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God of Tricksters – Chapter 489: Unexpected Encounter Bahasa Indonesia

Chapter 489 – Unexpected Encounter

“You… seriously asked that?” Theo was lost for words, not understanding how the knight’s brain worked.

“As long as you gave us your belongings, we would leave you alive.” The knight shouted, not realizing how idiotic and shameless that statement was.

“Huh, what?” Theo blinked his eyes a few times. He remembered how everything happened and said, “First of all, I am not related to whatever you are doing here. And as soon as we met, you tried to steal everything from me. How am I supposed to live or go back without my gear?

“Then, that guy over there.” Theo pointed at the leader and continued, “Almost killed me when I tried to touch the ant. Now that our positions have reversed, you’re saying all these things? Now tell me, why should I spare any of you?”

When the knight was about to reply, Theo waved his hand and shouted, “Stop. No need to explain yourself. What’s the difference between letting the other guy steal my belongings and not stopping that guy?”

The answer was obvious and Theo didn’t bother to continue. He hurriedly made his way to the knight and struck his shield.

“I don’t need your answer, I need your life.” Theo snorted.

The knight took a few steps back just to neutralize Theo’s strike, but the latter already moved to his right, hitting his shield once again.

To his surprise, he struck at the very top of the shield, which was close to his neck. This strike created a centrifugal force that was about to flip him over.

The knight gnashed his teeth, wanting to kill Theo for not even listening to his words.

Unfortunately for him, Theo showed no mercy because the Magic Bullets followed right after.

The Magic Bullets pinned the knight down while Theo leaped to the side, planning to help Ava.

Ava was fighting against the assassin and their speed seemed to be similar.

She had been hitting the blades continuously, trying to send them flying.

On the contrary, the assassin was waiting for a small misstep in Ava’s movement to turn around the situation.

These two had been fighting like this for a while and couldn’t afford to pay attention to the knight and Theo’s conversation.

Little did they know, the balance was about to be broken.

Theo made his appearance between them after pinning his enemy to the ground, giving them some time to kill the assassin.

Understanding his intention, Ava quickly discharged all her lightning at once, cracking the floor beneath her feet.

After that, Ava unexpectedly turned around and directed her lightning to the knight and shot it as if wanting to kill the knight.

“What?!” The knight and assassin were dumbstruck.

“Oi! It’s going to you!” The assassin shouted.

The knight also saw the incoming attack, rolled to grab his shield, and blocked the lightning, albeit barely.

Meanwhile, the assassin took a step forward to hit Ava, but Theo’s spear interfered with his movement.

“You’re not going anywhere.”

The assassin gritted his teeth and pulled back. He hurriedly thrust his dagger to Theo’s face.

To his surprise, Theo only smiled at him.

The shock didn’t come from Theo’s smile, but rather the small figure that emerged from behind him.

It was Ava.

Ava turned out to fake her attack and only released half of her power to the shield guy, giving them more time. After that, she looped behind Theo and climbed his back before jumping to the assassin’s head.

She still had half of her power left, so she poured all that power into one kick, hitting the assassin’s nose.

“That’s not enough. I will help you.” Theo wasn’t satisfied when he saw Ava couldn’t kill the guy.

Ava was aware that one kick could only disfigure his face, so she wondered what Theo wanted to do to help her.

A gust of wind suddenly gathered on her back and pushed her.

Noticing this power, Ava noticed Theo wanted that kick to affect the brain, so she continued until the power ran out. She couldn’t waste Theo’s Telekinesis after all.

As soon as the assassin dropped to the ground, Ava even used her lightning to destroy his heart and neck, killing him.

The knight had recovered, but this wouldn’t be a problem because she would fight together with Theo.

“Let’s go.” Theo commanded while marching toward the knight who just rose from the ground.

Ava leaped left and right to confuse him, while Theo took the frontal assault, hitting his shield once again.

“Kh!” The knight gnashed his teeth while blocking this attack.

Unexpectedly, he managed to stop Theo’s attack despite the hurdle. What he didn’t know was the fact that this attack was just a mere illusion.

Despair soon filled his heart when Theo disappeared, revealing another Theo standing in his original position.

He doubted his eyes for a second while Ava glanced at Theo, hoping he could finish this guy first.

Theo agreed without hesitation and raised his hand. “Magic Bullets.”

“Again?!” The knight seemed to be traumatized by Theo’s Magic Bullets, considering he was the only one who took it this whole time.

The Magic Bullets flew in all directions, confusing the guy this time.

And Ava sneaked around the Magic Bullet and covered herself with a bolt of lightning, turning into a lightning ball herself.

Although the color and appearance were different, she somehow hid between the Magic Bullets and struck the knight on the chest.

Theo quickly retracted the Magic Bullet so as to avoid injuring Ava and watched how Ava took down her enemies.

After that, Theo turned around, only to find his clone had created a hole on his opponent’s chest.

“…” Theo was silent because the guy still gave him his middle-finger at the very end. He couldn’t help but shake his head, saying, “This is too much for me. Let’s go back and return tomorrow.”


“After you eat them that is.”

“Kyu.” Ava nodded her head.

After a few minutes, Theo finally came out of the cave from the previous entrance. He felt a bit exhausted at this point but still moved to another place to get some meat for them to eat later.

However, when he was walking around the hill, Theo found two people, standing next to each other.

The first one was a middle-aged man. He had spiky green hair and a stern face, but when their eyes intertwined, Theo could feel his worries.

Meanwhile, the other person was someone he was very familiar with. He couldn’t help but say, “Master…”


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