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Chapter 622 – Supreme Rank Monster

“Swift Hind.” Alea increased her speed to move around the monsters while swinging her swords.

She cut down monsters effortlessly as if she was facing one monster at a time. Although Theo didn’t see her in action, she had definitely improved.

At the same time, she still hadn’t used all her strength to conserve her energy for the rest of the journey. Alea also wanted to observe Theo’s assistant, which she seemed to recognize due to her power looking similar to someone she knew.

After some quick thinking, she soon realized that the woman was none other than Agata. She had seen her pulling the same trick when she visited Thersland, so she knew her guess was correct.

Alea couldn’t help but click her tongue, feeling a bit annoyed. Unfortunately, she couldn’t say anything about it because that would just create unnecessary conflicts.

The only thing she could do right now was to channel her anger to her swing, killing all the monsters in the area.

“Oh?” Ana, who was watching Alea’s performance, smiled and said, “She’s fired up. Hehe, she’s indeed interesting.”

The others also noticed that Alea had finally changed her gear. Realizing they wouldn’t be able to follow her with their current output, they chose to reveal all their strength for the sake of not getting behind.

They quickly made their way toward Lorenzo and Felice. There was no monster that could stop their momentum, which was good because they should be able to finish all the monsters in this area in less than ten minutes.

Unfortunately, this was only their wishful thinking.

Theo, who was intercepting all the monsters, had become the main target.

“Kyu!” Ava shouted, warning him of something.

Theo glanced at Ava to check her eyes to get the idea of the direction of this danger. However, the next thing he realized, a monster appeared behind him.

“Theo!” Agata widened her eyes as she witnessed everything. The monster itself was the same as the others, but it grew into a twenty-foot-long monster.

This four-legged monster had crystal skin like that of ice. They could see the organs inside the monster if not because the fur covered most of them.

After growing, the monster sent its paw to Theo, trying to crush him first.

Although he didn’t see the monster, he could sense what was coming. Hence, Theo used his Blink to avoid this attack, albeit the monster seemed to have predicted this move.

When he appeared at his destination, the monster had already opened its mouth, pointing at him. A blue light was glowing inside its throat as it was about to let out that powerful light ball.

Theo instantly used his Ring of Honor to summon a shield in front of him and utilized his Magic Augmentation.

At the same time, Agata placed her hand on the snow and used all the remaining smoke to form another layer of shield that had been coated by her Sense of Touch.

The monster released the ball like that of a bullet.


The light ball exploded. As the others had been alerted by Ava and Agata’s shouts, they watched how the monster directly hit Theo.

“It’s an Elite Class Monster.”

“A level 510 Supreme Rank Monster.”

The others immediately checked the monster’s identity and gasped.

“This is not good…” Lorenzo gulped down as he looked at the white fog surrounding them.

“Gh!” Agata gritted her teeth as that attack angered her. She formed a huge scythe and slammed the monster.

Looking at the scythe, the monster simply jumped to the side and charged at Agata.

At this time, Ava appeared next to the monster and kicked him. Unfortunately, the monster had realized Ava’s presence and knocked her away with its paw.

As if using this chance, Alea made her appearance and struck the monster with her swords. The two swords released red light that seemed to be burning the ice leg, but it wasn’t that effective.

The monster shifted its body and punched Alea, but two Theos appeared—one at the top and one at the side.

The one on the side kicked the monster on the head while the other stomped the body to pin him down.

“Tsk! Making me so worked up.” Theo clicked his tongue as both he and his clone suffered no injury.

He then looked at Agata and said, “You remember how to use the terrain?”

Agata widened her eyes and soon turned serious.

“Handle the rest of the monsters.”

“Got it.” Agata was a bit disappointed that Theo chose to cooperate with Alea, but she had a job to do. She put down the grudge for a while and redirected her anger to these monsters.

“Theo!” Lorenzo shouted.

“There’s no change of plan. Alea is enough to stop this monster.” Theo stopped him from sending reinforcement.

“Are you overestimating your ability?” Ana doubted Theo’s decision as Theo’s level shouldn’t be that high. And his opponent was a Supreme Rank Monster.

Before she said another thing, two wolves leaped toward her, forcing her to block their fangs with her staff. After that, two snowflakes appeared on top of them and burst, freezing both of them.

“You should focus on sweeping all the monsters first.” Theo shook his head and turned to Ava. “Help Liza. You don’t need to get serious for the time being.”

“Kyu.” Ava nodded and leaped to Agata.

Hearing their conversation made Lorenzo laugh. “Hahaha. That’s good! Can I trust you with this, Theo? I will finish this shortly.”

“You have five minutes,” Theo confirmed and used his Blink to avoid another paw.

The tail rose to the top and whacked Theo, but Alea appeared next to him, blocking the tail with her swords.

“It’s been a while since we did this. I don’t know your current skill, but I’m sure you can keep up with me, right?” Theo smirked.

Alea finally made an excited smile, showing her suppressed emotion. “I am not who I used to be.”

“That’s reassuring.” Theo closed his eyes for a second before opening them again. This time, he released a massive Magic Power through his eyes, sending it in all directions.

This Awareness that had been imbued by killing intent wrapped the entire battlefield as all of them were aware of Theo’s presence at this point. He just replicated Goddess Hel’s Death Stare.

Zhilov was trembling when he sensed this massive killing intent while Lorenzo smiled. “As expected of Theo…”

Ana looked at her hand that was clearly shaking… “I am shaking? Is this fear? It seems the War God Family has acquired a monster.”


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