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Chapter 583 – Arrival

The next day, Theo and his group continued their way toward the camp. Despite hunting with Agata and Enrica, his leveling speed didn’t drop since the two could work efficiently with him.

And he still killed the most monsters. However, they could be faster if one of them dropped out.

Ultimately, Theo got two levels during their journey.

As Theo said, they arrived at the camp before the sunset.

When they arrived outside the camp, Theo stopped for a moment and looked at them. There were several tents with many people walking around. They were located in a forest, so their location wasn’t that known.

Someone soon noticed them and saw the trio. The guy had short brown hair and wore the same uniform as everybody else. The uniform comprised a red shirt, white armor, leather pants, and their weapons.

He hurriedly approached Enrica and greeted her. “Welcome. I’m glad that you have arrived without any injuries.”

Enrica nodded and asked, “Where are the supervisors?”

“I will lead you to them.” The guy extended his hand, inviting her in before glancing at the two people beside her. He furrowed his eyebrows when he saw Theo, but that expression disappeared as soon as Agata came into his vision.

There was no pause in his action as he continued walking, guiding them to the supervisors.

They arrived at the farthest tent on their right as he found a table and several chairs inside. The two people, sitting in front of each other, noticed Enrica’s presence and stopped talking.

“Excuse me. Miss Enrica has arrived,” The guy announced as Enrica and the others entered the tent.

“Oh!” The two Supreme Rank Experts rose from their seats to greet her, but Enrica waved her hand and said, “It’s fine. I want to finish the discussion first to know our situation before resting.”

The two exchanged looks and nodded.

Theo observed these two guys with a serious expression. The first guy seemed to be in his thirties. He had a big body but was not really muscular. The second guy looked to be someone in his forties, but he appeared to be younger because of his muscular body.

Noticing Theo’s gaze, the older guy smiled and said, “Welcome. You must be Theodore Griffith. I am Loris, the current leader of this camp. The guy next to me is Filbert. I’m the Senior Supervisor while he’s my junior.”

Theo nodded. “It’s my pleasure to meet you.”

“Oh, the lass is here too.” Loris turned to Agata.

“Yes. I will be helping you.” Agata smiled.

“Though I wonder why the War God Family didn’t send Lorenzo this time.” The guy raised his tone while glancing at Theo.

Filbert sighed and walked toward him while furrowing his eyebrows.

The guy took a step back when Filbert arrived in front of him.

The latter calmly grabbed his hand and raised it before placing a bible in his hand. “Take this and read it outside.”

Without waiting for him to react, Filbert spun the guy and gently pushed him out of the tent. “Okay. Read for at least half an hour.”

Loris scratched the back of his head. “Well, don’t worry about his words.”

“It’s fine. I am a new guy here anyway.” Theo shrugged.

“Though he has fought Lorenzo and ended up with a draw,” Enrica added.

“Oh?” Loris and Filbert were surprised by her statement.

“You are unaware of what happened in the past two months, so I can understand that. What I want to say is… there is a reason why he comes here.”

“Got it. Thanks for the warning.” Loris nodded with a serious expression before looking at Theo, trying to de-escalate the situation. “The guy has been here for two months, so I hope you can understand.”

Theo shrugged.

“Anyway, please sit. Let’s talk about our situation here.” Loris extended his hand, asking them to sit.

Theo and the others then proceeded to sit while Filbert opened his Skylink. “First of all, before I give you any information about the settlements, I want to show you the reason we’re killing the goblins. The images I will show you are quite brutal, so please steel your heart.”

Theo nodded with a serious expression.

Filbert then typed something in his Skylink before the Skylink projected a blue screen filled with images a few inches above the device. He then placed it on the table.

Theo and Agata couldn’t help but widen their eyes, shocked by what they saw. Enrica was still clueless, so she asked. “What are the images?”

Theo covered his mouth as he looked at the pictures. There were a total of four images. The first one contained a naked woman tied on an “X” shaped wooden block. Her body was covered with blood, and she seemed to have died, considering how pale her body was.

The second picture consisted of a group of men that were hung like monster meat around them. Some of them even had their limbs torn off.

The third picture was similar to the first one, but it was a skeleton instead of a woman. Last but not least, several humans were living inside a cage. They were all naked as they seemed to have been tortured.

“This…” Theo narrowed his eyes, starting to feel uncomfortable.

“Yeah. The fourth picture is the most recent one, so we are hoping to save them. Please take this request into account when you formulate your plan.” Loris nodded, explaining. “As for the other three… All I can say is we wish to bury or cremate them for a proper send-off.

“And we would like to eliminate this problem from the roots so we won’t face something like this anymore.”

Theo looked down, contemplating. After a while, he said, “To be honest, I don’t have much hope about the fourth picture. I believe they’re not near us, right?”

“Yes. They’re in the deepest part of the goblin settlements. In other words, we may need to face one or two General Class Monsters at once.”

“In order to save them, we need to eliminate all other threats first, meaning they will be our last priority. At that time…” Theo furrowed his eyebrows and sighed.

“We’re planning to end everything within three days if possible. We have gathered the information and tried challenging them in the past few months, so we know how to deal with them.” Loris nodded.

“When do you want to start?”

“If possible, tomorrow morning.”

“In that case, I need your full cooperation.”

“Happy to comply.”


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