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Chapter 516 – Conversation

“Then what? Should we hide Theo’s talent and raise him like a normal child without any talent? Or should we beg my father to take care of Theo?”

When he heard that question, Ray fell silent with a grim expression. “If only it’s that easy. We can take Theo to a private school or tell him he has no talent, but he will soon discover his talent just by searching how to get stronger on Skylink.

“He will doubt us and start learning it in secret. And even though we’re living normally in this country, I am sure the Griffith Family keeps watching us. Suppose the Griffith Family knows about his talent secretly. In that case, I’m afraid we won’t even realize that Theo has been brainwashed or something.

“As for your War God Family, are you sure you can stop your fath… I mean, father-in-law not to train Theo and hide him without anyone knowing? If I understand him and his equal love motto, he will make Theo grow up secretly without informing us.

“At that time, Theo’s talent will be known to the world sooner or later. When the Griffith Family tracks him down and finds the connection with us, the two families will go to war, and Theo may die in the process. I know that you guys can deal with the problem by using your brain, popping out strategies one after another, but what if the Griffith Family prioritizes Theo over the war? They should be able to catch Theo soon.”

Hearing Ray’s words, Valerie could only gnash her teeth, understanding the Griffith Family’s ability. In terms of fighting power, the two families might be equal. But if the Griffith Family wanted to kidnap or assassinate Theo, the War God Family would absolutely fail in protecting him unless Theo had his own strength to keep him alive. “Still, there should be something we can do…”

He took a deep breath and calmed his heart. “Yeah, I know there’s something we can do. However, you are more qualified than me in coming up with that thing… Please calm down… I need you to think about Theo’s future.

“What do you think is best for us? Should we hide Theo in the War God Family or should we hide his talent here? As far as I know, going to the Griffith Family voluntarily is a bad idea since they may do something to Theo without us knowing.”

Valerie fell silent for a few minutes before saying, “The best I can come up with right now is to hide Theo in Thersland and suppress his talent. In the meantime, we will let that talent bloom before he’s 18 years old and somehow make my father know about his existence.

“At that time, Father can openly train him, and Theo should be strong enough to keep himself safe even if the two families go to war. Father will surely pour the resources for all those 18 years simultaneously, allowing him to reach Supreme Rank in the shortest amount of time.

“Meanwhile, we control the Griffith Family, hiding Theo and getting stronger simultaneously. We need to become strong enough to oppose those elders.”

Ray shook his head. “But the Griffith Family will know about Theo’s existence sooner or later, and there is still that Pendant of Identification. If we go back to the family, I’m afraid I need to become the successor of the family due to that old bastard. Yet, I won’t have enough power to oppose them.

“And the fact we’re gone means Theo will have no guardian. The family won’t let that happen and send someone here.”

“We will have Ed become his guardian. This way, they have no reason to send someone. We can just claim that we have been training Ed to protect Theo this whole time.” Valerie bit her nails in frustration.

“That path…” Although he couldn’t see the detail of that plan, Ray somehow understood that this might be a path of ruin. However, seeing her expression, Ray knew it might be their best option. After all, even if they didn’t find Theo’s talent, they might use Theo’s life as a bargaining chip to control him.

Valerie had understood the laws and traditions of the Griffith Family, so taking that into consideration, she came up with this idea.

“Well, we still have time. I can’t guarantee years, but months should be enough for us to come up with something better.” Ray assured her.

After hearing their conversation, Edward couldn’t help but return to the room, forgetting his need. He couldn’t help but remember the day they adopted him and when Theo was born.

He swore in his heart no matter how ridiculous the plan he heard as Theo’s guardian, he would fulfill it to the best of his ability.

Ray opened his eyes again and looked at the result of the plan… Theo had no trust in them anymore and planned to stay away from the family.

Yes. The family had fallen apart, but Ray and Valerie still had one more objective. It was to cut the curse of the Griffith Family from Theo onwards, meaning Theo’s children would be away from this curse and could live however they wanted.

The two decided to bear the entire curse for Theo, even if it meant they would become the villains in Theo’s heart.

Understanding the weight of that responsibility, he had no choice other than to accept the entire plan.

He looked Theo in the eyes and couldn’t help but smile. “Your parents… No, please let me say this one thing. Our father and mother have sacrificed themselves for you and your talent. Please don’t waste it… This is my only request.”

Edward lowered his head until his forehead touched the table. His only thought was, ‘They may be scums in your mind, but they are the best parents you can get. The only curse here is that you are born in the wrong family…’

Theo’s body shook when he saw Edward’s action. His expression and eyes told him that those words were what he believed.

Unfortunately, none of them could be told to Theo as it would defeat the purpose in pushing Theo away from the Griffith Family.

Had he chosen to go to the Griffith Family, the latter would instantly make another exception and accept him. And Theo would surely pay a great price for it.

Unless he could defeat tens of Mythical Rank Experts simultaneously, it was impossible to defeat the Griffith Family.

They also didn’t wish for Theo’s life to be filled with war and revenge, so they chose to sacrifice themselves and disappear from the world as villains.

That was why Edward looked up to them so much.


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