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Chapter 582 – Groups

Theo’s group slowed down their pace since Theo was confident in covering the distance within the time. He chose to level up during the journey and Agata chose to do the same.

Theo also tried to get information from Enrica, albeit he didn’t find much because most of the information was in the camp.

During the first night, Theo ended up sitting down with Enrica. His face was serious as their discussion was important.

Agata sat next to them but didn’t say anything.

“So, you want to know about the camp information, right?” Enrica asked with a smile.

“Yes. Although I don’t know the situation, knowing my group first will give me enough time for consideration. As for the current battlefield, I will ask the one in charge there.” Theo nodded in agreement.

“Okay.” She turned to Agata.

Agata hurriedly stretched her hand, showing her Skylink. “The information is with me. Let me send it to you.”

Theo handed her his Skylink.

Meanwhile, Enrica started explaining. “We have fifty people in the camp. They consist of eight groups of six people and two supervisors.”

Theo then took his Skylink back from Agata and opened the data he received.

“They are above level 400, so I don’t think they will hinder you that much. Also, I don’t think you can change their group composition because we have divided them according to their jobs.”

“Hmm?” Theo raised his eyebrows, realizing something from the information. “I see.”

Enrica didn’t see Theo’s expression, so she continued. “The first group is for scouting, so all six of them are Scouts. The second, third, fourth, and fifth groups are the vanguard. They’re composed of Knights, Fighters, and Magic Warriors.

“The sixth groups are our main attackers since they consist of Rangers, Magicians, and Enchanters. The seventh group is to deal with the escaping monsters, so they’re assassins. Last but not least, we have a group of Healers.”

Theo thought for a moment and said, “Well, I have heard a few things about the Holy Knight Orders from Sir Leonardo, so I expect their quality to be high.”

“Don’t worry about it.” Enrica nodded, assuring him.

“Okay.” Theo looked through the list and seemed to understand their formation. “By the way, can the scouts notice traps as well?”

“Traps?” Enrica furrowed her eyebrows.

Theo just didn’t want to get ambushed by the monsters again, like when he fought the wolves and the mummies. It would be dangerous for them, so he wanted them to make sure the environment was safe.

“Do you think they can build traps? I mean, I know they can do some tactics, but traps…”

“I believe they have that capability, especially if they’re led by General Class Monsters.”

“Well, I don’t have the number of their General Class Monsters, but you can expect more than one, I guess.”

“Exactly my point. It’s going to be a bit dangerous if they have traps.” Theo sighed. “Ava will handle the ambush, so all I need is to make sure there’s no trap in the area.”

“You can discuss it with them, but I think they’re capable.”

Theo fell silent for a moment and asked another question. “How about the vanguard teams? Can they take on many goblins at once? Also, the Magicians may make some explosions… So, I need to take the distance into account, making sure our ambush is not heard by others. The healers and assassins are also troublesome…”

“You seem to have some thoughts in your mind, so I won’t doubt your plans. As for the quality of our knights, you have no choice but to trust us.” Enrica shook her head. “Besides, if necessary, we will have the two supervisors to join us.”

“How about the leader of each squad? Are they good? Can they react to any form of situation?”

“It will depend on your ability. At the very least, each squad knows how to position themselves depending on the other group.”

“I can’t really give my orders on a chaotic battlefield. Maybe I will use the scouts to give some signals in a place that can be easily seen by others.”

“It’s your choice.” Enrica shrugged. “I will be working together with you and Agata as the ninth group.”

“Then, can you tell me the extent of your healing? Like recovering limbs?”

“No, I don’t have that kind of ability. Even my teacher can’t recover what have lost… If you can bring your arm in one piece, there’s a possibility of attaching it back to its original position. And it shouldn’t rot. As for me, I think I can treat burn wounds and speed up the healing process. If your bone is only snapped into two, I can, but if it’s already shattered into pieces, I can’t. That’s the extent of my healing magic.”

“That’s quite a high level already.” Theo frowned. “How about your other skills?”

“Ehm, I don’t think I will disclose this information, since not many people know about it. All I can say is that I have the confidence to defeat some monsters on my own and form some shields to protect you if necessary.

“You can even put your all in your attacks since I can protect you. As for the rest, just ask the Enchanter to boost your attack.” Enrica shook her head helplessly. “As for injury, you will be the priority, but I will keep observing the other squads.”

“Good enough. I will trust your judgment.” Theo nodded. “One last question, do you have anything to say to me regarding the mission?”

Enrica opened her mouth in surprise, impressed by the fact Theo still asked that question. He should have had confidence in his plan, but he still asked her to participate in the planning. No wonder he was the real leader in the Grand Gaia Competition.

“No. I don’t have one. I hope you can bring the same level of strategy as the previous competition.”

Theo shrugged and turned to Agata. “How about you?”

She shook her head. “Just order me as you like.”

Theo nodded and said, “Okay. That’s all. You two can rest since Ava and I will be on the lookout first. We will arrive at our destination before sunset.”

“Got it.”


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