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God of Tricksters – Chapter 910: Found A Way Bahasa Indonesia

Chapter 910 – Found A Way

“For real?!”

Theo immediately used his Telekinesis to blow away the flame, but that was just a cover for the real attack from this monster.

The monster covered his claws and spun his body, creating a torrential force that was enough to boost his attack.

The Death Avatar slammed both hands down to stop the monster’s movement, but the shield once again blocked the attacks. Its weight was still enough to crack the ground, but the monster remained unharmed.

And with this small exchange, Theo had wasted all the time he had bought earlier.


The wall crumbled and swarmed by the green monsters. Some of them had even gone around to surround him. They all had one same thought, ‘Rescue the leader!’

Seeing this progress, Theo only had one final attempt.

He released all his energy and used his Illusion Manipulation to transmit the pain to the leader’s body.

“Krak?!” The monster widened his eyes. The immeasurable pain jolted his mind. He felt as if his body was ripped apart by something.

Out of instinct, the leader released all his Magic Power to the surroundings, followed by a small shock wave.

To his surprise, the pain disappeared as though it was just an illusion. It was clear the shock wave did nothing, so the Magic Power was the real cause of why the pain vanished.

“…” With his illusion broken, Theo was at his wits’ end. In his desperation, he extended his hand to the shield. As long as he could touch it, his Blink could bring him away with the shield.

Unfortunately, the fastest green monster had arrived next to him, cutting his hand. After that, a few others appeared around him and mutilated him into pieces.

The clone disappeared.

“Tsk.” After failing to get the shield, Theo clicked his tongue and slammed the tree behind him. “The illusion is broken… How?”

Although he wanted to get angry because of his failure, he had a more important job. It was to understand his illusion a bit more.

“By the looks of it, the moment that monster released his Magic Power, the illusion was broken.” Theo contemplated, falling into deep thought. This was the first time someone broke his illusion with brute force after all.

After a long fifteen minutes, Theo sighed and pinched the bridge of his nose. “I see. It seems the problem lies in the Magic Power. Normally, people will succumb to the pain, but that monsters didn’t.

“Instead, he released all his Magic Power in his body to fight back. Even though that was an illusion, I still needed to use my Magic Power to manipulate their senses. So, if the Magic Power in their body burst out, my own Magic Power would be pushed away, making me lose control over the illusion.

“To counter that, I need something like Breathing. The Breathing Technique should be good at controlling my Magic Power supply as well as stability. So, that’s why Breathing is important to an illusionist.”

Theo got his answer and knew what he needed to do after returning to the US after the mission.

However, the problem still remained.

“I need to get the shield. Because of today’s attempt, those monsters will surely become more vigilant.”

If it was a normal situation, Theo wouldn’t hesitate to weaken their number. Not only would he get the EXP from killing them, but he would also get the scale.

However, time wasn’t his friend this time. If he waited for too long, the scale might be taken away by others.

After all, no one could resist the temptation of an artifact.

“What should I do?” Theo tried to see the possibility of him ambushing the leader.

But all his thoughts disappeared when he heard a loud explosion coming from the north.


“What?!” Theo frowned and looked in the explosion’s direction. “There shouldn’t be a fight around here since those green monsters have killed other monsters. Is it an intruder? Mark?”

Without hesitation, Clone Theo appeared out of thin air and soared to the sky in his eagle form.

His heart fluttered, thinking of the possibility of what was truly happening. “Did that Mark send people to acquire the snake scale?”

Another explosion occurred, indicating the battle head.

Since he had gotten the location, Theo turned into an ant to scout ahead, wondering who would cause such a ruckus.

“Kill it, Bro!” A middle-aged man shouted to a muscular man next to him after stopping the monster before him.

The muscular man swiftly approached them and sliced the monster’s neck.

There were multiple monsters coming from another direction, but they were frozen by multiple ice spikes coming out of the ground.

More and more people started gathering around them and taking care of the remaining monsters.

Unlike Theo, their group numbered more than sixty people.

“Bro. I told you I saw a monster coming to this place… I’m afraid the monster wanted a piece of the artifact as well.” The middle-aged man stated with a frown.

“Do you think it’s that easy to get through these monsters?” The muscular man snorted.

“But it went through. I’m afraid the monsters in the surrounding areas also know about the artifact’s existence. It’s better if we take it for ourselves instead of letting other monsters take it away.” The middle-aged man shrugged. “I’m pretty sure there will be more monsters coming to this area since the previous monster should just be a scout.”

“Are you sure?”

“Do you think why I want our Death Arrow Gang to gather here? We’re talking about a few billions, you know.”

“Then, what is your plan?”

“We will do the usual. Thin up their number and break through their formation before snatching the artifact.”

“You said there will be more monsters here soon.”

“If the monsters cause some disturbance, we can use them to sneak inside their place. With our number, we should be able to get through.”

“Fine. Since it’s an artifact we’re talking about, I agree.”

When Theo heard their conversation, he thought, ‘It’s not Mark? Then, can I safely assume they just stumbled upon this chance?’

An idea came to his mind as the real Theo said, “I’m sorry, but that scale is mine.”


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