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Chapter 586 – Hobgoblins

While the Holy Knights were fighting the goblins, Theo faced around twenty goblins that were trying to surround them.

He used his Illusion Constructs to create several walls to complicate the terrain since the goblins were not knowledgeable enough to know it was just an illusion.

The first thing Theo did was summon his Magic Bullets and shoot them through the walls as the first wave of his sneak attacks.


The majority of the goblins managed to react at the last second, blocking the Magic Bullets, but two of them didn’t see it coming and got their bodies pierced by Theo’s bullets.

They stumbled and fell as his clone used his Blink to appear next to them, delivering the killing blow on their heads.

After that, the clone snapped his fingers as three tombstones emerged from the ground, creating a shield in front of him. The shield expanded and formed a large barrier that forced the goblins to loop around him.

Unfortunately, the moment they did it, the real Theo hit them with his spears.

Two more goblins jumped toward him and waved their weapons, trying to bash Theo’s head. However, a golden screen appeared not far from him, blocking their attacks.

Without hesitation, Theo used that opportunity to stab the two goblins and kill them before glancing at Enrica while retreating.

Noticing his gaze, Enrica only smiled as if telling him that she would handle his protection.

Theo took a deep breath and nodded as he continued to hunt the goblins.

On the other side, Agata also did her best to confuse them with her pink smoke, making the goblins hallucinate some walls that forced her to get lost inside.

It was a successful plan as the goblin was confused. After that, she summoned a scythe and appeared next to one goblin.

She waved that weapon to the goblin’s neck.

Still, as one would expect from a level 380 goblin, right before the scythe sliced his neck, the goblin raised his sword and blocked it.

“…” Agata clicked her tongue and realized her offensive ability was still less than Theo’s. Killing them wasn’t an easy job.

That was also why Theo gave her a little helper. With the pink fog as her cover, Ava arrived beneath the goblin and kicked his stomach.

“Kroark!” The goblin coughed blood as he leaned back due to the force. His hand loosened up, giving a big opportunity for Agata.

“!!!” Agata couldn’t help but smile and slit the goblin’s neck, sending its head flying. She didn’t forget to say, “Thanks, Ava.”

“Kyu!” Ava was happy to help and she didn’t kill the monsters like usual, allowing Agata to gain some EXP points.

Two more goblins came to her vision as Ava released her lightning. She transmitted the lightning on the ground and started cracking the earth.

The lightning continued rampaging and hit the goblins like a whip. When it hit their weapon, the goblin felt a jolt to their mind, dropping their weapon out of reflex. When the lightning struck their body, it burned their skin.

This distraction was enough for Agata to deliver the killing blow. She realized why Theo could level up quickly.

Ava was a strong monster pet and intelligent enough to support him in this situation. Her action allowed Theo to get more kills and EXP points, especially if he added the clone as his fighting force.

This situation was similar to three people hunting together, but only one person got the EXP points.

‘I guess, no matter how hard I try to get better, he always surpasses me.’ Agata sighed inwardly before shaking her head with a serious expression. She thought, ‘That’s not important. I have my job here… bury all the useless thoughts for now.’

Her eyes remained focused as she challenged some more goblins.

With those two holding the goblins, the Holy Knights were able to do their jobs effortlessly.

While fighting, a golden-haired man was approached by his subordinate, an earnest-looking boy.

“Captain, fighting like this feels a bit easy.” The boy stated with a doubtful expression.

“Well, we need to thank that guy. Not only does he plan everything, but he also holds back some goblins.”

“True. I guess what Sir Loris said is true… about him fighting that Lorenzo.”

“Don’t talk too much. We have our orders, so we need to focus on defeating these goblins. Look at their positions, some goblins manage to slip past them, but it’s still at the amount we can take care of. We need to finish the ones in front of us as soon as possible before getting surrounded.”

“Still, it feels like this is going too easy…” He muttered.

“Don’t jinx it.” The man clicked his tongue before they heard a loud boom behind them.

It was Agata rolling on the ground and struggling to get up. Soon, Theo was also pushed back to the point he arrived next to Agata.

Unlike her, Theo maintained his stance while asking, “Are you alright?”

“Yes.” Agata struggled to get up while looking at her pink smoke being blown away by a gale.

The moment the fog disappeared, a big green humanoid creature made its appearance. Their body features were similar to the goblin, but the height was more than three times and it had a muscular body.

It carried a giant club and looked at Theo, Agata, and Enrica.

The same applied to Theo’s side. The same creature hit Theo with his giant sword and pushed him back.

The one with the club tried to charge toward them, but Ava leaped to his front and kicked him. The creature managed to block it, but Ava surprisingly pushed him back despite their difference in size.

After that, Ava leaped back to regroup with Agata while staring at the monster.

“Good job, Ava.” Theo nodded as his clone also stopped the sword for a few seconds.

“Two Rare Class Monsters appear! They are Hobgoblins.” Theo announced out loud and raised his hand to the sky. His Illusion Construct created a tall pole with a red flag on top.

Everyone who saw the signal immediately shouted, informing those around them.



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