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God of Tricksters – Chapter 911: Tricked Bahasa Indonesia

Chapter 911 – Tricked


A huge roar erupted, followed by an explosion that blasted all the trees in a hundred feet radius.

On the right stood tall two tigers with cold glares. On the opposite side was a group of green monsters.

Out of these twenty green monsters hid three Rare Class Monsters that controlled all these monsters.

The tiger simply glared at those three before opening its mouth.

A powerful shock wave was released together with its roar, blowing away all the incoming monsters.

The green monsters released their Magic Power around their claws and charged forward, not scared of that roar.

Another tiger came into the battlefield and covered its right paw with a blue Magic Power. As soon as it pounced on the ground, the soil cracked, and some stones emerged from the ground.

Some hit the green monsters, while some only became an obstacle. However, it was enough for the tiger.

Both tigers leaped left and right and intercepted the monsters that soon slipped past the obstacles they created.

Their paws were covered with Magic Power, and before they even hit the green monsters, there was a sound of a thunderclap shaking the forest.

Ultimately, the green monsters had their heads crushed from the overwhelming pressure from their paws.

Even the Rare Class Monsters became vigilant and charged together with the remaining monsters, wanting to stop the tigers from doing anything they wanted.

These two tigers leaped back and opened their mouths once again.

Their roars made the ground tremble, and with the addition of the shock wave from their mouth, the ground that was used as obstacles shattered into pieces.

The green monsters pulled back and realized they needed more people to handle the two tigers.

Even the three Rare Class Monsters nodded at each other and shouted out loud. “Karara!”

The tigers stopped in their tracks as if noticing something different.

Even without sensing the magic power fluctuation, the tigers could see a great disturbance coming from behind these monsters. Those three seemed to have called upon their people.

If the reinforcement surrounded them, it would be a bit troublesome.

The tigers opened their mouths, showing their sharp teeth.

Blue-colored balls—smaller than a human palm—appeared around the two tigers. Their number was more than 250.

Those 250 light balls flew forward. Each monster needed to fend 15 balls.

Surprisingly, this was where the three Rare Class Monsters showed their might.

They jumped forward and clapped their hands in unison. The ground trembled as a giant wall emerged from the ground, blocking these 250 balls.

Unfortunately for them, these light balls were made of Magic Power, so controlling them was easy.

The moment the wall was erected, all the balls changed their directions. They looped around and surrounded the monsters from all directions.




Each ball caused a small explosion that knocked the monsters away. Even if they didn’t manage to hit them, they still distracted them.

With this rain of Magic Power, the green monsters couldn’t attack the tigers anymore, giving a huge opportunity for the tigers.

They approached the green monsters, especially the Rare Class Monsters, with blue light covering their paws.

They struck their hands and killed them in an instant. Since only one Rare Class Monster remained, it was easy to kill the rest of the green monsters… or so the tigers thought.

More and more monsters reached their battlefield and gradually filled this area. Even the two tigers couldn’t see themselves defeating a hundred Supreme Rank Monsters easily.

At the same time, they couldn’t leave this place as their main goal was to distract the monsters.



Another wave of roar erupted, alarming the green monsters. They all glared at the tigers that wanted to challenge them.

To respond to the tigers’ invitations, the last Rare Class Monster as well as the new ones that had just arrived, joined hands and ordered the Normal Class Monsters to attack the tigers.


The tigers were not afraid and charged forward.

Death Arrow Gang.

As soon as they heard the explosions, the middle-aged man raised his head and turned around, looking in a certain direction.

“That must be the opening we need.” Without a shred of doubt, he stated and asked, “Bro. I’m going over there to confirm this matter. Have the scouts check the movements of the green monsters. As soon as we find a gap to exploit, we will sneak in and snatch that artifact.”

The muscular man was still unsure, but there was nothing he could say regarding the plan. For him, this plan was already perfect.

By using the monsters to distract those green monsters, they would be able to minimize the casualty while reaping the greatest benefit.

After a few seconds, he nodded, giving the confirmation. “Alright. Get back here as soon as possible.”

“Understood.” The middle-aged man nodded to this muscular brother and vanished into thin air.

He went straight to the battle between the two tigers and the green monsters.

Five minutes later.

The middle-aged man had arrived and hid behind a huge tree. He even climbed the tree to get a better view.

He found numerous green monsters that gradually filled the area, circling the tigers. However, what shocked him the most were the two tigers that had yet to be injured despite fighting all these monsters.

It was clear the tigers were stronger than his imagination. So, it meant those two could distract the green monsters a bit longer.

‘Looking at this progress, I believe the tiger can do it for another 30 minutes, if not an hour.’ He thought while furrowing his eyebrows. After watching their battle for another one minute to confirm his hypothesis, the middle-aged man turned around and returned to the group to rely on the message.

Little did he know, the tiger noticed his presence. If it was a normal tiger, it would chase after him… But instead of attacking this scout, the tiger simply smiled as though everything had gone according to the plan.


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