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Chapter 714: Reason

Three hours later.

The Wind Emperor smiled and said, “I guess it’s done. I don’t know what you can do in the future, but yeah, you’re good.

“Anyway, were you disappointed when I attacked the Griffith Family and stopped after fighting for a while?” The Wind Emperor glanced at Theo’s face, trying to perceive his emotion.

Theo, on the other hand, stated with a poker face. “Nothing. I felt nothing.”

“Heh?” The Wind Emperor smirked and closed his eyes. “Well, there was another reason for that. We didn’t fight each other to the fullest because the moment we were injured, other experts would attack us, especially those among the top.

“That’s why we didn’t usually attack each other. Just imagine if I was heavily injured, another top expert would have attacked me and my family. With their power, they could even destroy my family.

“This is just a small piece of advice for you. When you become stronger, you will realize your responsibility increasing. It will increase along with the reasons for you not to fight.

“That’s why not many people are actually hunting on the other side anymore, aiming for level 1,000. If they want to get stronger, they obviously need to fight strong creatures. And there will be a potential injury.

“If this is known to others, your life and family will be in danger. This is also a great method to prevent the others from advancing to level 1,000.

“However, there are also people who don’t care much about their lives and keep fighting on the other side to reach that point.

“Obviously, the top experts won’t let him be and reach level 1,000. After all, their lives will be in danger as well.

“That’s why the British Family has been searching for someone who can rank up your ability, especially your clone. If you become a peerless expert, you can simply send your clone to level up while hiding.

“This will create an opportunity for you to reach the stage no one has ever achieved before.

“I’m telling you that your clone is dangerous, and it puts you in danger. Be careful with that.” The Wind Emperor ended his advice with a smile.

Little did he know, the one who could rank up one’s ability was none other than Theo, the man in front of him. If he was aware of this fact, no one knew what he might do.

“Thank you for telling me everything.” Theo sincerely thanked him. Although their relationship was a bit windy before, Theo respected the old man for his wisdom, heart, and experiences.

“No need to do that. I’m just giving you a gift.” The old man smiled and pointed at the garden. “It’s better if we go back.”

“I understand.” Theo nodded with a smile and pushed him back to the garden.

Leonardo finally felt relieved when he saw Theo. At the same time, he was wondering what they were talking about because even Ava didn’t hear their conversation due to the Wind Emperor using a small wind barrier that prevented the sound from traveling outside.

Ava looked at the old man for a moment before closing her eyes.

“You have a good grandson.” The Wind Emperor glanced at Leonardo, breaking the silence.

“Hmph. I have many good grandchildren.” Leonardo snorted as he kept maintaining his motto. Although he admitted that Theo seemed to be above the rest, he wouldn’t do more than he had agreed.

“Whatever.” The Wind Emperor smiled. “Anyway, I’m done here. I will just move around for a day or two before coming back. You surely don’t mind that, right?”

“As long as you don’t cause trouble.” Leonardo glanced at Davi.

“Haha, the more I retire, the more they supervise me like I’m planning to do something.” The Wind Emperor chuckled.

“That’s because you’re too strong. How about you abandon your power? You won’t be supervised anymore.” Leonardo snorted.

“Haha, that’s impossible. I still want to die inside my house. The first enemy that I need to face when that happens is none other than my own family.” The Wind Emperor shrugged. “Anyway, I had fun coming here. Meeting this little devil over here is worth the trip. With this, I have beaten that old hag.”

Leonardo didn’t reply while glancing at Theo.

However, the Wind Emperor continued, “Bring me out and drive me around.”

It was obviously an order for Davi. The latter looked at Leonardo first to ask for his permission.

As soon as Leonardo nodded his head, Davi immediately replaced Theo.

“Alright, it’s time for me to go…” The Wind Emperor waved his hand down as if asking Theo to come to him.

Theo carefully walked to him and bent his knees.

Suddenly, the Wind Emperor placed his hand on Theo’s head and smiled. “You will do good, kid. I wish you’re still alive for at least another decade… I can’t afford to have you break your promise after all.”

Theo chuckled and said, “I wish you a long life too.”

“Haha.” The Wind Emperor laughed and turned the wheelchairs around before asking Davi to bring him out of the mansion.

Before leaving, he didn’t forget to add, “I know my body more than anyone else.”

Theo fell silent for a moment until the Wind Emperor walked inside the car and left the vicinity.

After that, Theo turned to the others, not knowing what to say. “So, I guess everything is good.”

“What did you say to that old man?” Leonardo was curious.

“Nothing. It’s just a small matter.” Theo shook his head.

“Well, it’s fine if you don’t want to say it.” Leonardo shrugged.

“Thanks.” Theo then looked at Agata and Ava with a smile on his face. “If you don’t step up your game, I will be leaving you two behind, you know.”

Agata and Ava squinted their eyes as they felt this wasn’t an empty threat.

To prove what he said, he didn’t show the Ascension Step. Instead, it was the technique that he picked up after watching how the Wind Emperor controlled his power.

He got inspired by Fenrir, who seemed to have done it all the time.

He raised his hand as the air started moving violently.



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