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God of Tricksters – Chapter 1768: Disadvantage Bahasa Indonesia

Theo looked at the dragon and the World Tree. Both of them seemed to be planning to wipe out humanity. The World Tree wanted to destroy humans for the pollution, while the dragon had no logical reasons.

Either way, if he didn’t stop them here, the situation would be troublesome.

“Since both of you are planning to crush me and the rest of the humans, I can only stand here and stop you.” Theo smiled with confidence as if he had planned something.

The World Tree hesitated because he thought Theo would trap him. At the very least, the World Tree knew what kind of a threat Theo was.

On the other hand, the dragon had just woken up from his slumber and followed the trail.

Theo’s confidence meant nothing to him.

“What is that smile? For someone who will be crushed, your smile means nothing.” The dragon let out a roar and flew toward him.

“Is that so?” Theo’s smile didn’t disappear as he gradually turned into a dragon.

“!!!” The dragon was surprised to see another dragon here, but this was Theo. He could see this dragon form was the manifestation of his Magic Power instead of a real body.

So, he didn’t hesitate to pounce on him.

Theo also did the same while manipulating his strength.


Both dragons collided. Their crash created a massive shock wave that blew away the dust on the ground.

As expected from a real dragon, he instantly extended his head to the side, trying to bite Theo’s right wing.

Theo used his Supernatural Snake Body to strengthen his wing. But the dragon still managed to crack with his teeth.

“Tsk.” Theo clicked his tongue. He didn’t realize the dragon was also shocked to find Theo stopping his teeth with only a transformation technique.

Still, Theo was a human. Even if he had transformed into a dragon, he would still fight the enemy in a human way.

Theo spread his arms and legs before locking the dragon’s body.

“Hmm?” The dragon was surprised he was locked by Theo’s body.

Theo gathered a huge amount of Magic Power into his mouth, planning to blast the dragon.

“It seems that you haven’t learned anything. As expected of an arrogant human… my body is made of molten rock and my blood is magma!” The dragon smirked as magma gradually came out of his body, melting Theo’s body.

“Aaaaahhhh!” Theo screamed in pain.

This scream made the dragon become even more confident. With a smirk on his face, he laughed, “Hahaha, you idiot humans. Since you’re the one clinging to me, it’s time for you to taste my magma.”

Theo kept screaming in pain as a few parts of his body began to melt.

The World Tree still handled the supersonic bullets from Maya, so Theo still had some time to take care of this dragon. Besides, the fact that the dragon underestimated him was an advantage to him.

Theo smiled and aimed that huge amount of Magic Power toward the dragon’s body.

“Not good. Watch out!” The World Tree extended its roots toward Theo to stop his attack. Obviously, the roots went straight to the gap between Theo and the dragon, considering Theo would still be able to blast him even if he aimed for his head.

There was still the Time God inside the human base, so the World Tree wanted them together to challenge the Time God.

The dragon widened his eyes, never thinking Theo would sacrifice his body to injure him.

Theo released his breath, containing an ice element. This frost breath froze even his magma and covered his skin with a thick layer of ice, making it brittle.

The roots came and stopped the frost breath, but the damage had been done.

“Kh. You. To think you would use your own body to inflict some damage on me.” The dragon roared and grabbed Theo’s limbs. The World Tree also grasped Theo and removed him from the dragon before throwing him away.

Theo’s dragon body was melting. His right arm and both of his legs’ skin completely melted, revealing flesh and blood. Some parts were charred black.

“Hehe.” Theo smiled despite all the injuries. His face was telling them it was worth it since he could injure the dragon like this.

Little did they know, there was another reason why Theo locked him within his grasp. Theo wanted to get the feel of the dragon’s skin. It seemed that the dragon’s skin was extremely thick, considering it was made of molten rock. Even if he wanted to destroy it and injure his inside, it would take a long time.

That was why he had to use something that could harm the dragon from the outside.

Since the frost breath was effective, he planned to use water, ice, and frost elements to kill this dragon. Obviously, he already knew who he had to copy to fight this dragon.

‘To kill the dragon, I can use Flora and Frost Saint’s elements. As for the water element, I can supply it through Heavenly Sovereign’s technique. The problem is the World Tree.

‘He has a powerful defense and a powerful explosive fruit. I guess this tree is an example of a perfect attack and defense. I should have fought him while running away since he won’t be able to chase after me. No, I should have fought him with my clones…

‘Anyway, enough ranting. I have to find a way to defeat this World Tree. My illusion is effective, but it’s gonna take a while. I don’t think I can defeat the World Tree with the dragon here.

‘Well, I don’t know if I can still kill these two here, but repelling them shouldn’t be hard.’

Theo smirked and enveloped his body with a chilling wind. He then flew toward the dragon.

Knowing what Theo planned to do, the dragon flew back, avoiding Theo for the first time.

“Where are you going? You’re scared now?” Theo smirked.

“Hmph. I just let him do it.” The dragon snorted.

Suddenly, multiple roots came out of the ground and grasped Theo’s limbs and wings.


“You are too arrogant.” The dragon opened its mouth, gathering his magma breath to kill Theo. “This is the end.”


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