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God of Tricksters – Chapter 490.1: Mythical Expert Fight Part 1 Bahasa Indonesia

Chapter 490 – Mythical Expert Fight Part 1

A few minutes ago.

A red-haired muscular old man was floating in the sky, looking at his surroundings.

He raised his hand and poured white powder from his head, dispersing it to the environment. To his surprise, he found rats sneaking around him this whole time.

“…” The red-haired man frowned and said, “So, who are you? Are you his master from the Griffith Family?”

There was no response to the point he needed to turn around, looking down at a certain tree. “If you’re not coming out, I am going to destroy this hill.”

The hill he was talking about was none other than the ant nest Theo entered.

Realizing the situation was going to become a bit troublesome, a white-haired woman came out. She was none other than Theo’s Master.

“You are the rumored Demonic Granny?”

“That nickname is a mistake that I will always regret.” The woman looked at him before jumping into the air and using her Control to float with her Magic Power alone.

“Then, who is the one beside you?” The man asked while squinting his eyes. “I want the other guy to come out.”

“Man, that was hard. I tried to destroy that powder but failed.” Another middle-aged man came out, surprising the red-haired man. He floated into the air and positioned himself between the man and the hill to protect the hill.

“If I’m not wrong, you’re a dog from the War God Family. I don’t understand… What’s your reason for coming here? No, should I say you are the one who has been leading me to another place this whole time?”

“I failed. I guess it’s a given, considering my opponent is a Diamond Level Mercenary, Red Lion.” The middle-aged man smiled. “I am the one who is perplexed because I can’t find any reason for you being here, especially since the young master doesn’t have a bounty yet.”

“No need to pry for information from me. I am here to grab the kid.”

“That can’t be done. Do you know who his parents are?”

“Whoever they are, they aren’t that good. They can’t even take care of their own internal family problems.” The man snorted.

“…” Davi widened his eyes before laughing hard. None of them stopped him, knowing Davi had understood the entire situation with just that sentence. Davi suddenly stopped, regaining the silence. Looking at the Red Lion, he said, “I have heard that the Red Lion is a proud man who never tells a lie… You… just told us something interesting.”

The red lion snorted. “Either way, you two are not enough to stop me from achieving my objective.”

“Haha, you’re really interesting… You haven’t understood your position yet?” The middle-aged man chuckled as if he was looking at a fool.

“Both of you can’t stop me.” The red lion frowned as his hand began to melt as if turning into molten lava.

“Unfortunately for you, you have kicked the bucket this time.” Davi smirked.

Suddenly, Davi and Theo’s master disappeared.

The red lion calmly raised his melting hand as if blocking something. The next second, Theo’s master reappeared together with Davi.

Lightning had covered her hands as she hit the molten lava with both palms.

“Great Lightning Shock.”

The same applied to Davi. He covered his dagger with his Shadow, slashing the hand from below.

“Shadow Slash.”

The lightning sparked and created a powerful blast, knocking the person away. Davi’s Shadow Slash also became bigger and bigger as it traveled. The Shadow Slash even reached the ground and created a fifty feet deep and two hundred feet long mark despite him releasing the attack two hundred feet above the ground.

Both of their attacks pushed the Red Lion one mile away from the hill.

To check his condition, both of them hurriedly followed him.

However, they were amazed when the Red Lion stopped with three marks on his hand.

The two marks came from the Great Lightning Shock, while the other was a long sword mark stretching from his elbow to his middle finger.

Blood began to flow out of the wound, but the red lion didn’t have the change of expression.

“Is that it? I thought you could do more.” The red lion shook his head in disappointment. The wound on his hand suddenly disappeared at speed visible to naked eyes. After that, the hand turned back to molten lava.

Because of his disappointment, the Red Lion utilized all his power. The molten lava started releasing magma. Some of them dropped to the ground and melted the dirt.

“I have let you attack me once. It’s time for you to taste my attack.” The red lion looked at both of them.

However, Davi only raised his hands and shrugged. “Come on. Don’t you understand why I even show my appearance to you?”

“Because you suck.”

“Exactly.” Davi gave a thumbs up. “That’s why I don’t want to get hit by you.”

He stopped for a moment and looked up, shouting, “Oi, he told me that someone from your Griffith Family broke the rule and aimed at your son.”

“What are you doing?” The Red Lion squinted his eyes before noticing the pressure from above.

He instinctively looked up, finding nothing other than the fluctuation of Magic Power.

However, that magic power soon intensified rapidly and fell on him.

“!!!” The Red Lion instinctively raised both hands, turning them into lava. “Explode!”

The Lava burst from his hands, trying to disperse the pressure. Unfortunately for him, the pressure that had been dispersed ended up getting back to the center and pushed him down.


His fall created a small crater, but the crater expanded when all the pressure hit him for the second time. It became fifteen feet deep and two hundred feet radius, blowing away all the trees in their surroundings and turning this forest into a plain.

In the sky, a blue-haired man appeared, looking down on him coldly.

“Thank you for the information.” The man nodded and glanced at Davi. “Protect Theo for me. I will solve this problem.”

Davi nodded and glanced at the old woman, signaling her to go back with him.

Meanwhile, the Red Lion sucked a cold breath when he saw the man, recognizing him. “You… You are…”


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