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God of Tricksters – Chapter 485: Blazing Ant General Bahasa Indonesia

Chapter 485 – Blazing Ant General

The ant had his head a large indentation to the inside, but it somehow survived, struggling to get up. Meanwhile, the other one was still holding on, trying to get away from its friend to attack Theo.

Suddenly, Ava appeared and kicked the crushed ant sideways, pushing it to the other ant and preventing both of them from moving.

Ava glanced at Theo as the latter nodded and sliced the crushed ant’s head. A wave of Magic Bullets also flew past Theo, hitting the second ant.

However, the ant ended up burning the Magic Bullet again.

Realizing Magic Bullet wouldn’t be very effective in this nest. Theo narrowed his eyes and used Blink to appear on top of the second ant, piercing its head. ‘This will be quite a challenge.’

The ant couldn’t resist and died.

Theo quickly turned them into cards while Ava turned around, finding another wave of ants coming to them.

Theo frowned and found five ants crawling inside the tunnel. What made Theo feel uncomfortable was the ants creeping on the ceiling. They just made it hard for him because Theo couldn’t reach them in an instant.

These five ants were no different than the two they defeated, so Theo moved his clone again to handle them.

To his surprise, the ant jumped off the ceiling and pounced his clone.

Clone Theo looked around and used his Blink to reappear behind them before releasing his killing intent. He wanted to see how the ant reacted to this kind of attack.

Unfortunately, only two of the ants turned around and attacked him. The other three kept charging forward.

Ava leaped from left to right to left again, confusing them. Theo walked forward to become the bait since he would be easier to hit.

The ants abruptly increased their speed and came to Theo in a second, trying to bite him.

Their mouth was large enough to cut his neck, so Theo quickly struck the ant without anything since the enemy could burn his skills.

This was just a normal exchange, albeit all ants had a few similar characteristics. One of them being able to lift someone heavier than them.

Theo wasn’t heavier than them, but it also meant he was easier to lift up.

“…” He frowned when the ant raised him with the help of his spear.

The other two ants already crept next to him and tried to attack him.

Letting go of his spear, Theo landed on the ground, avoiding the two bites. After that, he poured his Magic Power into his fists and started using his External Flow.

He stepped to the right and punched the ant in the face.


The ant’s head swayed violently to the side as Theo’s hand seemed to be covered by a green sticky liquid. He realized he managed to break through the ant’s head with only his External Flow.

‘I see. External Flow is enough as long as I can hit them at the right place.’ Theo used his Telekinesis to brush away all the liquid from his hand and ducked down when he noticed the ant waving his spear with its mouth.

The other ant also wanted to hit him, so Theo hurriedly ran toward the right ant.

The latter tried to bite him, but Theo effortlessly avoided it and hit the head two times, killing the ant.

When the left ant was about to ram him, Ava landed on top of the middle ant’s head and kicked it to the ground.

The ant spurted out the spear, and Theo leaped to grab it. He struck the left ant with his spear, only to get blocked by its mouth.

However, he never intended to hit the ant. Instead, Theo let go of his spear once more, activated his Telekinesis, and pierced the ant’s head with his fist.

The ant let out a screeching sound as if they were crying over their comrade.

Theo showed no mercy and continued to attack the middle ant.

The latter struggled, but Ava stopped him again and looked at Theo, asking him to kill the ant.

Without hesitation, Theo executed the last ant and helped his clone right after. The ants were powerless against Theo and Ava’s combination.

Theo then took a break for a moment while recounting what had happened. ‘First of all, their bodies are weak, but their speed is quite good. Still, with how small this place is, they will have trouble moving around.

‘If I can get past their defense, I can kill them easily. Of course, their front feet and mouth are very tough. And Ava seems to have a natural advantage against them. Not only is she fast, but she is also small. I guess I need to rely on Ava this time.

‘Also, I can’t use my Magic Bullet… Probably together with Telekinesis and Cannon Blast. However, this is a great opportunity for me to train myself so as to avoid relying on them heavily.

‘Anyway, I will kill all of the ants here along with their queen. Only after that, the mission is deemed to be completed.’ Theo smiled, feeling pumped up for this.

Theo took a rest and let Ava eat the corpses, so she could get even stronger. Meanwhile, he began to map the nest so he didn’t get trapped in this confusing maze.

He also knew that Ava didn’t really like to get too noisy in this tunnel because it kept echoing not only on the tunnel but also on her ears. Hence, Theo refrained from talking as much as possible, only signaling what she needed to do.

Luckily, Ava had fought together with him for a while. She had a good understanding of what Theo wanted to do and executed the plan perfectly.

After Ava had her fill, they continued their journey inside, fighting thirty more monsters in the span of three hours.

He was inside the occasional big room that the ant nest had. There were around ten ants moving around, but one ant, in particular, amused him.

The body was twice as big as a normal ant and the head seemed to be covered by a red metal plate. Theo thought it was their queen but took another look with his Skylink.

Name: Blazing Ant General

Level: 360


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