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Chapter 515 – Theodore Griffith

“As for your father… His name is Ray Griffith. He is the current head of the Griffith Family,” said Edward with full conviction.

Theo widened his eyes and opened his mouth in shock. He had expected that his father was someone important, but not this important.

He couldn’t help but slam the table and shout, “What did you say?!”

As much as he didn’t want to believe it, he had to believe it. However, the disappointment quickly filled his heart, wondering why his father would leave him behind when he had such a position? Especially, allowing him to experience such a childhood.

Theo instinctively picked up his weapon while gritting his teeth.

Edward could see his hand was shaking and continued, “I will tell you about it right now. Your father is known as the Magic Emperor. His Control is among the top 5 in the world, and if he can keep growing, top 3 is not impossible.

“He made his name in the world and even brought Germany to the top of the Grand Gaia Competition when he was there. Despite such prestige, your father didn’t join the Griffith Family.

“Obviously, if someone, who had this kind of talent, didn’t join the Griffith Family, it would infuriate them. The Griffith Family made an exception that forced him to join them, but after a long battle, he finally succeeded in breaking free from their grasp with your mother.

“His talent was considered to be the same as the ancestor that brought the Griffith Family to that glory, so you understand why they did all that.

“After escaping, they adopted me and gave birth to you. You might not have the memory of it, but…”

He closed his eyes for a moment, recalling the day Theo was born.

A few years later after he got adopted. Edward had been staying in Thersland.

He also learned that his mother, Valerie, had a problem conceiving a child. And it was the reason why the couple adopted him.

During that time, his father, Ray, had been training him to become a strong boy.

Edward practiced seriously, not wanting to experience the same thing back in the slum. He wanted to decide his own fate, so he did all his best to get stronger.

It was a small but happy family. Everything was normal and their lives were filled with happiness.

On top of that, a miracle happened. Despite the fact the chance was less than one percent, Valerie finally got pregnant.

She couldn’t stop crying for a whole day. Even Ray couldn’t contain his tears.

This was the first time the couple shed any tears, and the news also brought joy to Edward’s heart.

He was glad that the couple finally conceived a child after so many years.

Ray became overly protective for the entire nine months, making sure nothing happened to Valerie and the child. Edward also helped him in taking care of them.

Nine months later.

Valerie was lying down on the hospital’s bed and a baby’s cry filled the silent hospital’s atmosphere.

At that time, Ray dropped to his knees and cried. He simply broke down, feeling relieved that the kid was finally born.

Edward was there with him, patting his back. Ray had endured so long.

Both of them spared no effort in coming inside to hold the baby for the first time.

Ray awkwardly carried Theo for the first time while Valerie chuckled tiredly. After a while, Ray finally approached him while letting Edward see the little baby. “Here, here. Look at him, Edward. This is your little brother.”

Edward’s body shook as he didn’t know what to do. He remembered Valerie extending her hand when she adopted him. His instinct replicated the scene and made his hand move to Theo.

Instead of his hand, he approached Theo with his finger.

Theo was slightly swaying left and right, crying. Meanwhile, Valerie called Ray, “Dear…”

“Yeah.” Ray smiled and said with pride. “His name is Theodore Griffith. He’s the pride of the family.”

At the same time Ray said Theo’s name, Theo unintentionally touched Edward’s finger and stopped crying.

Edward froze, thinking he somehow calmed the baby. Realizing this, tears started streaming down Edward’s cheeks as he also broke down like Ray earlier.

After that day, the family became even happier.

Theo could talk in just nine months and showed a good understanding of everything.

It should bring happiness to the family, but somehow he felt something was missing from the family.

On a certain occasion, he happened to overhear their conversations.

Valerie and Ray were talking in the living room while he was supposed to take care of Theo and just left the room because he wanted to pee.

“Dear… What should we do?” Valerie clutched her head as if she was in pain. “Theo… He… I mean, I’m glad that he is talented, but his talent… It’s too much. Have you noticed the fluctuation of the Magic Power around him?”

“I know.” Ray stroked her hair to calm her down. “If this continues, Theo’s talent will soon be discovered. I am afraid his control alone is much stronger than mine. There is also the fact he can adapt to almost everything quickly, from talking to other things.

“He could even somehow sense us coming to the room, though it might be his instinct. From what I can see, his talent is adaptability or learning.

“Normally, we only master 100 percent of one aspect… like my Control while the rest is just 50 percent. As for Theo, his control alone is like 120 percent of my talent. Then, with his talent, he may be able to increase the other four aspects to 75 percent, if not 100 percent.

“With how fast his growth is… I’m afraid it’s not going to be long for the family to find out. After that… I’m afraid everyone is going to move, especially the Mind Emperor. We are almost a Mythical Rank Expert right now, but we can’t fight them. And the moment they find out, I’m afraid the Mind Emperor will brainwash Theo.”

Valerie gritted her teeth and asked tiredly, “Then what? Should we hide Theo’s talent and raise him like a normal child without any talent? Or should we beg my father to take care of Theo?”


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