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God of Tricksters – Chapter 1745: Agreement Bahasa Indonesia

“Please… spare my life.”

The situation had changed. The Vice President had finally realized his place.

It wasn’t that he gave an opportunity to Theo, but it was whether he had the ability to present that opportunity or not.

“Aren’t you the one asking me for cooperation?”

The Vice President’s body trembled. If he said “Yes,” Theo could simply feel offended. At that time, Theo wouldn’t hesitate to destroy him thoroughly, showing him his place.

But if he said “No,” Theo might feel happier after seeing him suffer. In every strong person’s heart, they always had pride no matter how humble they were.

They had this power. The only difference was whether that person wanted to exert their power or not. If they didn’t, they would look humble. But if they wanted to, they would look overbearing.

And Theo seemed to be planning to exert that power. Hence, the Vice President knew what to do.

He had to make Theo as happy as possible even if he had to trash himself. As long as he could survive this ordeal, he could pay everything back.

“No way. I don’t dare to ask Sir for cooperation. I would be very lucky just to meet you, so how could I overstep my bounds? I was wrong, Sir.” The Vice President lowered his head, trying to ask for his forgiveness.

“Hmm?” Theo narrowed his eyes as if he didn’t like it.

However, the Vice President didn’t move, making sure Theo was pleased by his action. He simply put his head down as if waiting for Theo’s reply.

“It seems that you know your place now.” Theo harrumphed.

“Yes, Sir. I apologize for offending you for not knowing my place.” The Vice President apologized again.

Theo looked at him for a while without saying anything, building the tension between them.

There were two thoughts in Theo’s mind. The first would be the monster itself. Since the enemy seemed to be impossible to beat, he had to prepare for the worst.

Although he thought there was a chance of the Vice President overestimating the enemy, the Vice President should have known about the Time God’s power. So, if he still claimed that the Time God couldn’t defeat the monster, then the monster that would come was stronger than even the Time God.

He might have calculated him and the Time God together. So, he knew that this enemy would be extremely strong.

The second one was about the incoming attack. There seemed to be a volcano that would erupt soon, so he had to remain vigilant because those monsters might be trying to infiltrate them by hiding from among the monsters.

Hence, Theo said, “There will soon be a big battle unrelated to those monsters.”

Theo stood up after revealing that piece of information. It seemed he didn’t plan to stay any longer.

“What?!” The Vice President was surprised that Theo released vital information like this. But with that big battle, he could finally see his chance to escape from the prison.

In other words, if he could stay until the monster came, he should have no problem making his escape.

This was an opportunity Theo gave to him. He couldn’t help but fall to his knees, thanking Theo. “Thank you, Sir. I won’t disappoint you.”

“In exchange, send me the information about the monster. I’d like to see whether I’m capable of saving myself or not.”

“Yes, Sir.” The Vice President saw Theo leaving with a smile. He couldn’t help but think, ‘It seems I had overestimated him. He might be smart, but in the end, he was just a youngster. His mind was still filled with that edgy stuff.

‘Just from how he acted this whole time, he wanted to look cool and bossy. He surely loved it when the Vice President himself groveled before him.

‘Still, I can’t really do anything to displease him. But I can’t really send all the information about that monster since he might come to the trial to attack me all of a sudden.

‘In that case, I’ll release the information bit by bit so that the cooperation will last long. And at that time, he would have fallen too far and could be considered an accomplice. That was when I could threaten him.

‘Just you wait, you little bastard. Politics isn’t easy.” The Vice President smirked.

Unbeknownst to him, Theo had a similar thought.

‘Or so you thought… You didn’t know that I knew what you were up to the whole time. As expected, making someone underestimate you would be the best choice to make them abide by everything you wanted.

‘And what I can’t believe is the fact that this person can become a Vice President. I don’t like to get involved in politics, but this surely surprises me.’

Theo looked down, thinking.

‘Well, there is nothing I can do for the time being other than waiting for the next disaster. The volcano might cause a monster outbreak, so I have to make some preparation, considering the enemies might be stronger than he thought.

Theo sucked a cold breath before saying, “There is nothing I can do right now other than waiting for the quarantine to end.”

Theo had tried to figure out what he should do in order to deal damage to the enemy before the war even started. Although it was an opportunity for him to level up, he had to make sure the enemies weren’t able to defeat them.

As he was thinking about it, he received a message from Rea.

“Teacher. We’ve got the information you’re looking for. There is a volcano that is about to explode. I’ve attached the exact location and the prediction, so please check them.”

When he saw the message, Theo couldn’t help but smile. The Vice President, an unknown monster, and the plants. Everything would be revealed after this eruption.

“It seems that I have to push myself even harder. If I see my current level, it will be a while before I reach level 950. I have to be a bit reckless this time and increase my levels as much as possible.” Theo raised his hand as if trying to grasp the sky. “Things are getting interesting.”


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