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Chapter 587 – Fighting The Hobgoblins


The entire group started retreating in an orderly manner while the knights protected their rear. Theo and his clone also summoned their Magic Bullets and fired at the two hobgoblins to buy time.

The hobgoblins covered their weapons with a green-colored aura and smashed the Magic Bullets with ease as though hitting flies. They didn’t even flinch when the explosion tried to blow their weapons away.

“Oh, that’s quite dangerous,” Theo muttered and looked at the groups. “Scenario B.”

“Scenario B!”

They all shouted in succession, informing all people around them.

After getting that instruction, the group started to spread out. The twelve knights that brought the rear then split themselves into four groups and fled in different directions.

“Kroark!” The goblins were surprised and tried to chase those in front of them. Soon, the goblin split into four. A few minutes earlier, they managed to kill fifty goblins, and it made the situation easier for the Magicians to concentrate their attacks on one spot and kill them one by one.

Unexpectedly, the hobgoblins continued to follow Theo and Agata as if they had recognized them as their primary targets, not caring about the other goblins or humans.

Theo couldn’t help but say, “Agata, you go help the furthest one to clear the monsters here.”

“What are you going to do?” Agata furrowed her eyebrows, feeling something wasn’t right.

“I’m going to bring these two hobgoblins away of course.” Theo nodded before glancing at Enrica. “You and Ava will go with me.”



“Are you sure about this?” Agata asked one last time with a concerned face.

“Yes. Although I want to level up, I will try to handle these two level 430 hobgoblins first. If this strategy doesn’t work, I can polish my plans in the next camp. That’s why this is going to be important.”

She was reluctant to do it, but since Theo had a plan on his mind, she agreed with a sigh. “I understand.”

“Okay.” Theo nodded and shouted, “I’m going to leave this group. The rest will fight on their own. There won’t be a change of plan at this point.”

They began to transmit Theo’s command and were shocked that they didn’t have a leader that controlled them. Still, as one would expect from an elite Holy Knight Order, they didn’t panic and knew what to do.

After that, Theo summoned his Magic Bullets again and spread them to the side as he walked to the right, away from the others. The Magic Bullets flew in succession, hitting the hobgoblin and taking their attention.

Seeing Ava and Theo, who managed to block their attacks, moved to the side, the hobgoblins decided to follow them without giving any order to the normal goblins other than to not bother them.

Theo looped around the goblin army and returned to their settlement, planning to use this small and messy plain as his battlefield.

When he arrived, he checked his surroundings to make sure no monsters were hiding. Then, he raised his spears and pointed them at the two hobgoblins.

Enrica stood behind him and soon summoned a golden light beneath her feet. “I am going to support you, but if I find a gap to exploit, I won’t hesitate to attack.”

“Okay.” Theo smiled and said to Ava. “There’s no need to get serious. You and my clone will handle the other one.”

Ava widened her eyes in surprise because she thought she could unleash her humanoid form. However, Theo must have considered sealing it the moment he brought Enrica here.

Since Theo didn’t wish to show her power yet, Ava complied and looked at the hobgoblin with a club. “Kyu!”

Ava leaped toward him as Clone Theo followed right behind.

On the contrary, Theo used his Magic Augmentation instead and placed his hand on the ground. “Illusion Construct.”

Suddenly, a pillar emerged from the ground. The cylindrical pillar was thirty feet high and ten feet wide. Without hesitation, Theo cut the pillar on the bottom and let it fall on top of the hobgoblin.

The hobgoblin didn’t seem to fear the weight of the pillar. He simply pulled back his sword and tried to contain the pillar with both hands.

“Kroar!” The hobgoblin let out a roar and received the pillar. He felt its immense weight.

Little did he know, Theo was actually using his Illusion Manipulation to make him feel the pillar’s weight even though it was just an illusion.

The moment he confirmed that his illusion was effective, Theo hurriedly leaped toward the hobgoblin, taking advantage of his confusion.

He couldn’t help but smile, looking at the juicy right leg that he could pierce to reduce his mobility. But to his surprise, the hobgoblin suddenly stared at him and kicked him on the stomach.

“What?!” Theo widened his eyes and realized the hobgoblin had just tricked him into thinking he wanted to test his own strength against the pillar.

“They’re this intelligent?” Theo sucked a cold breath and raised his spear.

Before the kick hit him, a golden shield appeared in his front, blocking the foot for a second.

This allowed Theo to halt his movement and raise his spear. Three tombstones emerged from the ground and a blue shield appeared, stopping the kick completely.

However, the hobgoblin didn’t stop there. He threw the pillar away, which suddenly passed his hand as if there was nothing on his hands this whole time. This pissed hobgoblin even further as he covered his sword with a green aura again.

Pouring all his anger into one swing, the hobgoblin struck Theo’s spear from below, launching him into the air.

Enrica clicked her tongue and raised her hand, summoning another golden light on top of the hobgoblin. “Judex.”

The golden light illuminated the hobgoblin as if there was a light from Heaven. But, instead of warm and peaceful light, Enrica’s Judex was burning his skin until the hobgoblin covered his whole body with the green aura, neutralizing her golden light.

On the other hand, Theo crashed into a tent, tore the cloth, and landed inside the tent.

“Kh! The hobgoblin is this smart and powerful… I didn’t understand what they meant about stronger enemies than the one in Thersland until now because I’m far stronger, but now I know…” Theo clicked his tongue and hurriedly rose from the ground to return to his position, albeit he was shocked when he heard a clicking sound when his boot stomped the ground.

“Eh?” Theo lowered his head and saw a rectangular-shaped metal beneath his feet.


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