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Chapter 713: Ascension Step

“Ascension Step.”

The name was quite surprising, but considering it came from the culmination of the Wind Emperor’s experience, the name felt deep in his heart.

“I will try to hold back so as not to destroy the pool…” The Wind Emperor took a deep breath and said, “There are a total of ten steps in my Ascension Step.”

“The first step…” The Wind Emperor took the first step while holding Theo’s hand as his support.

When he took the step, the wind started to swirl around him, raising the air to the top of his head.

After that, he took the second step and the wind turned into a small shock wave.

This wasn’t shocking and the third step was similar to the previous two. The shock wave only had a drastic increase in its power.

But everything changed when the Wind Emperor took the fourth step.


An explosion occurred, startling Theo for a second. He turned to the pool and saw the rippling water.

He didn’t stop there. He took another step, and another explosion occurred as if something big had just fallen into the pool.

The Ascension Step wasn’t something that could be stopped, so the Wind Emperor took another step, showing its real power.


This time, the water even jumped into the air. And the Wind Emperor even told him that he had held back enough to make sure he didn’t destroy the pool.

If he released all his power, Theo couldn’t imagine what would happen.

“Seventh step.” The Wind Emperor clenched Theo’s hand and took another step.

This time, the wind changed. Right after it hit the water and launched the water into the air, there was another one that came right after, sending the pressure to the surroundings, splashing all the water.

The Wind Emperor had already protected himself with the wind, so he didn’t get wet. He then continued to the eighth step.


The water, this time, burst out in all directions. The impact was too much for the pool to keep the water inside.

However, the Wind Emperor hadn’t finished the entire ten steps. He took another one and the ninth step literally lifted up the remaining water from the pool before the tenth step hit it to the point the water exploded.

The water moved at high speed to the point Theo felt the impact from the water itself, let alone the explosion.

After finishing the ten steps, the Wind Emperor took a few deep breaths before walking back to his wheelchair.

Theo, of course, supported him all the way.

As soon as he sat down, the Wind Emperor asked, “So, what do you think about my Ascension Step?”

“It’s powerful. I think it can be used in a versatile way. Hmm… For example, you probably incorporated this technique together with your footwork.” Theo explained what he got from observing him.

“That’s true. However, the key to making these steps powerful is…”

“The first three steps,” Theo added.

“Yes. The first three steps generate the air and lift it upward. After that, we launch this powerful air current with all those steps. And from the fourth step to the tenth step, it’s a kind of layered attack. It’s a build-up thing.” The Wind Emperor nodded.

“I see.” Theo nodded with a serious expression.

“I won’t be stingy since you have promised me all those things. So, this is just a little gift for you.” The Wind Emperor smiled.

“…” Theo frowned and asked, “Do you think I can learn it?”

“Who knows. It will depend on your ability. However, I will guide you with your form, strength, and other stuff required for three hours. How much you can do in the future will depend on your talent.” The Wind Emperor smiled.

“Yes, but there is one difference between us. I am using my Telekinesis while you’re using your wind.”

“It doesn’t matter. I’m controlling the wind while you’re pushing it. You surely have the ability to adjust it with trials and errors. And this technique will be more powerful if Your Control becomes even stronger.” The Wind Emperor smirked.

“I know…” Theo looked down, contemplating for a moment.

“Unlike you, I don’t think I will last for another decade. That’s why it’s important to have someone inherit your techniques. This is the technique I have created in the past and its rank… Probably still considered as an Original Technique, but it’s close to Divine Technique.” The Wind Emperor smiled. “Though, not many know this technique because it’s been a few decades since I’m using this wheelchair.”

“You are not my disciple and I won’t burden you with such. Just credit me in the future if you teach it to another person like your children or disciples. At least, my name won’t disappear that way.”

Theo looked at him for a moment and ultimately nodded. “Yes, I understand.”

“Good. Let’s not waste more time.” The Wind Emperor pointed at his front. “Stand there and repeat it.”

“Yes.” Theo immediately took a step forward and nothing happened.

“The first step is a light step. Push the air below your feet to the surroundings. After that, form an invisible barrier to direct the air upward.”

Theo nodded and took another step. This time, he used his Telekinesis according to his instruction.

There was a leak from the barrier he used to send the air upward, but he did many things right.

“Try again! You have five minutes to do the first step right!” The Wind Emperor stated.

“Yes.” Theo tried it again, fixing his form.

After that, the Wind Emperor continued fixing Theo’s form and power distribution. For the first time in his life, he saw someone who could learn this fast.

It turned out he had underestimated Theo’s talent this whole time. His plan was crazy and his Martial Talent was top-notch. He truly desired Theo’s talent, but he didn’t mention it anymore as he continued instructing him.

Since it took too long, Leonardo decided to take a peek and noticed the wind barrier that hid any movement inside the barrier. But since he had confirmed that Theo was still inside and moving, he returned, not disturbing their discussion.


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