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God of Tricksters – Chapter 1638: Shooting Star Bahasa Indonesia




The monsters kept coming one after another, trying to sneak attack Ruth. However, Felix had been killing them by using the bouncing light that seemed to be able to target him the way he wanted.

The starfish had overwhelming strength, but Felix truly managed to hold him while killing the rest of the monsters.

“You are pretty good for a human.” The starfish snorted. “To think you would be able to receive my strength… This is the first time someone can stop me this way. My Order is simple but powerful, which is reflected in my strength. But it seems you can stop me for a while… But let’s see how long you will be able to keep this up.”

Felix maintained his silence, staring at the starfish as if looking at a fool. Who would even talk about their abilities, especially to the enemies?

“I don’t know if it’s your pride or you’re just dumb, but thanks to your blabber, I can understand your Order.” Felix smirked and became even faster, striking the starfish multiple times.

However, the starfish covered its body with metal, stopping all attacks.

“It’s useless. No matter how hard you try, your sword won’t be able to cut me down.” The starfish laughed.

Felix didn’t say anything. He just kept striking his body no matter how hard it was, albeit the starfish kept advancing slowly but surely. Luckily, the starfish would have a problem if Felix aimed for his weak spots like eyes or areas that shouldn’t be covered with this metal. Felix’s attacks forced the starfish to protect the area while moving toward Ruth, decreasing his speed significantly.

At the same time, Felix kept hitting the starfish while sending forth the light to kill the other monsters.

“Tsk.” Felix clicked his tongue, knowing it was impossible to stop this starfish. After a while, the starfish was only thirty feet away from the tower.

If this went on, the starfish would be able to reach the tower and a single punch was enough to destroy the tower, making Ruth lose her foothold.

Felix immediately cut down the ground underneath the starfish, planning to throw this ground into the air along with the starfish to stop him from advancing.

The starfish suddenly smirked. When Felix launched the rock into the air, the starfish used that rock as its foothold and jumped, knocking the rock back to Felix. At the same time, the starfish finally came in front of Ruth, planning to take her down.

“This is the end!” The starfish shouted while punching forward to crush Ruth together with her Magic Power.

However, Ruth actually smiled. “You think? It’s only ninety percent, but I’ve gathered enough Magic Power to destroy it. If you think you can stop it, then try it!”

“Shooting Star!” Ruth aimed the bow upward as if trying to shoot the sky, but she didn’t forget to make the starfish one of the targets in its way.

“!!!” The starfish felt chills down its body. This concentrated Magic Power was different than anything he had ever faced.

Just the amount of Magic Power alone was enough to make him shiver, let alone take this attack head-on.

However, he had to do it no matter what since he couldn’t afford for the mountain to be destroyed.

“Haaa!” The starfish roared and gathered all the Magic Power he could muster before punching this arrow.

The moment he punched the arrow, he felt like his metal power was cracking. If this continued, the arrow might even completely destroy his hand.

“Haaa!” Still, he couldn’t admit defeat and kept pushing no matter how hard it was for him to stop it even for a split second.

Unfortunately for him, he couldn’t do much when he was in the air. Even all the power and momentum he had gathered earlier was drained completely by the sheer might of the arrow.

“No!” The starfish struggled a bit more while gritting its teeth, but it was useless. The arrow overwhelmed him, spinning his body in the air.

As soon as the arrow reached the sky above the trash mountain, it exploded, brightening the entire area with a massive green light ball.


The monsters didn’t know what was happening, but they could feel the amount of Magic Power put into this attack. It dumbfounded them to the point they thought they would die from this attack, so there was no need to react. Yes, they accepted their fate.

And Ruth was smiling in the distance, waving her hand down as if controlling the green light. “Fall.”

The green light suddenly looked like it was melting, planning to let a droplet fall to the trash mountain. However, this was Ruth’s arrow. So, the one that came out of the light ball was none other than an arrow.

The arrow contained all the Magic Power and fell right on top of the mountain, obliterating all the trash on its way until it reached the hard ground.

“NO!” The starfish screamed, but it was useless. The light had touched the ground and caused a massive explosion, engulfing a fifth of the mountain.

At the same time, the blast caused a shock wave that blew away all the trash in all directions. Some trash was destroyed in an instant, but most of it scattered in the area.

Even Felix and Ruth had to use their Magic Power to push all the trash coming toward them.

“No…” The starfish looked at the mountain in horror. The gigantic mountain disappeared in an instant. Even if they could try to build it again, they couldn’t use that area anymore, considering the explosion created a huge crater.

He turned around and realized Felix and Ruth had regrouped.

With a smile on their faces, Felix and Ruth immediately ran away, not wanting to be surrounded by monsters while fighting the angry starfish.

“Humans!” The starfish roared. His eyes turned bloodshot as he leaped toward them. There was a tower that Ruth had used earlier, but the starfish simply punched the tower, making it collapse in a single blow.


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