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God of Tricksters – Chapter 496: Order Bahasa Indonesia

Chapter 496 – Order

“…The Queen of Monsters.”

Theo took a step back, dropped his jaw to the ground, and froze. He often heard about the Queen of Monsters.

After all, this Queen of Monster had been depicted as the one who governed Thersland from the other side, preventing them from making any big movement.

It was also one of the reasons why Thersland hurriedly banned the entry to the Unending Grass Path where the Unending Tree resided after that incident, to the point they mobilized many soldiers to prevent anyone from coming in.

They knew if the Queen of Monster mobilized the monsters, Ark City and Art Beats City would be destroyed.

They could bring outside help, but the Queen of Monster never made her appearance, so it was impossible to kill her, posing an even more dangerous threat, considering the Queen might launch a counterattack and reach the Teleportation Circle.

There was a famous incident in Myanmar where they pissed off a King Class Monster. The monster brought tens of thousands of monsters to wreak havoc on Earth, causing billions of damages and thousands of people losing their lives.

They somehow sealed the information, but someone soon leaked the real information, telling them what truly happened.

Many countries still helped them by giving some support for the disasters but also blamed them for their reckless behavior. At that time, the world knew it wasn’t good to piss them off, lest they tried to come to the other side.

And now, the one that could cause such chaos stood before him. She looked like a cute and harmless rabbit, but her power and authority were terrifying.

Avarice remained silent for a minute before adding, “I don’t know what you know about me, but I have no intention of destroying things unreasonably. As long as you people can behave in maintaining the orders, I won’t do anything.”

Theo took a deep breath, calming his heart down.

Avarice glanced at Ava and added, “Of course. I would have brought them if my daughter was harmed by them during her stay.”

“This…” Theo looked down with a troubled expression. “Ava… I mean, your daughter…”

“You don’t need to act politely.” Avarice shook her head. “I believe you don’t remember this, but your kindness has moved Ava’s heart in the past.”

“Eh?” Theo’s body shook and recalled what happened in the past. Unfortunately, he couldn’t find anything related to Ava in his memory.

“As expected.” Avarice closed her eyes. “That is something Ava will tell you herself. And it’s her will to help you.”

“Then, what is the relationship between her and my brother?”

“There’s nothing like that.” Avarice shook her head. “It’s me. I met your brother twelve years ago. However, I can’t disclose the details because another King Class Monster like me may get involved.”

“Another King Class Monster?” Theo frowned. He was curious, but if it invited that much danger, he refrained himself from knowing. “I understand.”


“Anyway, I want to tell you that Ava won’t be able to accompany you for the time being. So, if you have reached the requirement, come to the canyon. Someone will guide you to your brother from the entrance. I will also ask the guide to stand by next to the entrance.”

“I can understand that. Thank you so much for the help.”

“No need to thank me.” She then pointed at Ava, “There is something you need to know. This world may not like what you think. Even a King Class monster like me is not that harmful as long as you maintain the orders within your rank and not scheme against us.

“Still, I need to thank you for letting my daughter evolve this soon.” Avarice thought for a moment and looked at Theo’s hand. “Give me your hand.”

“Ehm?” Theo was confused but still bent his knees and extended his hand to her.

Avarice then cut her foot and let a drop of blood fall on top of his palm.

After that, she used her other foot to flatten it and said, “Moonlight Order.”

Suddenly, Theo’s vision became brighter.

“Eh? What is this?” Theo looked around and noticed that only his position seemed to be brighter. He then looked up and rubbed his eyes as if feeling that the moon had become shinier than he thought.

“No need to worry. I have said it earlier; we have our orders to maintain. To do that, we need to be connected to this land, and this is my Moonlight Order which is the proof of friendship between you and me. Take this as my gift for helping my daughter.” Avarice smiled and pulled her hand, revealing a crescent moon tattoo on his palm.

“This proof won’t have any effect, but you can use it to introduce yourself shall you face another King Class monster like me.”

“This is too precious.” Theo was amused by the gift.

However, Avarice chuckled and said, “Either way, my daughter will become another King Class Monster sooner or later. At that time, I won’t have any doubt that she will give this mark to you. I am doing all this just to protect you for a while so she can give that mark to you herself.

“For me, I can also know whether you have died or not, so for the sake of my daughter, keep living.” Avarice nodded her head.

Theo had no words in this situation. He never thought about receiving something this big just by walking around.

“If you wish to know about this world’s order… Seek my presence when you reach Supreme Rank. I will give you a little hint about it.”

Theo was curious about this world because there wasn’t much information regarding the essence of this world. Even if the government had it, they would most likely hide it because the information was too important to be disclosed to the public.

So, learning more about this world also meant he possessed the knowledge that many countries desired. He needed a certain amount of resolve to possess it.

Theo took a deep breath and smiled. “I don’t know what kind of future I will have, but as long as you don’t renew the promise, I will certainly come.”

Avarice smiled and glanced at Ava. “I guess our conversation will end here… I need to bring my daughter back.”


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