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God of Tricksters – Chapter 486: Killing Blazing Ant General Bahasa Indonesia

Chapter 486 – Killing Blazing Ant General

‘Ten ants, huh.’ Theo hesitated for a second, not knowing whether he could deal with them together, especially with the Blazing Ant General there.

Ava was standing on top of his shoulder, waiting for his instruction. She was curious whether Theo chose to fight them or not. After all, Theo couldn’t use all his power.

It took him a few minutes to decide to go.

“Ava, you are going to work with my clone to handle the nine normal ants. In the meantime, I will kill the general.”

Ava nodded with a serious expression.

Theo took another peek at the room and pointed to the left. “Take the battle to the left.”

After getting an agreement from Ava, Theo summoned his clone, gave the spear, and ran forward.

The ants were alarmed when Theo entered the big room. All of them hurriedly rose from the ground as the Blazing Ant General moved around as if telling them something.

Ava and Clone Theo jumped to the left, trying to catch their attention.

To their surprise, all the ants started to follow them, leaving Theo alone.

“That was easy.” Theo blinked a few times and summoned his Magic Bullet, shooting the Blazing Ant General.

The Magic Bullets hit him from above, only to melt before contact.

Luckily, the Ant General seemed to feel that attack and turned around, staring at Theo.

However, two other ants followed him in order to get rid of Theo.

“I guess I’m the one buying time.” Theo clicked his tongue and ran to the opposite of the room, getting as far as possible from Ava and his clone.

All of the Blazing Ants had summoned their fire, protecting them from skills. Theo took this to his advantage as he jumped toward the general, wanting to take him down.

The general ran as fast as possible, ramming his body, albeit before he could even hit Theo, his body had already disappeared.

The Ant General was confused for a bit and saw another Theo moving to their right.

After that, the other two ants chased after Theo.

Theo had already prepared for this and hit the ground with his Cannon Blast.


Theo created a small crater to avoid falling to the bottom if there was any cave below his position and avoided destroying the ceiling.

The ants didn’t react to the ground and Theo utilized what he had made. Since he couldn’t hit the ants with his skill, he lifted the rocks he just cracked and launched them with his Telekinesis.

The rocks flew like that of a bullet.

The ants moved to the side to avoid it, but the general had to take the full brunt because he couldn’t move away in time.


The rock hit the general’s front head, which seemed to have been fortified with some sort of metal. The rocks were the ones to shatter into pieces.

“…” Theo took a deep breath, realizing he would need to kill the other two ants first so he could focus on the Ant General.

Suddenly, the Ant General made a weird move by covering his head with white-colored energy and charged forward, pushing away the other two ants and making his way toward Theo.

Theo couldn’t help but remember one protection that wasn’t a skill. He took a deep breath and summoned the shield from his Ring of Honor.

The Ant General didn’t care about the obstacle and headbutted the shield.

Theo was pushed several feet back, but a smile appeared on his face at the end.

“I can do this.” Theo nodded, knowing his shield could work. “Alright. Since the shield is working, the fight will be easier.”

Theo used his Blink to arrive on top of the Ant General, but the latter had a fast reaction.

It hurriedly lowered its body and took off. Knowing he couldn’t sneak-attack the Ant General, Theo turned around and jumped toward the other two ants as soon as he landed.

With the Ant General going in the opposite direction, he had enough time to deal with the two ants.

The two ants obviously had no intention of getting killed. They both struck Theo with their mouths, only to get stopped by Theo’s shield.

“The Ring of Honor erects a shield that is equal to a B Rank Skill, so you guys can’t destroy this one.” Theo spun his body and went past the right ant, waving his spear to sever its head.

[Killed a Blazing Ant]


Theo then turned around and pursued the other ant.

Unfortunately for Theo, the Ant General had turned around and planned to ram him.

Theo remained in pursuit, coming closer to the ant’s butt.

The moment the Ant General was about to arrive, Theo hid behind the ant so as to avoid the collision.

The Ant General didn’t seem to care about the normal ants as it just rammed everything on the way, pushing the other ant to the side.

Theo followed the other ant and barely escaped from that charge. After that, he arrived next to the injured ant and pierced its head.

[Killed a Blazing Ant]


After killing the two, Theo used his Flowmotion to step on the wall and ceiling before jumping to the General’s back.

Before the latter could do anything, Theo pierced the body.

The Ant General let out a small sound but still had enough energy to shake his body, launching Theo to the wall.


Theo crashed to the wall and hurriedly raised his vision. The Ant General was already before his eyes, and he had no time to get away.

Instead of using his shield, Theo utilized his Blink to disappear right before the Ant General struck him.

This charge forced the Ant General’s head to be stuck inside the wall, giving Theo an opportunity.

Without hesitation, Theo stabbed the ant several times until he killed it.

[Killed an Ant General]


“That’s quite good.” Theo nodded with a serious expression.

He then turned to the other side, seeing his clone and Ava handling the last two ants… He waited for them and let Ava eat the Blazing Ant General.


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