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God of Tricksters – Chapter 1731: King of Justice Bahasa Indonesia

Maya had become a bit bored watching this whole mess.

“When are you going to make your move?” Maya whispered to Theo, wanting to know the time. “Well, it’s quite funny to see how that old man embarrasses himself, but I don’t have time for this. If possible, I want this matter to end as soon as possible.”

“Don’t worry. I also don’t want to listen to the shitty rants.” Theo shook his head while closing his eyes, spreading his Awareness. “I’m simply waiting for someone to arrive.”

“Someone? Who?”

“You should be aware of that person already. After all, I have been asking you to provide information to a certain person.” Theo smirked.

Maya widened his eyes in surprise, never expecting this was Theo’s plan.

“You are completely insane, you know. What’s next? Are you going to make him your subordinate?”

“No way. I have enough subordinates. Besides, he hasn’t even apologized to Rea, so there’s no chance of him being my subordinate.” Theo shrugged.

“I see. In that case, I’ll believe you and look forward to the show.”

Theo smiled as he waited for a moment.

Not long after, the staff returned and brought bad news.

“This is not good, Mr. Vice President. We couldn’t find anyone from the control room. Even the guards are gone!”

“What?! Does that mean the guards are the culprit all along?” The Vice President gritted his teeth as if he was frustrated by this matter.

Unfortunately for him, Theo had waited long enough.

Suddenly, Theo stood up as if he wanted to say something.

“Excuse me, Mr. Vice President.”

Everyone’s eyes immediately locked onto him. They already knew who he was, and because he was the first to get attacked, he also deserved justice.

So, Theo’s complaint was something they could understand.

Theo said, “I believe I have the right to say something in this situation. And for everyone’s information, there are four people who confirmed the corpse: me, Mr. Azka, the Vice President, and the doctor in charge.”

All of them listened to him. If Theo wanted justice, there was no way he would hide this person. Even Azka was safe from suspicion.

In other words, the Vice President and the doctor were most likely the culprits. Although the Vice President had denied it this whole time, they knew that the people who were good at politics also understood the importance of hiding the truth.

Hence, no matter how pitiful the Vice President looked, they couldn’t believe him completely.

That was when Theo dropped a bomb that shocked all the people in the room.

“I’d like to ask the reason for your action, Mr. Vice President.”

“What do you mean by a reason? I’m confused by this situation as well.” The Vice President frowned.

“Is that so? Then, I’d like to ask about the relationship between you and Mr. Azka.” Theo smiled.

“Huh?” The Vice President became even more suspicious. There shouldn’t be anyone who knew about this except for both of them.

However, this was when Theo stopped and sat down. “I believe I have asked everything I want… The rest will be continued by…”

Theo glanced at the door as if waiting for someone.

Actually, it wasn’t that he was waiting for someone. He just felt the familiar presence and gathered everyone’s attention before that person entered.

He even matched the time perfectly so that when he glanced at the door, someone slammed it open.


“You bastard, Sullivan! You are the traitor of humanity!”

Everyone widened their eyes in shock because they couldn’t believe this person would come to this place, intruding on the meeting.

The Vice President was so startled that he couldn’t help but ask, “Why are you here… King of Fighters?”

Yes, the one who entered earlier was none other than one of the transcendent level experts of the base, the King of Fighters. He had become the scapegoat of Azka and the Vice President. But he couldn’t stand it anymore.

He shouted at the Vice President and Azka. “I know that you two are colluding with each other to make me a scapegoat. I know for a fact the bastard teacher over there is not a human. I’m going to bring justice here!”

“What do you mean? We might have freedom of speech here, but that doesn’t mean you can say whatever you want! Even if you’re the King of Fighters, you can’t accuse someone without proof!”

“Proof? I have all the proof I need!” The King of Fighters walked toward the center where he could gain control of the monitor.

The Vice President didn’t know what he had prepared, but it didn’t seem that the King of Fighters was bluffing this time.

“It seems that you’re so daring… To think you would accuse me like this…” The Vice President tried to stop him.

Unfortunately for him, after the setback he had experienced, the King of Fighters didn’t care about any provocations anymore. He simply wanted to tell the truth.

Without hesitation, he placed his Skylink next to him while glaring at the person. “Open my Skylink right now and share it with everyone!”

He smirked while sneering at the Vice President. “You don’t need to say anything. What are you even afraid of? Are you telling us that you are related to this incident?”

“You—” Before he could say anything, the monitor was showing a video of Azka meeting the Vice President privately. And Azka’s condition was perfectly fine, showing this was taken before the incident.

“Hmm… You have met that bastard teacher before all this shit happened? This is suspicious. What’s more suspicious than this? Of course, there are a lot of things I’ll show you guys.” The King of Fighters smirked, teasing them. “The group that the bastard teacher has, the hidden facility, and even that sneaky slut who should have died but is still alive. I wonder which one I should show first.”

The King of Fighters startled everyone as all of them were pretty heavy information.


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