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God of Tricksters – Chapter 1653: Outwitted Bahasa Indonesia

“This is…” The people were trembling, especially the weaker ones. The Supreme Rank Experts and Mythical Rank Experts were ready to stop this giant because they had fought many big monsters like this.

However, Theo flew into the sky, revealing his appearance to the people.


“Theodore Griffith!”

“He is on the battlefield!”

“Let’s go!”

The people felt energetic again, thinking Theo could deal with the enemies. And he proved himself by clapping his hands, forming two giant balls in the air.

The two giant balls turned into a flaming ball and a freezing ball respectively.

The different elements made the shark have to change his plastic’s properties to match the temperature.

From what Theo had seen, the shark seemed to not only be able to change form but also property. From the solid and hard one to a soft but mobile form. That was why he tried to challenge him with different elements, causing him to maintain two different characteristics in one go.

“!!!” The shark was surprised that Theo had managed to decipher a bit of his ability already. Still, he wasn’t pushed to the point that he had to use all his power. Considering he had to create a path to escape later, he wanted to conserve as much power as possible in case the second saint appeared.

“It seems that you’re looking down on me. You think you still have the chance to leave this battlefield alive?” Theo’s expression became cold. He had played for too long.

He retracted his weapon and clapped his hand. When he opened it a bit, a clock appeared between his palms.

“Clock?!” The shark’s expression changed. He had never seen this ability, but there was only one element that came into his mind when seeing this clock. “Not good. Time!”

“Stop!” Theo shouted and shattered the clock with a clap.

The shark suddenly felt like his entire body was stopped by something. This was Theo’s Telekinesis that pressured him from all sides, trying to stop his movement.

But as one would expect from a World Class Monster, the moment he created his plastic, he managed to break free from the time power.

Unfortunately for him, Theo hadn’t stopped there. He was using World Re-Creation to expand reality in the opposite way of his movement, making him unable to move even an inch from his position.

“This is…” The shark was shocked that Theo had this kind of ability on his sleeve.

“As you said, I can copy others’ abilities. This time, I’m simply copying time from the master himself.” Theo smirked, recalling all his battles against the Time God.

“Hahaha!” The shark suddenly laughed.

Theo didn’t have a change of expression despite being disturbed by that laugh. “There is nothing funny.”

“There is something funny. That’s why I’m laughing right now. Although you have managed to outwit us on this battlefield, there are many things you don’t know, Theodore Griffith!” The shark smiled. “While we’re fighting right now, the sea race is unstoppable! Even if you manage to save this base, you can’t stop us in other places!

“Do you think it’s wise to set up Flora in the Netherlands and the other experts in Italy to confront us? Do you think it’s wise to split up the three heroes, the Sword Saint, the Daemon, and the Heavenly Sovereign?

“NO! We already know your plans, Theodore Griffith. Even if you can save this place, you can’t do anything for the other places! Do you know that the one attacking that Ice Witch is multiple King Class Monsters who have split their forces to destroy the entire city? Even that Ice Witch won’t be able to stop all of them. There are going to be millions of people dying!

“And that’s not all. We have prepared someone like me on the other front. Your grandfather and his friends are going to die facing a World Class Monster!

“We might have some trouble dealing with the Sword Saint and the Heavenly Sovereign, but the Daemon is your weakest link. We’ve sent our best fighter to that place to kill him! Today shall be the mark of human tragedy!”

As the shark said, the other forces had been moving in the shadow.


“We have spotted multiple armies of monsters,” said one of the operators in the union’s headquarters. “They’re approaching the city. We request the Ice Witch to make her move.”

“This is impossible. There’s no way to stop all these monsters from reaching the city. She can’t do it alone!” another guy shouted while gritting his teeth, trying to find a way to fix this problem.

However, another problem came when they got a report from the other front.

“We have spotted a World Class Monster in Italy. It’s going to make its way toward the city. All of our Transcendent Level Experts won’t be enough against them! We’re requesting the Ice Witch to stop the World Class Monster.”

“It’s impossible. The time it took for them to move from one front to another was a few hours. By that time, there would already be too much destruction.”

“We’ve been had by those monsters!”

“Impossible. We’re requesting backup!”

“Evacuate the people immediately!”

Just like the union, United Asia also had their problems.

“There is a sight of multiple King Class Monsters on the shores. The Heavenly Sovereign’s forces are intercepting them. There are enough Transcendent Level Experts in that place.”

“The Sword Saint’s forces have stopped the enemies as well. There is no problem.”

They thought this was over since the Daemon’s army had two Transcendent Level Experts, so they should be able to stop the enemies.

However, the bad news came.

“Not good! We have spotted a World Class Monster in the Daemon’s direction!”

“Sir Daemon is weaker compared to Sir Sword Saint and Sir Heavenly Sovereign. Are these monsters aware of that fact and planning to eliminate the easiest one?!”

“Not good!”

“Requesting support from the Heavenly Sovereign and the Sword Saint!”

“We can’t let them enter the city no matter what.”


The people were panicking because the humans were going to face a huge disaster. They were planning to at least take down one of the top experts as well as destroy numerous cities.

And no one would be able to stop them.


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