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God of Tricksters – Chapter 1652: Reality vs Plastic Bahasa Indonesia

“Our place has been contaminated by your fault, humans. If you have any sympathy, why don’t you join us and punish those humans?”

Theo knew that the people who were responsible for throwing all this trash must be the government. It was also easy for them to cover up the entire process.

Although Theo felt bad for the sea creatures, he couldn’t assist them.

“Well, I’m not as good as you think. I’m also selfish. If you kill all the humans, I won’t have anyone to live with anymore. Do you think it’s possible for humans to survive with only a few hundred of them in this messy world?” Theo smiled. “That’s why no matter what you say, I have to kill you today.”

“With that being said, I don’t need to hesitate anymore!” The shark’s eyes turned bloodshot as he leaped into the air. He then made plastic from his fins, shaping it into the body of a human.

“As expected, you humans have great anatomy for living on the land.” The shark smirked. “With this, I should be able to fight you to the fullest.”

Theo was quite astonished by the plastic body the shark made. After all, it could even move according to his need like a proper human body. At the same time, he couldn’t strike the body because there was nothing there.

“…” Theo narrowed his eyes and called his Death Avatar as if planning to take the body on with this avatar.

The shark moved toward Theo and slammed his fist against this Death Avatar, but Theo actually snapped his finger, utilizing his Reality Removal.

“!!!” The shark realized that his plastic had disappeared, leaving only his defenseless body. However, the plastic could be shaped easily by his power, so the moment he lost the plastic, he changed its shape, allowing him to break free from Theo’s illusion.

Still, a third of the body had actually been erased, causing him to stumble to the ground.

Theo and his Death Avatar used their spears to kill him.

The shark made a dome on top of his body, covering him from the two spears.

Theo twisted the reality of this dome and moved it downwards, reshaping it like a drill. This way, the plastic would actually injure its master.

Unfortunately, the shark had enough control to stop the transformation. After that, the plastic dome released a few spikes.

“!!!” Theo jumped back while using his World Re-creation to distance himself from the dome.

The shark didn’t plan to let go of this opportunity. The spikes that came out of the dome earlier transformed into tentacles, wiggling all around the barrier. They suddenly extended toward Theo, surrounding him in all directions.

Theo took a deep breath and turned his spear into a sword. After that, he locked down all the tentacles before using his Order to replicate the Sword Saint’s strike.


Theo waved his sword, releasing a few white lines on the ground like Felix’s strike. However, these white lines were invisible because Theo had put an illusion to show that nothing had happened.

The white lines split into numerous lines and rose right before the tentacles. Each tentacle was hit by at least four lights, shattered like glass.

“!!!” The shark was baffled because he lost his property for a second. Although he could feel the connection between him and the plastic, he felt they had turned into glasses.

Theo had shown his ability to copy someone’s attack or erase something, but he never showed his ability to change one’s property.

The shark didn’t know this was actually one of two of Theo’s new abilities that he got after becoming an Authority.

“How did you change my power? Weren’t your power supposed to be removing or imitating something? Even when you imitated things, you were limited to the elements. That’s why I was in charge of fighting you because I knew you couldn’t copy my plastic since it didn’t belong to any elements.” The shark gritted his teeth, realizing something was wrong.

As he said, Theo was restricted by his elements. Although he could use the Order to replicate the elements, there was no way he could replicate a perfect plastic through the elements. The only thing he could do was to use his illusion to create the plastic, but it wouldn’t be the same anymore.

That was why it was shocking to know that Theo had an even more ridiculous ability besides that copy ability.

“I pity you because your home is destroyed by humans. However, do you take me as a fool who will explain my power to my enemy?” Theo narrowed his eyes.

“Then, so be it!” The shark leaped toward Theo and punched forward. This time, he reshaped his fist, extending it forward like a rubber.

Theo used his Twisted Reality to change the fist’s direction, but the shark kept matching the change of direction and continuously expanded toward Theo.

Theo jumped back and turned the plastic into glasses as well before shattering it with a single swing.

To avoid getting attacked by that punch again, Theo rushed to the shark and snapped his finger.

The darkness began to form beneath his feet, spreading toward the shark. After that, it expanded, creating a huge circle. The edge began to rise, isolating the space inside a black dome.

The shark couldn’t see anything at all. Though, it was still too early for Theo to even use this blindness to hit him.

The fish relied on his instinct completely and jumped to the left, avoiding the fist that was supposed to hit the back of his shark’s body.

After that, his humanoid body expanded, trying to envelop the entire dark area with its hands.

“!!!” The size of the humanoid body had become too big that it touched the edge of the darkness, breaking it apart. The shark didn’t stop until he was fifty-foot-tall, looking down at all the people on the ground.


“What a huge body!”

“What is that?!”

The people were panicking because they had never expected the World Class Monster to act so soon. Some of the fighter jets that were trying to hit the enemy’s rank with their missiles panicked because they were about to crash into this body.

They tried to maneuver, but the giant plastic body expanded to the sides, making all the fighter jets crash and explode, killing the people in them.

“Aaaaaaa!” The shark let out a roar of frustration, trying to settle this battle by himself.


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