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God of Tricksters – Chapter 1744: Knowing One’s Place Bahasa Indonesia

“Theodore Griffith. I know you understand me. Let’s cooperate!”

“Hoh?” Theo’s expression became grim. “I don’t see any reason why you want to cooperate with me other than trying to trick me into freeing you.”

“My plan was perfect. No one should be able to figure it out.”

“Yet, you’re in prison now.” Theo shrugged.

“I’m in this position because of you. That’s right. You’re the only one who can see through my plan. The King of Fighters exposing me? Who are you fooling? I know you were the one providing him with the information.

“In fact, I should have thought about this possibility when your name was being mentioned.

“That’s why I’m asking you to cooperate with me. With your brain and my resources, we can trick those monsters and defeat them.”

“Hahahaha! You’re contradicting yourself.” Theo laughed out loud as he stated, “You said earlier that we couldn’t defeat that monster. And now you said you wanted to cooperate with me so that we could defeat them? This is ridiculous.”

“I am giving you the opportunity Theodore Griffith. I have found out that their cells could be used to improve our lives and insert a monster’s genetics.

“You and I should know that we can’t level up anymore. So, the only way for us to get stronger was to integrate a part of the monsters into our bodies.

“It wouldn’t be an easy path, but if we worked together, we would be able to create a human having the ability of a monster. We would be able to get even stronger and defeat the monster itself.

“That’s why join me!” The Vice President shouted, trying his best to convince Theo.

Unfortunately for him, the only thing he got from Theo was a cold gaze.

“It seems that you’re forgetting one thing.” Theo’s tone became cold. There was even a trace of killing intent from it.

“!!!” The Vice President couldn’t help but shiver as if his neck was grasped by him. In his eyes, Theo became bigger as if he was standing on top of Theo’s hand where Theo could kill him at any moment.

‘This is…’ The Vice President was shocked and looked around, confused. His body wanted to move, but his fear paralyzed him.

His eyes soon turned to Theo. “What are you doing? I’m simply giving you a chance to cooperate with me.”

Theo stated with contempt. “It’s not that you’re giving me a chance to cooperate. It’s that you’re not qualified to cooperate with me. Know your place.”

“W-what?!” The Vice President widened his eyes. No one would dare to say it to him, even if it was the King of Fighters. He didn’t have the qualification?

He was literally the number two in this base. He could get a lot of things from that status alone.

Yet, Theo said he wasn’t qualified? If he wasn’t qualified, no one would be qualified.

No, there might be someone else who was more qualified than him. And there were only two people who had that power.

“Wait. Don’t tell me… The reason you’re here…” The Vice President gasped while pointing at him. “You… Did the President tell you about this? Instead of the Time God, he dispatched you here?”

Theo only smiled at him before turning around as if he was planning to leave.

“I can only say that you’re not qualified to cooperate with me. Besides, I have gotten the information about that other facility. That’s enough since I’ll be able to solve this problem completely.” Theo smirked.

“What?! How?” The Vice President widened his eyes in shock. There was no way Theo could find out about the other facility. Even those monsters wouldn’t allow Theo to get that information and endanger their people.

So, he tried to revolve his brain, trying to figure it out.

If Theo got all the information from the second facility, there was simply no other way to protect himself from the trial.

Theo smiled and said, “You shouldn’t worry about how I could find the other facility. You should be focusing on whether you can escape death or not after the trial. After all, I might join the trial…”

“!!!” The Vice President shuddered. He completely understood what would happen if Theo joined the trial.

First of all, Theo’s reputation as a hero was undeniable and had become common knowledge in the base. If a hero such as him went all the way to prosecute him, the public opinion would shift in Theo’s favor. Even the judge, who should be impartial, would take Theo’s words carefully.

Then, the second problem would be the lawyer. He had to prepare a lawyer for the court. There should be a few people he could trick, but those lawyers weren’t fools either.

The moment Theo joined, they knew they had no chance to win. Even if they could win the case, they might receive a huge setback from society.

Those two reasons were enough for him to be put to death. After all, his reputation alone was enough to do that. The only reason why he hadn’t done anything was simply building up the entire tension.

The people hated him already after the judge listed his mistakes. And if they knew Theo had come personally, the trial would have been decided before the fight.

On the other hand, if he could buy some time, he should be able to find a way to contact those monsters and escape from all this. Although he would lose everything he had built so far in this, he would be accepted by those monsters because of the previous cooperation.

And those who knew about the conflict between him and Azka had died too, so the monsters would still think he was their ally.

By the time they attacked the base, he might be able to convince the monster to spare the humans so that he could rule over them.

Under one monster, but above all humans. This was his plan this whole time. That was why he didn’t resist when he was captured.

But it seemed that the plan had to change when Theo said he would participate.

“…” The Vice President looked at Theo before dropping to his knees. He had to survive for as long as he could, so there was no other way than to beg.

“Please… spare my life.”


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