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Chapter 943 – Analyze

‘He killed these zombies so easily?’ Isaac was stunned with Theo’s efficiency in killing these zombies. Although he expected the people ranked above him could take care of them too, Theo made it look too easy.

“What?” Theo turned to him while turning the monsters into cards.

However, Isaac noticed something different from the corpses.

“Mhm? Today is my bad luck?” Theo muttered and looked at the empty air since none of the zombies dropped a card.

This was what Isaac noticed too. He said, “Isn’t this place weird? Many people have told me how weird it is, but now that I’m experiencing it first hand, it’s beyond my imagination.”

“Well, they’re certainly weird.” Theo nodded with a serious expression. “They seem to be able to find us inside the mist.”

“Right? They don’t have eyes, and the mist should have blocked their Awareness. Yet, the zombies can actually find us from afar? This is really weird.” Isaac nodded in agreement. “Before that, it seems their weakness is the holes in their bodies…”

“You don’t know about it?”

“I’m not very sure. There are multiple versions of reports… At the same time, I don’t have any backers that will give me information like you do.” Isaac shook his head with a long sigh. “That’s why I’m here alone, despite being a support.”

Theo looked at this man who was a few years older than him, observing him. “Is that so?”

“Yep.” Isaac confirmed it with a nod. “Anyway, I have several theories. If possible, I also want to ask you a few things.”

“Depends on your questions. You still need to pay me for helping you earlier.” Theo shrugged.

“Of course.” Isaac playfully winked his right eye and said, “Alright. Where should I start this?”

“The promised information.”

“Okay. I will talk about it first.” Isaac pointed at their surroundings and said, “Don’t you think the mist is pretty weird. The cold is one thing, but I believe the mist is holding some sort of a secret.”

“What kind of secret?”

“I’m not very sure. But I think we can get a big clue if we interact with the mist.”

“Interact with the mist? Are you joking with me?” Theo’s eyebrows twitched. He thought Isaac saw him as a fool.

“No, no. There must be something within the mist. I believe this is how the zombies are moving inside the mist.”

“Hmm?” Theo narrowed his eyes. “What do you mean?”

“How do I explain this… Should I give you the number to show the difference?” He thought for a moment and pointed at where they came. “If the entrance Magic Power level is 100, then this place’s Magic Power level is 120.”


“Yep. That’s it.” Isaac nodded with a serious expression. “Unfortunately, the Five Aspects that I mastered is Technique… If only I practiced Awareness or Breathing, I would be able to feel the difference.”

Theo fell silent and ended up closing his eyes, focusing all his senses on the surroundings.

To his surprise, he could feel the Magic Power movement that flowed around in the mist.

There were a few paths around them, with the first path being the one where the 1000 Years Old Zombie came from. He then rechecked a few spots to prove his theory and found some movements coming from where Isaac came from.

“…” In that instant, Theo’s expression became grim.

“It looks like you found something? Are you training your Awareness or Breathing?” Isaac’s expression brightened as if he’d just got his answer.

“Why should I tell you?” Theo looked away, not caring about his questions.

“Come on. I have the skill to Analyze. Let’s do it this way… If you provide me with information, I’ll give you my analysis. In fact, I wish we could cooperate.” Isaac smirked and explained his plan. “If I can successfully understand how the mist works… I believe I can locate the locations of artifacts, herbs, and other stuff. This way, we can split it evenly. How’s that?”

“Ho?” Theo narrowed his eyes. The cooperation didn’t seem bad. After all, if everything was going according to what Isaac said, they could easily find more resources. Even if they split evenly, the amount he would get still surpassed his effort.

“What if you are wrong?” Theo asked.

“I’m not very sure. How about I assist you for the next seven days?”

“Do you think I’m someone who needs support?”

“No.” Isaac made a wry smile and answered. Still, he might need Theo’s cooperation to deal with the mist, so he tried to persuade him. “How’s about this? If I decipher it, we split the loot evenly. If I can’t decipher it, I’ll help you with something in the future. As I said, I have an Analyze Skill…”

“You’re suspicious.” Theo shook his head. “Looking at how you’re prepared to lose so much, it makes you look desperate.”

“Again…” Isaac let out a long sigh. “I’m truly not good at this. People always tried to persuade me with their political speech and agreement. Others also want to take advantage of my ability… That’s why I don’t want to join someone’s influence.”

“So, you’re going to use a sympathy card now?” Theo squinted his eyes.

“What? I’m telling the truth. Well, if we can’t come to an agreement, I’ll leave after I fulfill my side of the deal. I’ll search for someone else to cooperate with.”

Theo smiled before his eyes turned bloodshot.

“What are you doing?” Isaac’s body trembled as he instinctively took a step back. “Although no one will know if you kill me, you should know there are many experts around here.”

“Tell me why.”


“Yeah. Tell me why you choose to approach me.”

“Because we’re fated! I just happened to run—” Isaac couldn’t help but stop when he saw Theo’s eyes emanating his killing intent as if telling him, ‘If he still spouted nonsense, he would crush him.’

‘Did he notice?’ Isaac gulped down and immediately corrected himself so as to not make it suspicious. “I wanted to go with Winston, but you showed your strength earlier… so I couldn’t help but choose you instead of him.”

Little did he know, Theo had already figured out his plan the moment they met each other. After all, Isaac used one skill the moment they came into contact.

Skill: Analyze (A)

Effect: The user can analyze an object’s characteristics, such as Magic Power, Attribute Points, and Level.


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