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God of Tricksters – Chapter 1730: Lies Bahasa Indonesia

“So, is it the Mercenary?”

“But where is the Mercenary coming from?”

“I don’t know. I have to find the information immediately.”

The people began to whisper to each other, trying to find the culprit. They were using all their connections to figure out the enemy’s identity.

If it was the mercenary, the rest of the group would be implicated since people would think they came from the same group.

Meanwhile, if it was the fugitive, there was a possibility of an unknown underground group that wanted to bring chaos to this base.

Hence, they couldn’t afford to waste time finding out about this man.

Azka furrowed his eyebrows. ‘No, this is impossible. Remembering how professional they were, they should be someone with high status, not just a mere fugitive or mercenary.’

Azka realized the Vice President had changed the body to shift the blame. The monster’s way of thinking was still too straightforward. He didn’t realize that the president could easily manipulate the entire proof.

And now, she had to face a conclusion where he couldn’t hurt the Vice President.

‘No way. Is he planning to attack us again after this? No, I can’t let that happen.’ Azka gritted his teeth, thinking he had to fight before the Vice President could escape and find him another time.

This was a war.

Unfortunately for him, there was nothing he could do because he would raise the people’s suspicion if he talked now.

“It seems that the enemy this time is either the fugitive and the mercenary…” The Vice President furrowed his eyebrows and stood up, pointing at his staff. “We have to check all their information and confirm the person’s identity.”

The staff nodded, not knowing the Vice President had changed the body. While waiting for the data, the others continued watching the process to ensure there was nothing hidden from them during this inspection.

However, everyone’s concentration soon broke when the staff shouted, “Not good, Mr. Vice President. We have a small problem.”

“What is the problem?” The Vice President asked while furrowing his eyebrows.

“We have just received the information that none of them are actually Mythical Rank Experts.”

“What?!” The Vice President widened his eyes in shock.

Even Azka was startled as he didn’t think about this possibility.

The Vice President might change the body, but he couldn’t change the record unless he wanted to get suspected. There were numerous eyes watching here and those people were coming from big influences, so they would find out if the Vice President tried to change the person’s information.

However, Azka wouldn’t expect that the Vice President never planned to use a body double to fool everyone. Instead, he was planning to get away by acting like a fool.

“What do you mean there’s no Mythical Rank Expert among those three? Our tool is the best, so there’s no way the tool makes mistakes!” The Vice President shouted.

Last night’s blunder was too big. Even he wouldn’t be able to escape from it. Hence, the only way to solve this situation was to make a fool of himself.

He might experience some setbacks after this, but it was minor compared to if they found he was the real culprit this whole time.

“If none of them are Mythical Rank Experts, then…” The Vice President gasped, making the people think the same thing.

“Someone has changed the body?” They muttered at the same time. They all knew it could happen. Some of them even had done it in the past for their own purposes.

And this enemy knew perfectly what it meant to conceal their traces.

“This is impossible,” Azka shouted in anger. He couldn’t contain himself because he was the one attacked by them. There was no way he would mistake someone, let alone change the body.

Azka pointed at the Vice President. “You must have changed the body!”

The Vice President was taken aback. “What do you mean I must have changed the body? Even I’m shocked to find something like this. I don’t understand what you’re saying, Mr. Azka. I know that you’re angry because you were the one attacked, but you weren’t the only one hurt. There were so many deaths in this place… Even I’m pained to know someone is trying to sabotage my event.”

The Vice President shamelessly shifted the entire conversation from being the culprit to becoming the victim.

Azka, on the other hand, knew the Vice President had planned everything perfectly. In fact, he was angry at how the humans could fool them so easily.

“Then, if there is someone changing the body, we need to investigate it immediately. Where is the CCTV? Where are the guards?”

“That’s right. I’m planning to do it immediately.” The Vice President nodded with a sad expression as if he understood Azka’s pain.

They thought the Vice President had done something right to Azka, but they knew this was a huge blunder as the Vice President. His reputation would be affected significantly and he wouldn’t be able to come out to the public for the time being.

“You…” Azka was angered thoroughly, but he couldn’t defeat the Vice President in an argument.

He gritted his teeth, trying to find something he could use to show everyone the Vice President was the culprit.

But before he could come up with an excuse, the staff had run back and shouted, “Not good, Mr. Vice President. We’ve just received the news from the control room. Someone has tampered with the recording.”

“What? Where are the staff from the control room? Bring them here right now! I also need the guards!”


The staff panicked as they tried to do everything they could. Meanwhile, the leaders of the influences were frowning, knowing something wasn’t right.

There was something bigger looming in the shadows. Because they weren’t here this whole time, they didn’t know what was happening. Even right now, they only brought one or two bodyguards for their protection, not the whole team, to investigate the matter.

So, they could do nothing but see where this entire scheme led to.


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