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Three huge explosions occurred, blasting numerous mutated monsters that were about to reach the monster army.

“Oh?” The Hidden King, who was holding out the mutated monsters for a while, was surprised and finally understood that everything had been in his calculation. “I can see why he wants to lead us.”

Theo had predicted that his grandfather would support them by using heavy artillery, so he dared to go against the mutated monsters without worry.

“Still, aren’t you supposed to say something like that first? Those bullets might hit us, no? It wouldn’t be able to kill us, but it’s still going to be annoying.” The Hidden King glanced at Theo, asking for a reply.

However, Theo raised his hand instead of answering him, pointing at everyone in the front line. “You might want to retreat.”

“Retreat?! Do you think I’ll—” The Steel King was the most stubborn that he rebuked every single thing Theo said. However, he stopped after he sensed an extremely powerful attack from the other side.

There was a huge wave as if they were right on the beach. The water was completely black as if it was made of ink. But one could feel that nothing would be able to escape from this hole if one got absorbed into it.

“!!!” The Steel King turned around, surprised by the absolute strength emitting from this black wave.

Meanwhile, the Dark King tried to disintegrate the Dark Color with his own power, but surprisingly, his Order was swallowed into the deep darkness.

“What?” The Dark King was surprised, but the zombie dragon took that split second shock as an opportunity, hitting the Dark King with its tail.

“Gah!” The Dark King was launched back while shouting, “All of you. Retreat!”

The Steel King would have a problem retreating because of his position, so the Shaman King leaped forward and raised his wand. “O’ Great Spirits. Lend me your strength. Inhulma.”

A few light balls rose to the sky and created an aurora like that of a curtain, stopping this black wave.

However, the black wave absorbed the latter as if it was a mere object.

“What?” The Shaman King gritted his teeth while retreating a bit, never expecting the black wave to be that strong. “This kind of power… Only a Saint can release it.”

“Tsk. I’ll be helping you!” Flora gritted her teeth. Even though she didn’t want to do this, the war had just begun. She needed Theo’s power to handle all these enemies. Hence, she had to show some goodwill to show that they were going to cooperate with each other.

Unfortunately for him, Mason went between them and punched forward, disrupting the flow of Magic Power.

“You…” Flora couldn’t form her ice anymore because Mason had dispersed it.

“Your opponent is me. I won’t be able to defeat you, but I can hold you long enough.” Mason smirked.

Flora couldn’t do anything other than watch how the black wave devoured the monsters.

However, this was when a figure appeared. With a single wave of his hand, the dark wave instantly disappeared as if it had been forcefully removed.

Of course, there were cracks and distortions right after, but when they broke, the black wave flared up for a moment before dying out.

“What? The black wave is gone?” The Steel King widened his eyes. He knew Theo was strong, but not this strong.

Meanwhile, the Dark King smiled as if he was proud of Theo’s achievement. “As expected of him, I have seen his progress ever since we fought… I guess he’s already close to a Saint right now. Still…”

Theo, who was floating in the air after removing the black wave, was ambushed by another shadow.

This shadow punched him with torrential black-colored energy covering his fist.

Noticing the amount of power in that fist, Theo hurriedly used his Energy own fist as well as Reality Removal to disperse the power.

But everything didn’t seem to be working for him as the zombie dragon moved toward him, using its breath to kill Theo.

Before it could release its breath, a black rhinoceros struck his head, knocking it down with its momentum.

*Roar!* The dragon screamed and tried to free himself from this huge monster. But before it could do anything, another horse kicked him in the face before both rhinoceros and horse fled from the scene together.

“Good job.” Theo smiled.

“I owe you that much. I’ll be following your command for now.” The Steel King snorted. He realized that Theo had saved his life earlier. It would be bad if the black wave swallowed him, so he promised Theo that he would fight under his command in this battle.

Theo smiled while the other party shouted, “Do you think you have the leisure to praise others in front of me?”

The black energy started spinning as the person released more power than Theo could handle.

Seeing this situation, Theo used his Blink to gain some distance, avoiding the attack.

And due to this, the people could finally see the two figures in the sky. They were completely identical, but both of them had different powers, making them realize they were two different people.

“I’d be damned. Are you the chosen one?” Theo smirked. “To think that you can somehow reach that level before me.”

“That’s right. I’m the chosen one. You are nothing but an ant in front of me because I’m now a Saint!” The Original Theo glared at him while emitting killing intent.

When people looked at them, they gasped.

“Those are Theodore Griffith.”

“But their abilities are different.”

“The one with dark power must be the one from the Griffith Family while the other one is our savior.”

“He is still alive.”

“Who cares about the real and fake Theodore Griffith? The one people claimed to be the clone is the real Theodore Griffith for me!”

“Me too!”

“Theodore Griffith.”


The people began to cheer for Theo, causing the original Theo to grit his teeth in anger.

“I’m stronger!” The original Theo shouted while releasing a black-colored power.

“Yeah, yeah. You’re stronger. But…” Theo snapped his finger, removing the black power. After that, he raised his left hand before a Skylink flew into his hand. In that instant, Theo said, “I’m smarter than you. Hello, this is Theo speaking…”

All people’s Skylink suddenly reverberated as if they had just received an Order.


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