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Chapter 497 – Realization

“I guess our conversation will end here. I need to bring my daughter back.”

After saying those words, Avarice jumped into the air and transformed into her humanoid form. She walked to Ava with a serious expression. “The moment she finishes her evolution, she should be able to change into this form of her own will. However, she can’t use the power similar to the one on my back yet.”

Listening to her words, Theo noticed something and asked, “Did that power come from the next one?”

“Yeah. It’s the next evolution which you consider a King Class Monster.” She nodded and glanced at Theo, “I don’t know how you do it, but I notice the connection between you and the grand order.”

Theo’s body shook as he asked while frowning, “Did you mean I have a connection to this world?”

“I told you that my job is to protect the order, right?”


“That order has two meanings. First, it’s like what you imagine… Some sort of law that regulates this world. However, once you pass a certain requirement, you will be able to form a bond with the Grand Order to create your own order, like mine, the moonlight.

“No, I have heard about your world having blessings from the people of the past, right? Why are they stronger than you?”

Theo’s expression turned grim. “Order?”

“That’s something you need to figure out. I can’t say more than this because of the restriction.” She smiled and thought for a moment. “That’s right. I will give you one piece of advice. Have you ever set a certain rule for yourself? Something that you can’t break no matter what? What was the word again… Principle?”

“…” Theo tilted his head in confusion before remembering a certain person. Suddenly, his eyes widened, and he gasped.

“It seems you know about it.” Avarice smiled. “My advice is to stick to those rules and don’t tell anyone about the Moonlight Order. That’s all.”

Without waiting for Theo’s reply, Avarice raised her hand. The seven stars behind her suddenly flew toward Ava’s Lightning Barrier.

Six of the stars formed a rectangle, and the last star became a handle. When the white light connected all of them again, the seven stars turned into a door.

She reached the handle and opened the door, creating a gap between the lightning barrier.

Using that power, she entered the barrier without a problem and bent down her knees.

Her expression turned gentle. A smile appeared when she stroked Ava’s head.

“Let’s go home.” Avarice carefully lifted Ava from the ground.

After that, the seven stars flew to her back, and the door disappeared.

Because the lightning only affected the outside, Avarice had no problem inside the barrier, and the barrier seemed to be moving with Ava as the center.

Avarice turned to Theo for a second and nodded to him as if saying goodbye. After that, she looked to the front and leaped into the air, leaving Theo alone.

Theo closed his eyes as he was still shaken by the revelation.

“Order… Set of rules.” Theo gritted his teeth. The meeting between him and Loki kept replaying in his mind.

At that time, Loki asked him to obey three rules.

Dropping on his butt, Theo looked at the night sky, laughing. “Hahaha. Is this the reason for those rules? Order, huh? There is also the requirement… The requirement seems to be another case because they don’t relate to each other. I guess this world is more sophisticated than I originally thought…”

He wanted to know the answer from the God of Mischief, but not a single reply arrived even after a few minutes, so he gave up.

“I guess I should maintain those rules? I remember the God of Mischief creating a foundation for me… Is it related in any way?” Theo tilted his head. “Argh. I don’t know many things. However, unlike any other time, the knowledge I lack is more important and not many people know about it. I should be grateful to know it right now and start figuring it out after getting stronger.”

He remembered the promise and smiled. “Supreme Rank Expert. I will be able to know more after reaching level 500. It may take around one to two years at my pace, but it should be fine. I won’t even reach 20 years old by that time.

“I am looking forward to the time I understand more and more of this.” Theo wished to get stronger as soon as all this information raised his motivation.

He laid down on the ground while staring at the stars. “Ava, I will visit you as soon as possible. I hope you are doing alright with your mother.

“Still, to think Ava is the daughter of the Queen of Monsters… I can’t imagine that. No wonder they never found the queen. Also, how did my brother meet the queen? She said it may be related to another king, so does he have a mark or something?” Theo asked himself while looking at the white circle on his palm.

“Anyway, I can’t get Ava’s help, so I need to be extremely careful in my mission.” Theo thought for a moment. “I should finish the Ant Nest within a week and reach level 330 as soon as possible.”

His mind needed to process many things, from the battle between Mythical Rank Experts to the information Avarice told him.

Theo ended up using the rest of the night to solve his thoughts.

At the same time, he also faced another problem.

This might be the first time he needed to camp alone since Ava wasn’t there to help watch over the tent anymore.

In the end, Theo couldn’t sleep in a relaxed position. He maintained his sitting posture and leaned on a tree.

He closed his eyes while raising his guard, making sure he could react to anyone approaching him.

Luckily, the area was relatively safe because Nina and Davi had killed most of the monsters nearby, preventing them from interrupting the battle earlier.

The next day.

Theo was ready to explore the cave again… As soon as he tidied up his camp, he hurriedly entered the ant nest.


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