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God of Tricksters – Chapter 1767: Higher Being’s Blunder? Bahasa Indonesia

“Have I miscalculated something?” Theo asked himself. He suddenly felt weird from these two monsters. “I don’t know why but the tree seems to have changed during the battle. I taunted him with the fruit, but the tree shouldn’t have used his trump card that easily.

“It feels like the tree is calling the dragon… However, it doesn’t seem the tree is his ally. Then, why did the tree use the explosive fruit?

“How’s about the dragon? I haven’t heard anything about the dragon. Yet, it suddenly comes into the battlefield. It doesn’t seem to be an ally as well… Is it going to join hands with the tree? Or is it going to create a battle royal?”

Theo muttered inwardly, trying to figure out the situation. This was the first time everything completely went out of his plan.

Theo saw the dragon gathering bright red energy in its mouth. Because of the dragon’s position, it didn’t point its head toward the tree. Instead, the dragon aimed the breath at Theo as if considering him an enemy.

The dragon opened its mouth and spat a huge ball of bright red liquid. The intense heat coming from the ball made Theo realize it was a ball of magma.

Without hesitation, Theo raised his left hand and used his illusion to erase the magma ball.

But the illusion soon melted. The magma looked like a lump of liquid that hit a wall. Even so, it still contained some momentum to reach Theo.

“Kh.” Theo clicked his tongue and jumped to the side, avoiding this lump of magma that ended up falling into the ground. Even the World Tree avoided the magma.

“This dragon is a World Class Monster.” Theo determined the dragon as soon as he saw what the magma ball could do. Normally, he would take advantage of the numerical advantage to kill a World Class Monster. But this time, the situation was reversed.

He had to take on two World Class Monsters in his current condition. Although his injuries were superficial, he had spent a third of his energy fighting the World Tree.

“…” Theo narrowed his eyes and saw the dragon halting a quarter mile from him. He gritted his teeth and asked, “Why are you here? I don’t recall picking a fight with you.”

The three dragon heads looked at each other before the right head laughed. The middle head shouted at Theo. “I came here for no reason. My slumber was disturbed by the volcano. When I woke up, I saw a huge trail on the ground. So, I was curious.”

Theo’s eyebrows twitched. He never expected the dragon to come here without any great reasons. “Are you going to engage in a fight between two races? O’ Dragon Saint?”

“I think you should change your words, human.” The left head grinned. “Before I fell into my previous slumber, I had seen a lot of things that the humans did. And I could say I should exterminate them.”

“What do you mean? I don’t understand. I could say a lot of things about humans, but I still don’t think all humans deserve death.” Theo narrowed his eyes.

“Even if we kill all the ones who deserve to die, the humans will produce more people like their predecessors. That’s why to avoid future trouble, we have to make humans go extinct. And to think I would wake up at a perfect time.” The dragon smirked.

“I still can’t understand what you’re talking about.” Theo gritted his teeth. He suddenly realized something. ‘No, wait. The change of the World Tree and the sudden appearance of this dragon for no good reasons… Don’t tell me, because I have been stopping their attempts in resetting the world, they’re trying to get involved a bit deeper into this situation?

‘But these illogical things will cause a disruption to this reality. Are those higher beings so desperate to wipe the humans out even if it means this reality will be distorted? When that happens, logic won’t apply to this reality anymore.

‘If that’s the case…’ Theo narrowed his eyes as he had been getting a message from Alexa.

“Theodore Griffith. Answer me. There are two World Class Monsters right now. Should I come out?!”

Theo contemplated for a moment before saying, “No. I’ll stop them by myself.”

“Are you sure?”

“Yeah,” Theo confirmed it without hesitation. The fact that the higher beings tried to get involved in this situation deeper than they should meant there would be a crack in reality itself.

He had to find that crack so that this reality wouldn’t collapse.

‘Just like Newton’s third law, for every action, there will be a reaction. There is going to be a backlash to those higher beings as well. And this dragon’s appearance will cause another reaction… Since this dragon is my enemy, it means the reaction will be my ally.

‘Does that mean the Time God is forced to act this time? Either way, I have to find the crack in this reality first to patch it up while fighting these two World Class Monsters.’

Theo took a deep breath. Everything started to stop making sense. But like the Heavenly Sovereign said, this was supposed to be an opportunity, not a disaster.

In fact, the Heavenly Sovereign might have calculated that the higher beings couldn’t contain themselves anymore and started influencing their reality. But because he had predicted it, he knew there would be an opportunity for Theo to get something even more valuable.

Theo knew if he played his card right, he could trick reality into giving him another piece to play against the higher beings.

He couldn’t help but smile as he raised his hand, waving it to provoke the two World Class Monsters. “This is the first time I fight two World Class Monsters at once. In that case, let me take a look at the two World Class Monsters’ strengths!”

The dragon and the World Tree felt something different from Theo as if he knew something they were unaware of.


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