ‘hell’ if Isaac dared to scam him.

“Alright. Now that we’ve agreed to cooperate. I need the information about what you sensed earlier.” As soon as the contract was signed, Isaac immediately continued the discussion.

Theo sighed and raised his finger, pouring his Magic Power and creating multiple lines on top of his palm. After that, two small spheres appeared in the middle of the palm, signifying their position.

‘As expected, the information didn’t lie. His Control and Awareness are at a high level.’ Isaac furrowed his eyebrows and drew a conclusion when he saw the lines.

“I see this. The lines are the flow of Magic Power. I have confirmed that the lines seem to be a track for the zombies to move since I was attacked according to that line as well,” Theo explained a bit more.

“I see… It looks like a current that carries the Magic Power, huh.”

“I think. Though, I can’t confirm whether the current is one way or two ways.”

“Understandable. Finding these lines alone is enough.” Isaac looked down and contemplated. “In that case, the zombies are most likely moving according to the track. If we can avoid these tracks, I think it’s possible to get by without seeing any zombies.”

“I think? If you don’t concentrate all your senses on the environment, I don’t think you will be able to find these lines. In fact, I need to spread my Awareness according to these lines to spread it further.”

“So, if you don’t use these lines, your Awareness will have a very limited range?”


“I see. What’s wrong with these lines…” He narrowed his eyes and contemplated for a moment. “At the very least, we won’t be attacked as long as we avoid these lines. Do you think it’s possible to slip past all these lines?”

“Yeah. I think they have some sort of gaps… For the time being, I can see that it’s a kind of maze… I just don’t know when we will meet a dead end.”

“When that happens, there will be a fierce clash.”

“Yeah. Also, the reason why the zombies can sense us is due to the Magic Power in our body, which is very different.”

“!!!” Isaac gasped and found his answer. “So that’s how it is… The mist contains a certain amount of Magic Power, and these lines have a bit more of Magic Power. You said you could sense the surroundings better if you utilized these lines… What if we find a chunk of Magic Power?”

Theo understood his train of thought and replied, “If it’s not moving, it will be either an artifact, a herb, or anything that can increase our attribute points.”

“That’s right. And because the zombies harm everyone that has a different Magic Power density, those stuff will be out of those lines. In other words, they will be free for us to take… I believe the zombies have thrown them away and forgotten about it.”

“Right? The denser the Magic Power in that particular area, the bigger the reward is.” Theo nodded in agreement.

“Indeed. We can simply discuss how to get there later.”

“Yeah. Of course, we can’t really go too deep since the monsters will be stronger the deeper we go.”

“Okay. We can discuss how far we will go and create a search area.”

Theo nodded in agreement. “Anyway, it’s time to move first. Since I’m going to focus on finding the Magic Flow, I need you to be in front.”

“Don’t worry. In case I’m wrong, I should be able to stop a few zombies for a few seconds.” Isaac grinned. “Money, money, money.”

Theo thought for a moment and smirked. He could simply use his Clone to guide Isaac around while he went deeper to understand more about the riddles. Unfortunately, he couldn’t tell him about the riddle since this was a task from the people behind him.

After deciding what to do, Theo said, “Anyway, let’s move.”


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