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Chapter 621 – Theo And Agata’s Coordination

“Heh…” Theo smirked.

When Lorenzo saw his face, he couldn’t help but think, ‘This guy must be thinking how to make Ana’s ability as his own… Not that I mind though.’

After killing the wolves, Ava closed her eyes and remained silent on Theo’s shoulder while Ana led her group back to the others.

Ana obviously felt Theo’s stare and felt a bit uncomfortable to the point she whispered to Alea. “Hey, your boyfriend is staring at me…”

Alea shook her head as if she had already grown accustomed to it. She said, “It’s normal for him to do that. In fact, the moment he stares like that, it means he has grasped a bit of your ability and will replicate it in the future.

“All his former teammates, including me, have experienced it. I think some participants have experienced it too, especially Nella.” Alea shrugged, maintaining her calm.

“He can do that?” Ana raised her eyebrows in amazement. “I was too occupied with training, so I never read any report.”

“He’s that kind of person. If you can’t improve yourself by leaps and bounds, he’s going to lose interest in you and move on.” Alea shrugged.

“…” Ana pinched the bridge of her nose and said, “You have it rough eh.”

Alea didn’t answer her because it was also the reason why she could reach this level in a short period.

They continued walking toward Theo and the others before waiting for another thirty seconds.

After that, Lorenzo used his Teleportation again to send them to another place.

This time, Ava was alerted the moment they arrived.

She raised her head and looked around her with a shocked face.

“Kyu, Kyu! Kyu Kyu Kyu!” Ava pointed at their surroundings.

Her voice obviously grasped everyone’s attention and Theo broke the horrible news.

“We’re surrounded.” Theo sighed. “Their numbers are unknown. We need to defend this position or breakthrough. Though, the latter is going to invite more and more monsters, so I prefer the first choice.”

Lorenzo and Ana said without hesitation. “Got it!”

Theo narrowed his eyes as he kept racking his brain to think of a solution. After all, the deeper they got, the higher the level of the monsters would be. That was why this kind of strategy couldn’t work to the very end.

After considering for a moment, Theo said, “Alright. This is my order. Ana’s Team will handle those on our back and start sweeping all the enemies in a clockwise direction. Lorenzo and Felice will hold the right, Luka and Velio will stop those coming from the front. Agata and I will handle the one on the right.

“This is not cooperation. It’s just a simple competition to see whether you’re useless enough or not to do your task.” Theo’s tone was cold and firm, taunting Zhilov.

The latter gritted his teeth but didn’t say anything because Ana kept glaring at him.

“Got it.”

More and more monsters come into their vision, from those walking on two feet to those crawling with their body.

“Go,” Theo shouted as the signal to move.

They immediately took their positions and prepared to face the incoming monsters.

From one glance alone, they could find more than a hundred monsters coming at them. If the previous place only offered level 200-300 monsters, they could see level 400 monsters this time.

In other words, the situation had become even more dangerous. This was also why they usually employed the War God Family to get the Poison Fruit.

“I am going in.” Theo watched the monsters charging at them. “Don’t mind me. Just kill all of them even if you need to steal those kills from me.”

“Okay.” Agata nodded with a serious expression. She raised her hand as pink smoke began to float above her head.

This pink fog turned into a giant scythe that alarmed all the monsters and people.


While they were stunned by the scythe’s sudden appearance, Agata had already made her first move. She waved her hand to the side, swinging the giant scythe horizontally to cut all the monsters in front of them.

Some of them leaped into the air while some stayed on the ground, trying to stop this giant scythe.

Unfortunately for them, this scythe was only a distraction to kill those who were on the air.

Without them being able to move, Agata utilized her pink smoke to create spikes to stab them.

“Die.” Agata smiled and saw how her spikes pierced many of them.

However, this wasn’t the extent of their coordination. Magic Bullets started raining them down. Those who were too focused on Agata’s spikes ended up getting shot down and ultimately fell on the spikes.

In the end, they killed fifteen monsters in one instant.

“As expected from them.” Lorenzo smirked as he said, “We can’t lose to them, Felice.”


Theo and Agata ignored them as Clone Theo had already made the next move. “Rise.”

White pillars emerged from the snow, scattered in this snow plain, making the monsters think twice whether to destroy them or slip past them.

Agata clapped her hands and summoned the same white pillars, doubling their number. “It’s not enough.”

The two had changed the terrain to block the monsters’ visions.

After that, Theo summoned another wave of Magic Bullets behind the pillars and didn’t shoot them yet.

Instead, he, his clone and Ava flew toward them, intercepting the monsters.

“Well, well. They’re going to finish the monsters without us…” Ana smirked. “That is if we’re not fast enough. I’m sure I don’t need to say what I want, right?”

Alea and the others became serious, not wanting to lose to Theo.

They all charged at the monsters, planning to kill them as soon as possible.

Lorenzo and Felice coordinated with each other to block their enemies while Luka went rampage in the middle of the monsters while Velio protected him with his barrier.

Little did they know, this fight had yet to start.

There was a four-legged creature hiding behind all these monsters, staring at Theo’s group from a distance.


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