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God of Tricksters – Chapter 1639: Losing Bahasa Indonesia

Felix and Ruth kept running away with the starfish behind them. He kept punching the air and sending forth shockwaves from his fist, causing destruction after destruction on their paths.

However, Felix and Ruth easily avoided all the attacks. Sometimes, Felix used his strength to stop the attack before using his light element to go back to Ruth, matching her pace.

Ruth wasn’t losing either. She gradually gained more distance from the starfish with the help of her wind power. It boosted her speed for a bit.

They were running away while staring at the starfish, wondering if he was going to keep following them or not. If this monster followed them to their base, it wouldn’t be so strange for Felix and Ruth to ask for help to kill this guy. After all, this was a big chance for them to gain some advantage.

Unfortunately for them, the starfish seemed to be rational enough to stop after half an hour, knowing it was impossible to chase after them.

“Tsk.” The starfish clicked his tongue while glaring at Felix and Ruth’s backs. He had more problems right now because the mountain had been destroyed. “They don’t hold back anymore. However, I have seen a portion of their power. They have a King and a Queen, but it doesn’t mean they’re strong enough to handle me.

“As long as we get a bit more information about them, we’ll be able to defeat them thoroughly.” The starfish paused for a moment before turning around. “It’s time to report the situation.”

Ruth and Felix didn’t realize that the starfish’s calm returned completely to the point it felt like everything went according to his plan.

The starfish brought this news to his leader while Ruth and Felix did the same.

When they reached their base, Rea and Agata had come back to the base as well, allowing them to report directly.

“We have destroyed the mountain.” Ruth nodded. She mentioned both of them because she couldn’t do anything without Felix, despite being the only one hitting the mountain.

“Good.” Rea smiled, satisfied with their work. Ruth had also recorded it, so they could see the destruction. “This is enough and I don’t think they can create another mountain. How’s the enemy?”

“As expected, the King Class Monster is amazing. Even both of us won’t be able to fight him. Though, the gap won’t be that far. If you can help us in one way or another, we should be able to handle this King Class Monster.” Felix explained as he was the only one fighting the monster seriously.

“I see.” Rea scratched the back of her head. “Still, the sea creatures which can now walk on the land, huh… This is going to be troublesome.”

“Is it?” Ruth tilted her head in confusion.

“Yeah. Our planet is mostly covered by water. Unlike the flying monsters who have to rest on the land because they can’t fly forever, the sea is a habitat where sea creatures can live indefinitely.

“First of all, it’s going to be hard to transport resources from one place to another since we won’t be able to reclaim the sea, at least not in our lifetime. Well, there are many problems coming along with it, but we’re discussing the countermeasures of the upcoming fight here… So, I will focus on this matter.”

Rea paused for a moment and asked, “That’s right. How many monsters did you see?”

“I didn’t go directly to their place, but it’s possible there are more than one thousand.”

“There’s no way they’re showing everything they have. So…” Rea glanced at Agata. “I think we have to deal with it somehow. Is it alright for me to even use Teacher’s weapons?”

“If you mean by weapons are the ones Maya created, then yes. Feel free to do whatever you want with our resources.” Agata confirmed it.

Rea then said, “Then, we’ll somehow handle them until Teacher is back. For now, Ruth and Felix can rest. I’ll ask you to do something else if something comes up.”

“Sure.” Ruth and Felix nodded in agreement as they walked back together.

Meanwhile, Rea pinched the bridge of her nose while remembering the last two letters from Theo. She could only use it when the battle had begun or when she was at her wit’s end.

So, it didn’t seem she could get any instruction from Theo.

Agata closed her eyes, allowing Rea to grow through this battle.

“You can take your time thinking about the upcoming battle. And they’re sure going to attack us earlier than we expected… Though, I don’t think I need to say this,” said Agata while walking away.

“No… ah…” Rea scratched the back of her head. She knew that the mole would most likely inform the enemies about it and they would attack before Theo could return. And even after destroying their mountain, they could only buy a few days.

“Three to four days at best.” Rea narrowed her eyes, wondering what she had to do with the next plan. “If Teacher is here, he would always amaze us with all kinds of plans… I’m still nowhere around him.”

While Rea was contemplating their battle plan, Agata was walking back to her house while muttering, “Theo… You are a bit ruthless to her, aren’t you? To think you want her first battle to be a battle that is doomed to lose.

“Well, I know that you’ll save the day, but she might get trauma after this.” Agata sighed. “Still, the fact that you still do it means you believe she can overcome the challenge, right?

“In that case, I’ll just help her to the best of my ability even if the only result of this war is losing.” Agata let out a long sigh.

Out of the people in Theo’s groups, she might be the only person who could understand Theo’s plan the most. And she also knew that his plan was better to be hidden in the dark. That was why Agata hadn’t talked about it this whole time.

She was hoping to reach the best result from this plan.


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